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LDF has been recognized for its efforts on the issues of #environmental and #wildlife crime at the inaugural award ceremony of the INTERPOL Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Committee, hosted by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in Edinburgh. The award for Outstanding Achievement was given to the foundation for its work to elevate and address the most urgent environmental challenges we face. At the forefront of its agenda is the urgency to act on the planetary crisis of accelerated #climatechange and unprecedented loss of #biodiversity from wildlife crime and illegal #deforestation and fishing. Our very own Executive Director Justin Winters accepted the award.


#Repost @amazonfrontlines The A’i people, known more widely as the Kofán, historically occupied a territory that spread from the foothills of the Andes mountains deep into the Amazon basin in what is now Ecuador and Colombia. Before the arrival of the Spanish it is estimated that the Kofán numbered between 15,000 to 20,000 people. Centuries of brutality at the hands of conquistadors, missionaries, rubber tappers, five decades of civil war in Colombian and Ecuador, and most recently, the presence of oil companies, decimated the Kofán people, their culture and their lands. The Kofán now number approximately 2,100 people and live in a greatly reduced and fragmented territory.⠀

Today, the Kofán, along with the other indigenous peoples of the Amazon, face immense and ongoing threats to their ancestral culture, their land and their way of life. As one of the four indigenous nations that make up the organization Alianza Ceibo, members of the Kofán nation and dozens of Kofán communities are working alongside Amazon Frontlines to defend their lives and their forests for future generations. We are honored to work with the Kofán and are excited to share information about their struggle and stories from their communities. ⠀

You can learn more about the A’i Kofán on our website: https://buff.ly/2BAB2CO


#Repost @sea_legacy Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // Cooling the entire planet may seem like a daunting task, but if we heal our oceans, we can pull unprecedented amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and eventually reverse global warming. The good news is that a wide array of both proven and promising new solutions already exist. Reforesting the oceans and restarting natural nutrient cycles can drawdown carbon, deacidify and cool surface waters, at the same time as producing sustainable food and biofuel. It’s an exciting time to work in conservation, as we can see the tipping point ahead. We just need to push hard enough to tip it. Will you help us in #TurningTheTide?



#Repost @protectbearsears Please Share! #BearsEars has been home to Hopi, Navajo, Ute Mountain Ute, and Zuni people for countless generations. We are committed to defending Bears Ears National Monument. You can #StandWithBearsEars at utahdinebikeyah.org/defend-Bears-Ears/


#Repost @leonardodicaprio Proud to support the #PalauPledge, a new conservation initiative for visitors to this beautiful island. Written with the help of Palau’s children, every visitor must pledge to heal and secure the natural environment for future generations. Watch this clip from #BeforetheFlood and visit PalauPledge.com to learn more.


#Repost @lionrecovery Today our grantee Wildlife Crime Prevention is launching a public awareness campaign to stop the illegal bushmeat trade in Zambia. Illegal bushmeat snares can be a threat to many animals they were not intended for, like these lions. Find out more about the campaign at thisisnotagame.info 🦁

Original image: Susan McConnell 📸

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Experts say thriving #ecosystems of #mangroves can store two to four times more #carbon than most other tropical #forests.


#Repost @sierraclub BREAKING NEWS: Trump just announced plans to shrink Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. He doesn’t have the authority to shrink national monuments, but that apparently won’t stop him from trying. This land grab is illegal, and we'll be seeing him in court.

While Trump hears from our lawyers, Congress needs to hear from you! Go to sc.org/monumentsforall and tell them to stand strong in protecting our public lands. #monumentsforall #nature #wildlife #publiclands #nationalmonument #nationalmonuments #protectbearsears #bearsears


#Repost @lionrecovery Happy Wildlife Conservation Day! This kind of beauty is worth celebration. And preservation. Lion Recovery Fund is dedicated to recovering lions and restoring the landscapes where the roam. By supporting conservationists on the ground, LRF is working towards our shared vision of doubling the number of lions by 2050. Follow the link in bio to join us in bringing lions back from the brink. 📸: Susan McConnell

#savelions #Africa #wildlifeconservationday #wildlifeconservation #wildlifephotography #lioness #cubs #family



#Repost @amazonfrontlines "What is life in a forest where the water has been poisoned?⠀⠀
For more than half-a-century the Kofan, Siona, Secoya and Waorani peoples of the Amazon have lived downriver from Ecuador’s largest oil fields, which have contaminated their rivers and creeks and gravely impacted their health, while enriching the oil industry and providing fuel for the automobiles of modern society. Today, oil companies continue to pollute rivers and streams while using the allure of access to electricity to convince remote indigenous communities to allow these companies deeper into their territories.⠀⠀
We believe that building indigenous-led solutions to these threats is fundamental to ensuring the autonomy and empowerment of the oldest guardians of the Amazon rainforest. Learn more about our solutions-driven projects at: https://buff.ly/2mR8Ftc


Great news! Officials from five #Arctic countries and five major distant fishing powers reached an “unprecedented” agreement Thursday on a legally binding international accord that will protect nearly three million square kilometers of the Central Arctic Ocean from unregulated fishing. Once signed, the agreement will prevent commercial fishing in the high seas of the world’s smallest ocean for at least 16 years while scientific research is conducted to learn more about its marine life and resources. #Inuit from Canada, Greenland and the Russian region of Chukotka and Alaska are also part of the agreement.


