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Ocean therapy 💙. It’s like the best free hug in the whole wide world 😊Photo by @cinematowski


Me and my pops ❤️. Photo by @cinematowski


That time I made everyone venison ribs for breakfast 😊. I absolutely love finding yummy ways to use all parts of the animal and watch people enjoy and appreciate with gratitude while wasting nothing.
Today @traegergrills is having a big contest/giveaway. Check out their page for details. Photo by @cinematowski
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Behind the scenes capture from the making of #fishpeople . Happy to be working with director @thetorpedopeople again, this time on a film featuring my girl @ls_original 😘! Yippee!
Photo by @perrinjames1


Taking it all in. I love you ocean and Hawaii. That is all ❤️.
And you too (📷) @cinematowski 😉


Picking lapas in the Azores with @_pauloafonso_ and @djstruntz This day was truly magical. This whole trip was truly magical! Everyday we had the routine of going out and getting our ingredients from the land and sea and returning to cook it all together as a family. It was so simple, yet not one spark of that magic was lost on any of us. We beamed smiles at each other constantly and tried to stretch the days out as long as we could. We played hard, worked hard and stayed up late at night talking while trying our hardest to fight our own sleepy eyelids just to make the moments last a bit longer. It was a true journey of friendship and one that returned all our souls to a childlike state where we all could see so clearly what is really important in life. Can’t wait to share this whole story in the next issue of @hawaiiskindivermag -it truly was a special one. I love going back there in my mind as much as possible just to let my heart dance and remind myself that it was all real! @riffe_international photo @djstruntz



Happy Valentine’s Day @cinematowski !
I caught you a delicious #menpachi !
-with #poi and #chilipeppawatah #cuzyourehot and #heartshapedthings ❤️ #soromantical


So the other day I asked my friend Pamakane @ocean_dreamerr if she wanted to do a collaborative shoot with me. I had some new @keepwildco products I needed photographed and I thought it would be a fun opportunity to also highlight Pamakane’s majestic floral creations. Mainly though, we both just wanted to see each other again! Pamakane was raised on Molokai and Maui by her mother Donna who worked as a skilled lei maker. Aunty Donna was always patient and kind to me and she taught so many of us to make all kinds of lei when we were growing up. Even though I know I’d often slow her business down, she always gave me her time and attention when I wanted to learn. It’s been years since I got to hang out with them again and it’s so great to see Pamakane carrying on the family tradition while adding her own flare and style to her creations. Anyway, once we were done with our shoot at the beach, I invited her and Aunty Donna to come to my house to eat lunch. I told Pamakane that I just had to clean my fish before heading home. She stayed and helped me carry my cooler and clean my fish even though her dress got drenched in the process. Our photographer @instaclamfunk decided to keep shooting and I think that moment actually created some of our best photos! I’ll be sharing more imagery from this heartfelt reunion both here and on @keepwildco but in the meantime check out this Hawaiian goddess and her beautiful work!


Thank you so much Lawrence Tabudlo for taking this photo and @christinawongoconnor for writing this cover feature of @midweekhawaii about my path and my passions. The funny thing is that 10 years ago, I got my first cover in the midweek (2nd cover of my life) and it was focused competition and the titles I was winning at the time. I love how a decade later, it’s a totally different story but one that they still found newsworthy enough to take to print. Thanks @midweekhawaii for showing my evolution and my whole heart. Thank you @perrinjames1 and @djstruntz for contributing your beautiful photos and thank you to my wonderful sponsors who have stuck with me and supported me over the years while trusting the different paths I have chosen to take! Feeling really grateful! Link in bio to read the (2018) story!!



Lapas (limpets/opihi) from the Azores, Portugal!!! Cooked with garlic, chilies and herbs straight from the garden of @_pauloafonso_ !
So. Damn. Good.
Photo by @djstruntz @riffe_international


Followed the ocean’s moods and went diving yesterday and woke up on the west side today! (Thanks for letting me sleep over friends!)
How nice would it be to rewind society so that our schedules could actually be based around nature again? Teaching us to take the windows she gives us and make the most of them in both work and play, rather than always trying to conquer nature and force all elements including our own wild energies into routine and regimented schedules? You might say I’m a dreamer...😉
Photo by @cinematowski @traegergrills


The Arena ✨
Photo by @djstruntz @riffe_international .
Woke up this morning and read me some Theodore Roosevelt while getting ready to dive! ❤️
The Man in the Arena
"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly."



