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Finally, I get to be #1 on madden with my own squad #NinerGang #Madden19 #CantFuckinWait @opie_live add [THE GAME] on #xbox NOW !!! I need practice dummy’s 😂😂😂😂




Don’t think to hard. You might burst a blood vessel.


Studio drip 💧 #CultureShock #WaitForIt #London


Went from a rapist in 2016, to tryna be a crip in 2017 to running the bloods in NY in 2018 😂😂 & actually got niggas co-signing this fuckin weirdo ??? NEW YORK cannot be down wit this fuckery... it’s a misrepresentation of what NY really is..... & LA niggas ain’t tolerating no more disrespect PERIOD... not to the city, the culture, or either sides of the flag !!! It’s REAL NIGGAS out here dying in the streets behind this shit you false bangin. You got the 69 from giving niggas head while they gave you head lil weirdo & brooklyn niggas made you dye ya hair cuz you was they bitch.... how long you thought you was gone get away wit this charade ??? Fucked up thing is little kids out here following this weirdo & gone end up hurt tryna be what they think this bum is..... & them bloods you paying to hide behind gone disappear when that lil money run out then you gone have to stand behind all the shit you talkin on ya own..... the jig is up #Teryaki69 #RainbowBrite #TheDiaperSniper [This my last post about this 🤡.... had to let the world know who this bum really is] & some of y’all gone say “leave him alone he’s just a kid” lol... stop talkin grown man shit & stay in a kids place then lil mothafucka !!! Ain’t no fakin blood on my watch !!!! REAL NIGGAS EVERYWHERE on ya head Daniel.... stop fakin & save ya life boy before somebody catch you when you & me both know that’s not what you really want. The best advice I can give yo lil weird ass. #ThisRapShitAintForEverybody



Now, I wasn’t gone say shit else to this buster ass phony cuz I’m way beyond this peon but he disrespected my city & a rag I put in my pocket, lost countless homies, relatives & my own brother over. A Color & way of life I almost died over... Its niggas all over the world who take this blood shit serious & they are not gone be playing these games when they catch you.... This right here takes the mothafuckin cake tho !!!! “BLUE BANDANA BEDSPREAD” now you the king of NY bloods.. I’m fuckin crying homie 😭😭😭😭 The 9trey niggas I know from NY can’t be cosign’n this 🤡 !!! Foreal homie ???? 😂😂😂😂 this is the BIG BLOOD KING OF NEW YORK ???? Stop it 5... just cut all the shenanigans & jokes & just be the nice boy you are inside Daniel. Pretending gone get you hurt kid. It’s REAL NIGGAS out here dying over what you playing around wit. All you kids following this dummy need to know he playing wit y’all lives too.... tryna turn red rags into Disneyland tickets... This ain’t for you... you confused ass lil retard... real niggas on ya head worldwide cuz you out here fakin the phonk... I pulled ya hoe card... don’t make me split the deck #Teryaki69 aka #Rainbowbrite #TheDiaperSniper


This the bum y’all let call himself the king of New York ??? 😂😂😂 Frank White only KING OF NY... This really the nigga running round talkin bout he been a blood his whole life ?? This really the 🤡 niggas running round throwing up blood wit ??? This lil weirdo... Foh nigga.... If you don’t take that red rag off playing wit real niggas lives & get yo dick in the booty Carlton sweater around the neck wearin ass on somewhere & stop playing wit this blood shit before somebody hurt yo mamas only daughter. You a nice guy, look at that smile...cut the tuff shit out before it’s too late. Sweater tied around ya neck 😂😂😂 ALL BOYS SCHOOL head aaaahhh LOL..... we know what the 69 stand for.... you used to suck wee wee’s while gettin ya pussy licked at ya private school #nIaintgotnoalbumcomingout #thisfordisrespectingmyflagnmycity #554 #wegoneseewheretheprotectionwhenthatlilmoneyrunlow 🎮


Today is the 60th day I’ve been without my father. I’m really thankful for the countless DM’s, comments & prayers sent my way by all of you. I love you & im forever indebted to you guys for helping push me through 🙏🏾 #LongLiveKingTaylor



Like a king. #45


Break it down manually for that 95 high 💨


Mention “The Black Wallstreet” & wake up the monster. #45



Tonite in Ljubjana, Slovenia for the 1st time ever. Let’s get lit 🤬 #45


After my dad passed, I kinda got lazy on my workouts & eating habits..... well, today in Berlin Germany I’m getting back on the right track. Today for breakfast: assorted fruit & water not in photo.... wherever you are in the world, if you’ve been off ya fitness & workout grind.... join me & let’s get it all the way back right.... FOLLOW @60daysoffitness as well as CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO to sign up today !!! #60daysoffitness


If you not living you dying. #45



Caught off guard. It’s all Gucci #45


Malmö, Sweden..... I appreciate the love as always. We’ll meet again #45 [📸 @taylorsince90]


Gothenburg... amazing city, thank you for sharing your energy with me last night... til next time #45



Hey Auntie...


Backstage seeing what the henny do.... #Bergen let’s get right #45


Blessed to see God’s creations along the way. #45


45 Norway.


Black and..... #45 [📸 @taylorsince90]


Rip Tupac Shakur #45


This snow we dealing with over here in Europe right now is no fuckin joke but we gone get thru it...... Warsaw, Poland see you tonite #45


Reach for the star. #45


I wake up in Vilnius, Lithuania today & the 1st thing I see is this picture. I was just a little boy from the projects.... never thought in a million years, anything I would ever do in life would touch anyone in my own city let alone across the globe. I’ve always said that I share fans with no other artist in the world & this is a reminder of how true that is. Over the years I’ve seen so many tattoos with my face, logo or lyrics & every time I see a new one I feel like I did when I saw the 1st.... surprised, so appreciative & honored to have touched people on that large of a scale..... My fans are THE GAME fans & I’ve always dedicated my music & my life to them & my children. I am where I am in life because of a decision made by each of you individually to support me year after year & for that support I will give you the same love & loyalty for as long as I breathe. I am forever grateful & indebted to you all...... Thank You, sincerely Hurricane Game #45


1st show on the #45 tour. This ones for you Daddy #RestInParadise [📸 @taylorsince90]


Welcome to Sweden..... Even if you’re not with me it’ll feel like you are when I’m traveling the world. Glad to be back in Europe on tour...... Helsinki, I’ll see you guys tonite #45


#Repost @diddy
BLACK GIRL MAGIC!!!!!!! 🎶 Django Jane by @janellemonae #GetEmCali