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Missing all the beasties. Traveling always gives you time to reflect on things. The trip to Australia has been hectic but these types of trips are so important in spreading awareness about the plight of lions and other imperiled animals. Before I left on my trip I spent some quality time with the lions. Guess I spent too long with them as #Meg fell asleep in my lap and #Amy right next to her. #sleepinglions #missingthem #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions


It was good to catch up with Anni in Sydney and Michaela in Melbourne. Both were the highest bidders in the online auction to have lunch/ dinner with me to raise funds for @painteddogconservationinc. Had great conversations surrounding conservation and the future. My trip has gone so quick. One event left tonight in Melbourne. Hope to see you there! #fundraiser #charity #conservation


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Lion whisperer Kevin Richardson is in the country helping out some of his other animal friends with the @PaintedDogConservationInc and he stops by #TheProjectTV desk tonight!


Autographing pictures at the Perth event. Raised good money for a good cause. In Sydney and looking forward to tomorrow’s event. See you all there. Ciao.


Good morning Perth!! We wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out and made last night such a huge success. With your help we raised a ton of money for the conservation efforts supported by @painteddogconservationinc !! Look out Sydney, here we come!! #reconnectwithnature


Perth tour has kicked off. Had a great dinner with Rebeccah who bid the highest in the online auction to have dinner with me, raising funds for @painteddogconservationinc. Spoke about the pitfalls of cub petting and predator parks that have relied heavily on cub interactions as their business model. The good news is that the message as to the plight of lions in the wild and captivity is spreading. Rebeccah was well educated and had many good questions which hopefully were answered. @jaspercat636


Happy weekend everyone! Hope to see you this Sunday in Perth. Until then I hope you like this video as much as I do on #lionwhisperertv. (LINK CLICKABLE IN MY BIO #africanelephant #africanlion #savehabitat #savelions #happyfriday


Today was a really great day. Permits have been issued for 6 of my spotted hyenas to be moved to a holding boma as part of a program to release them into @dinokenggamereserve. This is incredible ground breaking stuff. 3 will be collared so we can monitor their movements and keep a watchful eye on them while they adapt to their new 22000 hectare home. So grateful to all involved who have helped make this a reality. We’ll be documenting the whole process and filming them as they head off into the wilderness. #spottedhyena @mercedesbenzsa


We are going to change things up a bit this week and give you our #FanArtFriday piece today. The reason being is that today’s artwork comes to us from Australian artist Catherine Scartaccini, who not only did her honours degree on the African painted dog, but did it at the Perth Zoo under the watchful eye of @Painted Dog Conservation Inc Chairman John Lemon. Not only that, but Catherine has donated this gorgeous piece to be auctioned off at our Australia talks which are less than a week away! You can see more of Catherine’s incredible work on her facebook and Instagram pages @CSIllustrator. You must take a look, as this is one talented young artist!
For those who have still not picked up their tickets for the shows, there are less than 9 tickets left for each event. It will be many years before we get the chance to come out to Australia again, so if you’ve be hesitating, it’s time to take action!
Meet me and hear about our new foundation
Enjoy an amazing LIVE Auction
Mingle with like-minded people and enjoy some refreshments
Help be the change that our wildlife needs
Tickets available:
Sydney: and


There’s a lot of licking going on here. Meg & Amy have been a strong influence in my life and created a consciousness that I’m eternally grateful for. I owe a lot to them and will be speaking about them in my upcoming talks in Australia. Only 10 tickets left per event available by clicking on my website. Thanks to all of you for such great support in Australia! #notlongnow #lionconservation #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature @painteddogconservationinc


Naiobi is doing so well since her eye op. It’s like her biological clock has been wound back a few years. Really excited about coming to Australia at the end of the week! Hoping to see you at the @painteddogconservationinc events. There’ll be an exclusive screening of the George and Yame documentary called ‘Cubs to Kings’ Only a few spaces still available in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Tickets available from @painteddogconservationinc website (Perth:
Sydney: and


This weeks video on #lionwhisperertv is all about #Bobcat. Pretty sure you won’t be disappointed especially when you hear his roar! Subscribe to #lionwhisperertv on @youtube and never miss a video. Do your bit for lions by spreading awareness. (LINK clickable in BIO - #awarenessiskey #educateyourself #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions


This weeks #FanArtFriday comes to us from British artist Shannon Burns. As you can see this painting is of a pride of lions. The oldest lioness in the middle, her two daughters at either side of her, a young cub in front, as well as the big male lion standing above them all, full of pride, power and honour. A lot of detail went into this painting and Shannon can honestly say she enjoyed every moment of it! Even though it took ages to finish, seeing it finished in all its glory makes everything worthwhile. This piece is available for purchase, and will come signed and dated. As well, prints are available.
You can find more of Shannon’s work on her Instagram account @sburns.artwork
Thank you for sharing Shannon. If you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, please send it in a private message to our facebook page. Have a great weekend everyone!


Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? So who copied who? Off to Australia next Friday to raise money for @painteddogconservationinc so that the projects they support can keep going. Who’s coming? You can contact them for tickets to the events. Looking forward to seeing you all there. #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature


This lion & I are soul mates. Those of you who have had the privilege of meeting #Bobcat will know that he doesn't suffer fools gladly. #lionslion #ifiwerealion #africanlion #savehabitat #savelions #privileged


Just over 2 weeks until I return as guest speaker for @painteddogconservationinc events across Australia, and here are 2 reasons why you should attend!

