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Trying out the orbit feature on the karma drone whilst driving around the farm. The functionality is very user friendly and intuitive. I now carry my drone and grip everywhere with me. It’s part of the kit I pack daily in my car to bring you wonderful insights into the amazing natural world we are blessed to live in. #goprokarmadrone #goprokarmagrip #gwagen #strongerthantime @gopro @mercedesbenzsa @mercedesbenz


After 17 years of wear and tear Geena the #spottedhyena ’s teeth are still in really good shape. Bite force tests have been done demonstrating forces in excess of 750 pounds per square inch although I think a #hyena with serious intent could bite harder. A wild hyena’s teeth would be a lot more worn especially the conical shaped carnassials and the canines #powerfuljaws #yummybonemarrow #strongteeth #bonecrusher #hyenasarecool


Old man Tau showing Tabby some love. ❤️ I met Tau when he was just 6 months old at a park that offered cub petting. That was two decades ago and I’ve learnt so much since then. I keep on learning and evolving each day. Many would like to hide from the past. We can’t, but we sure can learn from it and help educate others. #educateyourself #dontjudge #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions



It was a pleasure meeting you @caradelevingne on the shoot with @davidyarrow. I enjoyed chatting about the issues lions are facing both in captivity and the wild. Something drastic has to change in the conservation world as over the past two decades Africa’s been losing wildlife #handoverfist and yet we continue with the same approach. It’s when people with voices such as @caradelevingne and @davidyarrow use them on their platforms to spread awareness do we see a consciousness which is the beginning step in making changes in our behaviour. Education is key and we need to remember that to get to where we are today we had to educate ourselves too which is a process not a single event. I look forward to what we can achieve together in the future for lions and other animals on this planet. We are forever evolving and learning. #consciousness #educateyourself #lions #africanlion #makeachange #lionconservation #caradelevingne #davidyarrow #kevinrichardsonwildlifesanctuary


Have a relaxing Sunday everyone! #sundayvibes #positivevibes


Let’s talk about that post - in this weeks #YouTube video on #lionwhisperertv I explain an Instagram video I posted some weeks back. It’s an important message, trust me. (Link clickable in bio #shelteredreality #shelteredexistence #reality #consciousness #harshreality #thatsnature



Today’s #FanArtFriday post comes to us from Russian illustrator Maria Vladimirova. Maria is an animal lover and advocate, who runs workshops for adults and children, teaching them how to draw wild animals, and creating an interest and better understanding of the plight of wildlife in today’s world. What a fabulous way to create awareness. You can find more of Maria’s work on instagram @foxndowl. Her work is magnificent and we encourage you to go have a look. Thank you for sharing with us Maria, we really had a hard time choosing just one from your amazing collection. For the rest of the artists out there, if you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send it to our facebook page in a private message. #SaveHabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature #wildlife #respecttheearth


Update on Naiobi. Since her eye op her quality of life has improved 100 fold. For my new followers who have no ‘eyedea’ of what I’m talking about, go back in my feed and you’ll be able to see Naiobi’s journey. You may also want to have a look at my #YouTube channel #lionwhisperertv. We filmed the entire procedure. #happylion #animaleyehospital #naiobi #kevinrichardsonwildlifesanctuary #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions


I still absolutely love the symbolism of this picture taken by @adriansteirn for the #EveryTerrain campaign. Food for thought as to whether we want to see lions caged or free roaming in the wild in 20 years from now. #notinmylifetime #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature



UPDATE: Bongani doing well despite being diagnosed with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) more than 6 months ago. His initial prognosis was guarded but he’s shown the will to be around on this planet for a little longer. He’s eating well and has much more energy now. His muscle tone is still low but is improving albeit not at the pace I’d like. He’s an inspiration and a fighter. #willtosurvive #lionstrong #fip #felineinfectiousperitonitis #africanlion #kevinrichardsonwildlifesanctuary


Look who is back from having her bumper replaced after Gandalf bit a hole in the last one. Missed driving this beauty and still smile every time I turn the key. People have been asking if I miss my old ride and truthfully the answer is no. I don’t miss the breakdowns, the sluggish engine and the ear deafening road noise. The #GWagen is a machine and makes easy work of the horrible dirt roads that are never graded by council. There’s going to be a stack on the go in #2018 and it looks like I’ll be driving a lot. Reliability and some comfort is welcomed. I absolutely love the military matte green which totally blends in to the bush and looks 😎 #strongerthantime #gclass #mercedesbenz #reliable #liontough #amggrowl #mercedesbenzsa


Amy’s big operation part 2 now available to watch on #LionwhispererTV. (Sorry last post was a bit early and video wasn’t available 😅)Simply click on the link in my bio to see how it went. #spay #lioness #vet #drcaldwell #africanlion #meg&amy #pyometra #cysticovaries



