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#Regram #RG @amazonfrontlines: Today we share a quote from the gathering of four indigenous nations organized last week by Amazon Frontlines and Alianza Ceibo. During this gathering, Waorani women and elders traveled from their communities deep in the forest to the industrial areas of Lago Agrio to meet with members of three other indigenous nations, the Siona, Secoya and Kofán, who have lived with impacts of the oil industry for decades. Members of these nations shared their experiences and vision for their people, and came away from the meeting inspired to work together to protect their remaining rainforest territories and their cultures.
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The documentary "Oymyakon" highlights the effects of climate change in the Siberian village of Oymyakon (Republic of Sakha), known as the coldest inhabited place on Earth, where thermometers broke when temperatures reached near-record levels. The estimated temperature that night was around -62℃ (-111.6°F). Locals said they haven't recorded such levels in the past 15 years. Climate change is posing a real threat to local people's lives and life structures, changing the soils, the fauna and the flora.
Source: "Oymyakon" by Dominik Bari, Felipe Paiva, Petr Vinokurov


Conflicts over natural resources, the #environmental impact of #war, and the role of #climatechange in influencing peace and conflict dynamics are urgent issues for today and the future. Enrollment is open for a new Massive Open Online Course on Environmental Security and Sustaining Peace. This free course will equip participants with a framework and approaches for addressing the links between the environment and global security. Follow the link in bio to learn more.

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Today is #NationalHippoDay! Hunted for their teeth and meat, these amazing creatures are now in danger of #extinction. Their vulnerability is also increased because African elephants are disappearing as well, making the Hippo's teeth the next alternative to #ivory.


Love is in the air! Happy Valentines Day from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation!


#Repost #RG @amazonfrontlines It's been a powerful few days in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon. Together, Amazon Frontlines and Alianza Ceibo organized an beautiful gathering of over sixty members of the Kofán, Siona, Secoya and Waorani nations to come together to discuss threats to their territories and to continue to shape a shared vision for the programs that will address these threats from multiple angles. We will continue to provide updates about these amazing last few days, so stay tuned. ⠀

www.amazonfrontlines.org ⠀

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#BigCats are among the most powerful creatures to grace this planet, but they are also the most fragile. Check out the #WorldWildlifeDay website, register your events & let your voice be heard http://wildlifeday.org #PredatorsUnderThreat #iProtectBigCats @WildlifeDay @CITES @TheWCS


Go solar with the NAACP! Take the pledge to bring #solarenergy into your neighborhood and bring good, green jobs into Black communities. Together we’ll fight the oil and gas industry’s toxic polluting of frontline people and take back control of our own clean, solar energy.
Take the pledge to go solar with your local NAACP and learn more:
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LDF is proud to support @LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art as it transitions to new, energy efficient lighting for the 10th anniversary of Chris Burden’s Urban Light installation. All 309 incandescent light bulbs were replaced by LED bulbs, resulting in an energy reduction of approximately 90%. Over the next ten years, the energy saved will be enough to power 295 American households while also preventing the release of over 5 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent. That’s like taking 500 cars off the road in one year. Link in bio to learn more.

Photo credit: Chris Burden, Urban Light, 2008, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Gordon Family Foundation's gift to "Transformation: The LACMA Campaign" ©️ 2018 Chris Burden / licensed by The Chris Burden Estate and Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo ©️ Museum Associates/LACMA




#Regram #RG @amazonfrontlines The Siona people maintain ancient cultural practices and spirituality deeply connected to their rainforest territories. Similarly to their neighbors, the Secoya people, the Siona historically were revered as healers who used medicinal plants, vines and songs to cure sickness.⠀

The colonization of Siona territory and resulting cultural loss has put ancient Siona wisdom and cultural practices in danger of disappearing. Amazon Frontlines is working with Siona communities to revitalize and protect their cultures. ⠀

Learn more about this amazing initiative by visiting: https://buff.ly/2EcqYxn⠀

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#Repost #RG @hakaimag Here's Canada's #FisheriesAct, current, and proposed:


#Repost @noaaocean Did you know that there are many different kinds of wetlands and many ways to categorize them? NOAA classifies wetlands into five general types: marine (ocean), estuarine (estuary), riverine (river), lacustrine (lake), and palustrine (marsh). Common names for wetlands include marshes, estuaries, mangroves, mudflats, mires, ponds, fens, swamps, deltas, coral reefs, billabongs, lagoons, shallow seas, bogs, lakes, and floodplains, to name just a few!
Wetland habitats serve essential functions in an ecosystem, including acting as water filters, providing flood and erosion control, and furnishing food and homes for fish and wildlife. They do more than sustain plants and animals in the watershed, however. Many wetlands are not wet year-round because water levels change with the seasons. During periods of excessive rain, wetlands absorb and slow floodwaters, which helps to alleviate property damage and may even save lives.

#OceanFactFriday #wetland #WorldWetlandsDay



Repost #RG @aluciaproductions: Up to eight times more salty than the surrounding ocean water, a brine pool sits in the ocean floor like an underwater lake. The fish that can survive this level of salinity feed on the bodies of those who can't. Seen here, a brine pool filmed by the #Alucia Team, along with scientists, in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to their extremely unique microbial makeup, these pools are vital for study but are already vulnerable to the impact of human activity, such as #oildrilling.


#ReGram #RG @sea_legacy Photo by @DaisyGilardini // A polar bear scours the horizon with her newborn cub. After a winter spent in the nursing den, she’s ready to leave and start the journey towards the pack ice of Hudson Bay. They will reach the ice just in time for the seals giving birth to their pups.
After so many months without food, she needs to hunt in order to raise her cubs. Wapusk National Park, Manitoba.
#TurningTheTide #bear #PolarBear


#Regram #RG @fredgranath: This is what it’s about: Ice. Life and a planet dependent on it. Me and @melissa_schaefer work with polar bears because we love them, and in the Arctic because a big part of us belongs there. But behind and between the photos is a story about our future. The polar bear shows in a very distinct way what we are doing with our planet and shaping our future. • Three quarters of the Earth’s freshwater is in the form of ice. Glaciers, snow, and sea ice work as our planet’s own air conditioner; they reflect the sun’s rays back into space. As our climate becomes warmer and the ice melts, more solar energy is instead absorbed by open water and by bare or vegetated land areas, and this solar energy is transformed to heat, which further heats the planet and leads to ever more melting of snow and ice. As climate change accelerates, the future of cold is uncertain. • The evidence is here, and it’s very clear. Man is tipping the balance of nature. The Arctic is the Ground Zero of climate change. 🌎 Connect the dots, see the story. Educate yourself. Talk to friends and family. Raise your voice. If you do it, I promise we will too. 💙#sealegacy #turningthetide #oneplanet #climatechange (Photo by @melissa_schaefer from our expedition with @sea_legacy around Svalbard last spring)



2018 is an important year. Never have issues like protecting our environment and our climate been more urgent than now. Watch this video to learn more about LDF’s mission and how you can join us in supporting this critical work. Visit leonardodicaprio.org to watch the full video.


Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, President and CEO of @tompkins_conservation , join forces for the official ceremony to complete what they pledged to do last year: create five new #nationalparks in #Chile and expand three others. Tompkins Conservation’s two flagship projects in Chile – #Pumalín and #Patagonia Parks, are now becoming national parks. Follow the link in bio to read more.
Photo Credit: @jamesqmartin


Founded and led by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Enric Sala, Pristine Seas is an exploration, research, and media project aimed at supporting the United Nations’ target of 10% of the #oceans protected by 2020. Since its inception, Pristine Seas has carried out expeditions in 23 places. In total, they have successfully lobbied for the protection of 16 new areas, covering a total area of more than 5 million square kilometers — more than six times the area of Texas. Over the next two years, with continued support from LDF, Pristine Seas will target up to eight more locations, aiming to inspire the protection of a total of 20 of the wildest places in the #ocean by 2020. Follow the link in bio to read more.