#Repost @nrdc_org We shouldn’t sacrifice the Arctic Refuge to pay for tax cuts for millionaires. Visit the link in our profile to tell your senators to strip any provisions from the federal budget that could open America’s coastlines and the Arctic Refuge to fossil fuel companies.



#Repost @amazonfrontlines “Without our culture, our language, who will we become?” - Nemonte Nenquimo, Waorani leader⠀

In the short span of centuries – as a result of invasion, conquest and resource extraction – indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been struggling to protect their cultures from extinction. Thousands of years of cultural knowledge and ways of life that care for, sustain and defend one of our planet’s most complex, rich, mysterious and important ecosystems are on the verge of disappearing.⠀

Amazon Frontlines works with indigenous communities across the western Amazon, alongside our partner Ceibo Alliance, to support community-led initiatives to recover and protect traditional knowledge and empower the elders, women and mothers who pass this knowledge on to the younger generations. Learn about this beautiful program by visiting: https://buff.ly/2n5SU1I


#Repost @oceana Shark finning is a wasteful and inhumane practice in which a shark’s fins are cut off and the body is discarded at sea to drown. While shark finning is illegal in American waters, fins are still bought and sold in the United States. Add your name now to the petition in our bio and tell Congress to prohibit the sale and trade of all shark fin products in the U.S. 📸: Shutterstock #ocean #sharks


#Repost @natgeo Photo by @enricsala Congratulations, Mexico! Today, Mexico's President @epn has signed a decree creating the Revillagigedo National Park, making good his commitment of October 2016 to expand the previous small marine reserve around these islands. At 148,000 square kilometers, it is now the largest fully protected marine reserve in North America, and protects the greatest concentration of tropical megafauna in North America, including silky sharks, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, giant manta rays, tuna, humpback whales - and rich deep sea habitats. @natgeo @natgeopristineseas @maresmexicanos proud to have worked with Mexico to make this a reality @rafaelpacchiano @alejandrodelmazo @conanp_mx @semarnat_mexico



#Repost @savetheelephants A ten-day old baby elephant lies covered in blankets after being rescued from the Ewaso river in Samburu National Reserve. The tiny calf was spotted running up and down the opposite bank of the river vocalizing loudly, its family nowhere to be seen. It then jumped into the crocodile infested torrent and began to swim. Staff from nearby Elephant Bedroom Camp risked their lives by leaping into the river after the baby began struggling against the strong currents. With the help of Save The Elephants and Nasuluu rangers, the calf, aptly named Ewaso, was airlifted to @r.e.s.c.u.e in the Mathews Range where it is reported to be doing well. Our STE teams in the field will continue to search for the mother in the hope she can one day be reunited with her calf. Photos @janewynyard


What do we need to do to solve the #climatecrisis? It starts with peaking global #emissions in 2020. Our new guest post from Johan Rockström explores answers to this question. Follow the link in bio to read more.

Photo courtesy of Future Earth


LDF is proud to support this program.
#Repost @tompkins_conservation Meet the newest addition to Iberá Park. Our third female jaguar, Isa, just arrived from Brazil and is already exploring her new surroundings. @parqueiberacorrientes #proyectoibera #rewilding // Conoce al nuevo integrante del Parque Iberá. Nuestro tercer jaguar, llamada Isa, recién llegó desde Brasil y ya está recorriendo su nuevo entorno. @parqueiberacorrientes #rewilding #conservationlandtrust 📷 @matiasrebak



Using camera traps to monitor #wildlife in #indigenous territories in the #amazonrainforest. Help @amazonfrontlines protect one of the most biodiverse places on #earth. www.amazonfrontlines.org

#jaguar #biodiversity


#Repost @rainforestactionnetwork This is why JPMorgan Chase & Co. needs to stop funding TransCanada, the company behind Keystone XL pipeline.
Pipelines spell disaster for our environment, climate and Indigenous rights. #NoKXL #KeepItInTheGround

Sign our petition and tell Chase to get out of KXL and #defundtarsands:

Link in the bio!


#Repost @youthvgov BREAKING: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided to hear oral argument over whether the Trump Administration can evade trial currently set for February 5, 2018. Oral arguments will be heard in San Francisco on December 11, 2017. #JulianavUS #youthvgov


"We never poisoned our fishing holes or clear-cut our forest homelands. Why would we? We fish in our rivers and live in our homes." Emergildo Criollo, Cofan indigenous elder.

In these times of climate chaos, where our Earth's tropical forests are the last line of defense against an increasingly unlivable planet, we believe that listening to and supporting frontline indigenous peoples is the best way to protect our world’s last standing wild forests.
We are proud to be supporting @amazonfrontlines work with #indigenous peoples in the western Amazon, battling the threats of #oil, #logging and #mining by building a movement for clean water, #solarenergy, rainforest protection and cultural survival.