1. These Events are your ONLY opportunity to meet me in Australia

2. You will be able to get a personally signed photo by me at the events, which are not available anywhere else!

Yes, that's right! Upon arrival, there will photos of me with the lions that I will personally sign for you-exclusively for the events! Hope that's enough to tempt you to come. It's for a good cause!
Remember tickets for all events from below:
Sydney: and


Old man Tau is doing well after his vet check up and we found out some really interesting things. Go to #lionwhisperertv on @youtube to see the full video. (Here's the link. It's clickable in my bio - #vetcheckup #oldchapelvetclinic #petercaldwell #heartmurmur #oldlion #kevinrichardsonwildlifesanctuary


Today’s #FanArtFriday comes to us from 28-year-old graphic designer Clàudia Periera. This piece was created using both a digital illustrator and coloured markers, and was done as a both a work assignment, and as a gift for her boyfriend who just loves hyenas! These couples, from Almada, Portugal, have a big love for wildlife but especially hyenas. We don’t get many hyena pictures sent in, and we love how this one shows off the magnificent jaw of these misunderstood animals. Thank you for sharing your work with us Clàudia! If you’d like to see your work featured on our pages, just send it in a private message to our facebook page. Have a great weekend everyone! #SaveHabitat #SaveLions #ReconnectWithNature


It's great when organizations can stand together to try and create awareness and change. Please sign this petition to stop the exploitation of captive bred lions and the exporting of their bones. (Link Clickable in bio - #lionbonetrade #bancannedlionhunting #savelion #savehabitat #doyourbit


Ginny caught red handed trying to destroy one of the camera traps out on the farm. Look at her guilty face! 😆As if to say, 'Nothing going on here folks!' The camera traps help in monitoring the wild lion populations and with antipoaching. #cameratrap #caughtoncamera #savehabitat #savelion #reconnectwithnature


Standby for more beautiful aerial photography on #lionwhisperertv thanks to @gopro. The #karmadrone is fantastic. It's so user friendly, great quality and really affordable. If you're looking to buy a drone that transforms into a camera on a stabilized grip look no further. Love the fact that it comes with the #karmagrip which I've found to be able to take a pounding from the lions whilst filming. Check out my #youtube channel to see the difference since I started using the #karmagrip. @mercedesbenzsa


Could watch lions walking in slow motion for hours on end. Look at the size of Vayetse's dinner plate paws! 😳


As you guys know I'm off to Australia in October to help raise money for @painteddogconservationinc and to tell you about something exciting I've been working on. Apart from speaking at some exclusive events, I will also be joining ONE lucky bidder in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne for a Private Dinner!! To bid on this unique opportunity which of course includes all food and beverages, please follow the link below! Perth-Dinner at Hyatt Cafe, Sydney-Lunch at The Marriott, Melbourne-Dinner at the Park Hyatt! AUCTION OPEN NOW and closes 1st October!


This weeks #LionwhispererTV video is all about the vet coming out for some health checks and a follow up on George. (LINK CLICKABLE IN BIO - #healthchecks #vet #kevinrichardsonwildlifesanctuary #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savelions


#happyworldrhinoday. There's no silver bullet solution to stop rhino poaching. It's a multifaceted approach from better education though to weeding out corruption at the top, with everything else in between. But like most things in life if you put your collective minds to it you can most certainly achieve it. A big thanks to all those many people dedicating their lives to achieving this! #rhino #stoprhinopoaching #poaching


I can't tell you how happy 😊 I am today!! Just look at Amy!! She is incredible!! Just wow! She's back to her old loving self 😍😍and the incisions almost healed. Once again a big thanks to the wonderful team at #oldchapelvetclinic and #drpetercaldwell #happyfriday #meg&amy #askmeg


Hyenas back due to popular demand. Now I never thought I'd ever hear myself say that but so many people have been asking for more hyena photos and videos so here goes. If people can relate & connect to the animals we're trying to protect then we stand a chance. I've noticed such a drastic change in people's opinions of hyena since I've been showing them another side. Stay tuned for more really exciting times ahead for a certain clan of hyena at the sanctuary! #hyenasofinstagram #spottedhyena #reconnectwithnature #savehabitat #savehyenas


People always say that when they see pictures of the lions they look like their manes have been brushed. Honestly I don't know why they think this. 😉 #africanlion #nicehair #brushedmane #savehabitat #savelions #reconnectwithnature


Look whose feeling better! 😁. What a remarkable difference in #Amy. She's perked up, friendly and active. All the prayers and good wishes have sped up her healing. Don't know many humans who would've bounced back as quick! #liontough #lioness #meg&amy #happylion #savehabitat #savelions


Contrary to popular belief hyena don't smell bad and don't have putrid breath. Would I kiss a 'stinky bum' on the nose if they did! But........... they do have some nasty habits just like domestic dogs and love nothing more than to roll in stuff, the smellier the better. 😩😖. But don't worry, they then go and wash it off in their drinking water. #hyenaofinstagram #hyena #spottedhyena #misrepresentation #misunderstood