Life is all about balance and how you roll with it. 😉
Photo by @luisabrimble


Thanks for seeing my heart 💚🌺⚡️
Photo by @cinematowski
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This was my first time exploring deep into the unknown, down below the arctic ice into the darkness. It took a lot of planning, preparation and fear-facing before I was ready to take the plunge. What did I see? First lovely little alien-like creatures called sea angels appeared, with iridescent lights and colors glowing through their wings (google them to see what I mean) ! -and eventually we even saw narwhals, the unicorns of the sea. But even despite all the different and mythical-like creatures we met along the way, just the beauty of how the ice illuminates underwater, the soulful hearts of the Inuit people we met, and the moments of leaving my own comfort zone were more than enough to make this trip an extraordinary adventure! Photo by @perrinjames1 @harborhouselife



This fish is called munu and it’s one of my favorites. As a fish eater, I think it’s important to know a wide variety of local fish species all across the food chain. For if we simply give in to the practice of modern day consumerism, we all will be targeting the same few species globally. Once those fisheries collapse, it will damage the entire ecosystem. By searching for knowledge and learning about all the different species as well as how to eat the whole fish, I think we can find a nice balance of harvest and perpetuation. Just some food for thought ❤️. Photo by @perrinjames1


A time to reflect and it feels so good! Photo by @djstruntz @officialmauijim


Anybody else been absolutely loving this stormy weather lately?!⚡️
Photo by @perrinjames1



Colors of Hawaii. Photo taken by @cinematowski after a lovely morning of fishing with my dad on Maui ❤️
For everyone asking about preparation of this fish- though I usually steam most goatfish, this particular one, a weke nono (also known as moe lua), I find best for sashimi.


Absolutely love this beautiful place we call home ❤️. Photo by @instaclamfunk @keepwildco


Heart wide open. 💙
Photo by @perrinjames1


Tonight I will be moderating a very important conversation between a panel of renowned food-sustainability experts about the critical role that consumer actions play in growing an eco-conscious future. It will take place tonight from 6-9pm at @modernhonolulu . If interested in attending (or simply learning more) please check out the link in my profile! There will be a keynote speaker, culinary delights + cocktails and our panel discussion.

As one of the most isolated archipelagos in the world, it is beyond important that Hawaii protects and preserves its fragile ecosystems and beautifully diverse natural resources. However, as today’s consumer society places an overwhelming emphasis on convenience, our Islands’ environment and communities are becoming more and more at-risk. Let’s gather together to have these tough yet oh-so-important conversations to help create positive change and rethink a more sustainable future!
Photo by @cinematowski for @traegergrills


It’s absolutely surreal when you see them approaching from far in the distance. Even more so when the gap between us instantly gets smaller and smaller. I try to keep some space and be respectful while also trying to keep the connection. But inside my heart is just bursting and squealing, wanting this moment to last forever! Such an amazing photo of such an amazing feeling!!! 😳💙🐋🐋🐋! Photo by @perrinjames1 @harborhouselife


Salt water cleanse 💙
Photo by @cinematowski


Hands down one of the best tasting and most special meals I’ve ever eaten! A traditional Portuguese dish of Polvo à lagareiro. 🐙, cooked with olive oil, garlic and vegetables -all from @_pauloafonso_ ‘s mother’s garden! This photo was taken right before it was finished in their traditional Portuguese oven! Yum! Abrigada Paulo! Photo by @djstruntz @riffe_international


That time in the Azores when @_pauloafonso_ and I went diving for polvo (Portuguese for octopus) to make a yummy and favorite dinner for the whole family, including a certain happy and hungry little cub 😊. Grateful for all the wonderful plants and animals that nurture us, with a deep respect for all of them, not just a select few. It makes me happy to be in their circle, learning from all of them and and honoring the cycle of life that connects us all. ❤️ Thanks for capturing this so well, 📷 @djstruntz @riffe_international


Family icebox. @yeti
Photo by @cinematowski


Now that I have your attention, 😉!
Photo by @twheat @tinyatlasquarterly


You don’t always need to go far to have an adventure! @keepwildco


Enjoying the sunset from beneath the surface with 📷 @perrinjames1