After several years of deep work in the western Amazon with seed funding from LDF, we are proud to present their work to the world:

Follow the link in bio to learn more.
Photo credit: Waorani hunter. Photo by Mitch Anderson 2017.


We’re recognizing World #GISDay by celebrating our grantee @digidem, who are building cutting-edge tools for mapping & monitoring the world's most biodiverse places. Five thousand #indigenous groups claim 80% of land as their home, but only 10% of that is legally recognized. #Mapeo will change this. Built in partnership with local and indigenous communities, this tech protects lands, water, and life. Now that is worth celebrating. Follow the link in bio to read more.
Photo courtesy of Digital Democracy.


#Repost @the_good_inside ♻️ Did you know the national recycling rate in the US is just 34%? While that rate has increased over the last 30 years, we can do better. On #AmericaRecyclesDay, take the pledge to recycle more. ⠀

♻️What can be recycled?⠀
-glass and plastic bottles⠀
-plastic bags and wraps⠀
-unwanted mail and newspaper⠀
-mobile devices and other electronics⠀


#Repost @sierraclub Forty eight U.S. cities have now committed to transition to 100% clean energy, of which at least 5 have already achieved 100% clean energy and are powered today with entirely renewable sources. The commitments include big cities like Atlanta, GA and small towns such as Abita Springs, LA.

While each city is pursuing this goal distinctly, the benefits of the transition are widespread. Developing clean energy sources like wind power and solar — especially when combined with measures to reduce energy waste — translates directly to job creation, a reliable energy supply, lower energy costs, improved public health, and a better environment.

Today we're releasing a report showcasing 10 of these incredible cities which you can read and download at sc.org/10-case-studies

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Help save Norway's #wolves.
Norwegian authorities have decided that a total of 50 critically endangered wolves can be culled this winter. This equals about 90% of the wolves that permanently reside in #Norway. So far, six wolves have been shot. Now, @wwfnorge is going to court to save the wolves. Learn how you can help: www.wwf.no/saveourwolves

Copyright: @efroystein


#Repost @tompkins_conservation #Iberá National Park in Argentina gained more than 103,000 acres of land today! This marks the second historic donation to Iberá from Tompkins Conservation, and is part of a greater collaboration with the Argentine government to protect more than 1.7 million acres of land, which is more than twice the size of Yosemite National Park
“All of us who love the Earth can see how the threats to wild places and creatures are growing,” said Kris. “Conservationists know there is tremendous and urgent need and have incredible opportunities to expand national park systems, to work with local communities linking ecotourism-related economic development and nature protection, and to help build a culture of conservation throughout society. This is crucial work – it’s the work we’ve been doing for decades now and will be doing with all of our energy and resources long into the future.” // El Parque Nacional Iberá en San Nicolás, Argentina, incorporó 103.000 acres adicionales de tierra como parte de una nueva donación de Tompkins Conservation. Esta donación es parte de un plan más amplio firmado en 2016 entre Tompkins Conservation, los Gobiernos Provinciales y Nacionales de Argentina para formar el gran Parque Nacional Iberá, un área protegida que medirá más de 1.7 millones de acres. Dos veces el tamaño del Parque Nacional Yosemite. Kris Tompkins comentó: “Todos los que amamos la Tierra podemos ver cómo crecen las amenazas a los lugares y criaturas salvajes. Los conservacionistas saben que existe una necesidad tremenda y urgente y hoy tenemos una oportunidad increíble, tanto en Chile como en Argentina, para expandir los sistemas de Parques Nacionales, trabajar con comunidades locales vinculando el desarrollo económico relacionado con el ecoturismo y la protección de la naturaleza, y ayudar a construir una cultura de conservación en toda la sociedad. Este es un trabajo crucial que llevamos haciendo desde hace décadas y que continuaremos con toda nuestra energía y recursos en el futuro”

#nationalparks #parquesnacionales @proyectoibera 📷 Douglas Tompkins


A cause for celebration: #Bhutan, a small country in the distant #Himalayas and known for being one of the happiest places on Earth, will forever protect 2 million hectares, most of which is #forests. The permanent funding to do so is the result of a Royal Government of Bhutan and a @World_Wildlife led initiative called #BhutanForLife.


A collaboration between the University of Technology Sydney, the German Aerospace Center and the University of Melbourne will develop a series of advanced regional decarbonization pathways that could limit #globalwarming to 1.5˚C. Funded by LDF, this new high-ambition effort hopes to demonstrate the feasibility of achieving the 1.5˚C target through 100% #renewableenergy by mid-century, combined with a portfolio of natural #climate solutions, including marine and terrestrial #conservation, #reforestation, and carbon-negative agricultural practices. Follow the link in bio to read more.


#Repost @lionrecovery Lion prides may include up to three males, a dozen females who are all related to one another, and their young. Male lions only stay with their pride until they're about two years old before setting out to take over another pride. 📸: Susan McConnell

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