The Pristine Seas team encountered diverse #coral morphologies while surveying Niue’s reefs during a 2016 expedition to the island. Photo by Manu San Félix/National Geographic.



#Repost #RG @defendersofwildlife Last week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced its recommendation to remove Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for the threatened Canada lynx in the Lower 48 States. But threatened by climate change, human activities and a spruce bark beetle outbreak, lynx need a recovery plan, not a delisting. Read more on Medium (link in bio). #lynx #StopExtinction #DefendersofWildlife #naturephotography#naturelovers #natureonly #natureshots #naturegram #wildlife #wildlifephotography#wildlifeconservation #wildlifeaddicts #animals #animallovers #animallover#animalsofinstagram #instaanimal #animalsofig


In an era of #climate uncertainty, one thing we can be sure of is the next #drought is coming. Some Californians have learned that planning for scarcity is critical. Follow the link in bio to read more.


Photo credit: G. Macfadyen


#Repost @amazonfrontlines We’re building a movement for indigenous cultural survival and rainforest protection and we want you to join us! Please sign the petition to stand with indigenous peoples defending their rainforest territories and become a part of this inspiring movement in the Amazon.⠀


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A global campaign is being launched to turn a huge tract of #oceans around the #Antarctic into the world’s biggest sanctuary, five times the size of Germany, protecting #wildlife, #biodiversity and helping the fight against #climatechange. The huge 1.8m sq km reserve would ban all #fishing in a vast area of the #WeddellSea and around the Antarctic Peninsula, safeguarding species including #penguins, #killerwhales, #leopardseals and #bluewhales.

Photo by Nick Karvounis.


New York City plans to #divest $5bn from #fossilfuels and sue oil companies over their contribution to #climatechange!
#NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said “New York City is standing up for future generations by becoming the first major US city to divest our pension funds from fossil fuels. At the same time, we’re bringing the fight against climate change straight to the fossil fuel companies that knew about its effects and intentionally misled the public to protect their profits. As climate change continues to worsen, it’s up to the fossil fuel companies whose greed put us in this position to shoulder the cost of making New York safer and more resilient.”


#Repost @africanwildlifefoundation There is greater biodiversity in #Africa’s Albertine Rift region where #Virunga National Park is located than in any other ecosystem on the continent. This richly diverse array of habitats is home to critical populations of the world’s last remaining mountain #gorillas.


#Repost #RG @dailyoverview Check out this incredible view of the “Bomb Cyclone” - the powerful winter storm currently making its way toward the northeastern United States. From this vantage point in outer space, we can see the center of the low pressure area and a thick band of clouds bringing even more snow and gusty winds from the Mid-Atlantic states towards New England. The term “bomb cyclone” refers to the intensification of the storm that happens when an extreme drop of pressure occurs in a short period of time. /// Image and info courtesy of @nasagoddard


#Repost @oceana #BREAKING: Today, the Trump administration announced its plans to open nearly all U.S. federal waters to offshore drilling activities. This plan opens the floodgates to dirty and dangerous offshore drilling, threatening coastal economies that rely on clean and healthy oceans. This radical offshore drilling plan is a clear example of politics over people, ignoring widespread local and state opposition. Together, we must stand united against this grave attack, before it’s too late. Add your name now to tell Secretary Zinke that you oppose offshore drilling (link in bio). #ProtectOurCoast


Announcing #Reefscape, a partnership between @carnegieairborne, @planetlabs and LDF that aims to help us better understand the condition of #CoralReefs around the world, as well as build a foundation for a new #satellite mission to study #coral from space and advance #conservation efforts. Follow the link in bio to learn more.
Photo courtesy of Greg Asner / Divephoto.org


#Repost @paulnicklen The act of reflection is a way of looking forward. We learn from failure. We get inspired from past triumphs. In the first week of the new year, many of us have set goals that may intimidate or frighten us. As time goes on, we may stumble as we try to accomplish ambitious milestones. That’s OK. Embrace the failure. Learn from it. And keep going. Growth is never easy, but it’s always worth it. How do you want to grow in 2018?