Yoga is on the mat. It's off the mat. It's everywhere. How does it show up in your life? #thisisyoga Snapchat + Spotify + Apple Music: lululemon

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Stay down to earth—seek those quiet moments where you feel powerfully connected to yourself, humanity, and nature. [photo: @lululemonmx]


Happy Lunar New Year! We are given opportunities to practice our art every day. Take it. After all, #practicetakespractice to live a life full of purpose and fulfillment. Wishing you a happy year of practice ahead.


Catch you on the flip side.
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Self-love, friend-love, romantic-love – however you say it, feel it, show it – practice love. #thisisyoga


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Yes, yoga will prevent injuries, improve your sleep and stretch your muscles. But where the real magic lies is in its ability to stretch your capacity—for creativity, understanding, or happiness. It creates an internal landscape that allows you to check your inner dialogue, connect with yourself, and identify more with who you are instead of what you do, which gives you limitless possibility. So yes, it's worth readjusting your schedule to squeeze in a little practice tomorrow. #thisisyoga



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The average person takes around 23,000 breaths per day—make as many as possible count. #thesweatlife


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What are you bringing to the world around you? “This city is soft, gritty, dirty and pretty. It’s real, raw, heart-breaking and heart-filling. New York City makes me feel ALIVE. I wake up at 5am and take on the day, take on the city, take on ME, along with whatever challenges are in my way—paving the way for something greater ahead. I hope I bring balance to the city through self-awareness, self-acceptance, strength and softness. I hope I spread the message of self-love through connecting within, to oneself and to others.“—ambassador @livyoung and founder of @boxandflow. #thisisyoga [photo: @brakethrough_media]


On the mat, it all comes together.
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“Let’s use our differences as fuel to go deeper”—Global Yoga Ambassador @chelsealovesyoga.
This week we invited 30 non-profit leaders from seven countries to our Here to Be Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re sharing experiences, inspiring action and having courageous conversations about our work together as a community that’s dedicated to changing the world through yoga. See our Story to meet some of our partners. #heretobe


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Digital detoxing, where shutting off has become the ultimate luxury. Just one of the seven wellness trends we’re watching this year. See our Story for the link to our blog.



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SeaWheeze 2018 non-guaranteed entry draw registration opens now. Are you ready? Link in bio. (Psst—keep an eye on those junk mail folders this weekend. We wouldn’t want you to miss anything) #seawheeze .

NO PAYMENT OR PURCHASE IS REQUIRED to participate in non-guaranteed entry drawing. Must be at least 18 years old (13 years old if entered by a parent who signs all documentation) and the age of majority in your jurisdiction of legal residence. Residents of Canada must also correctly answer a skill testing question if selected. Entry period opens on 01/25/2018 at 10:00 am Pacific Time (PT) & closes on 1/26/2018 at 10:00 am PT. 9,500 people will be randomly selected and offered an opportunity to register for the 2018 SeaWheeze Half Marathon (registration for SeaWheeze Half Marathon event requires payment of $173 CAD registration fee, is the responsibility of each selected participant, must be completed by 11:59 pm PT on the day after selection, and there is no obligation to register if selected). Odds of being selected as a potential registrant through this process depend on number of eligible entries received. Check out our full rules available at VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.


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Routine is key—whether it’s good people, a solid soundtrack or a simple calendar reminder, what gets you out there and closer to your goals? See our Story for a tabata workout to kickoff your week.
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Sundays were made for adventures. Vacation on the mind? See our Story for the places we want to go.


There's nothing more powerful than people coming together for something they believe in. #WomensMarch


Feeling all the feels.
Recently our San Francisco community joined @elleluna in the creation of this mural—a giant love letter to the Sonoma first responders, helpers and volunteers. More than 400 people came together as part of our larger community event, Intersection, that celebrated courage, mindfulness and gratitude through silent disco, yoga, inspiring conversations and nourishing food. #intersectionsf


Break free, a simple but powerful intention that guided our first event of 2018 in Japan. Together with four of our Osaka ambassadors and 150 friends, we stretched our goals with yoga, an energy workshop and music. #thesweatlife
Break Freeを合言葉に始まったルルレモン大阪の2018年初イベント。ルルレモン大阪のアンバサダー4名全員が揃ったとても豪華なセッション。150名以上の仲間と100年の歴史のある中央公会堂で開催されました。


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Check your pace. Dig deep. Keep going. It's the last weekend of the 40 | 80 @stravarun Challenge—let's go! [photo: @lululemonsf] #4080challenge


No equipment required. @bootybymich did this workout on a mountain in the snow to prove that you can literally do it anywhere. Link in bio.


lululemon x @theclassbytt is back.
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Rekindle your love for cold weather sweat sessions. Step one: add a few extra layers.
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