Today’s #FanArtFriday post comes to us from 44-year-old Danish artist Lonnie Korreborg-Larsen. Lonnie has been a life-long artist and uses drawing as an escape from the real world! Must be nice to lose yourself in something you love. She has just this past year, started experimenting with colour pencils, and this is her first attempt at a lion. We hope you enjoy this piece as much as we do. Thank you for sharing with us Lonnie. If you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send it to facebook in a private message. #savehabitat #reconnectwithnature #savelions #Lionwhisperer


Hyena are simply cool 😎!! #nuffsaid


Suja must be one of the most alert lions I know. Make the slightest noise and he’s bolt upright ready for action. #manyfilters #reconnectwithnature #blackandwhitephotography #savehabitat #savelion #bancaptivelionhunting #bancannedlionhunting



Had such a good day catching up with all the animals at the sanctuary. It’s been a pretty busy end to the year with quite a bit on the go. Enjoy this slow motion video of Livy chewing on a @gopro camera in my pocket but being so gentle and so cute with her paw dangling in the air as if it was suspended by a piece of gut. Whenever I need to do some serious thinking I head to the animals and just sit there. No talking, no cell phone calls, no disturbances, just peace and quiet 🤫. I come out refreshed and energized and the animals have all had some stimulation. #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions


This week on #lionwhisperertv is the first installment of #Amy’s operation. Apologies in advance for the audio I had other things on my mind other than filming and the sound. (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO


This week’s #FanArtFriday comes to us from British artist Sarah Stokes. Sarah has been working as a wildlife artist for a few years now, and works mainly in watercolour. This gorgeous piece is of our beautiful Siam and you can see from the photo, Sarah did an outstanding job! Not only has she captured him perfectly, she has offered to donate a print of this for our next auction. Would you bid on it? You can see more of Sarah’s amazing work on both Facebook and Instagram @sarahstokesartist Thank you for sharing Sarah! If you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send it in a private message to our facebook page. #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature #siam



Happy Birthday #Bobcat 🎊🎉🎂🎁🍰🎈Enjoy your day my boy! #birthdayboy #beautifulboy #poser


Thank you Anthony from @ajtjewellery for my magnificent lion ring and pendant. Your work is incredible and so detailed. If you’re wanting a quality piece of jewellery look no further! #jewellery #lionheadjewellery


Tabby still so beautiful even at almost 20 years of age! #sleepinglion #savelions #savehabitat #reconnectwithnature


Back to my roots. To this day I still have a passion for birds. This Grey Go Away bird rocked up at the farm and hasn’t left. Eats out the hand, drinks some water then flies into the trees until the next time. Very smart and understands exactly what’s going on and who to go get food from. Certainly isn’t trusting of anyone. #birdwhisperer 😂 #goawaybird #freeasabird


Sitting patiently waiting for a meal to come its way.
15min later a moth became its victim #natureallaroundus #patiencepaysoff #gutturaltoad


This weeks #lionwhisperertv video is all about #georgeandyame. They’re all grown up and so big now! Enjoy! (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO #spanishrescues #campaignagainstcannedhunting #cach


This week’s #FanArtFriday post comes to us from18-year-old Marco Esilva. Marco has always had a passion and love for wildlife, and it certainly shows in his beautiful work. This lion is oil on canvas and was painted without a background to emphasize the beauty of the lion. It was done from a photo taken by Marco’s uncle and Marco decided to paint this for him as a gift. Pretty nice gift! You can see more of Marco’s work on his facebook page @marcoesilvaart. If you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send it in a private message to our facebook page. Thanks for sharing Marco! #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature


Thank you for your kind words!
Thank you Kevin and Naas for this experience 🦁🌱💛 @lionwhisperersa you just do the right thing, everybody can see how thankful your Lions are... and Mandy - I love your Bush Camp, great Job #lionwhisperer #RraDitauBushCamp #lionswalk #megandamy #sisterlove #southafrica


What a beautiful creature! Today after Meg and Amy’s enrichment walk we found this #rockmonitor lizard in their enclosure. Luckily someone spotted it before we put #MegandAmy back and we were able to catch and relocate it to an adjacent area. Lions will ‘play with’ and kill monitor lizards but won’t eat them unless really hungry. This is one lucky fella. Can’t help but think of dinosaurs when seeing one up close. #Volunteers and guests were amazed. Then 10 minutes later we bumped into a herd of elephants 🐘. What a morning!! #blessed #prehistoric #savehabitat #livingdinosaur


Vayetse leads the way on a lion walk with Ginny, Livy and a few game viewers in tow. I’ve said it many times before but I’m not sure who enjoys these walks more, the lions or the humans. This weeks video on #lionwhisperertv is simply about lions having fun! Enjoy! (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO


George and Yame are very well! Many have been asking how they are faring. George is an amazing lion with such a gentle nature. Yame is super friendly but can be possessive over things he loves! Oh and I promise that farting sound was not me trying to be funny while Yame was sticking his bum in George’s face but rather co incidence as I normally make that blowing sound as a friendly gesture to the lions when I greet them. 🦁😂😂😂 #George&Yame #spanishrescues #cach #campaignagainstcannedhunting