Kids, dogs, and everything changed since 2014 when fitness and nutrition became a serious part of the equation in my fight against obesity.

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Lifestyles of the rich and stupid of #ChestnutHillMA. How did they get so rich when they can't even differentiate between a small cart and... Oh right. That's indifference. The #armyoftheinvisible will sort them. Three seconds of a shopper's time here is worth more than an hour of wages for the workers.

What WILL they do when first generation immigrants are kicked out of their lives? Will little Johnny 😱 have to leave his volunteer mission to help the poor in El Salvador to mow his OWN lawn 😨? NOW how will he differentiate himself on his applications to the Ivy's?

@realdonaldtrump #makingamericasrichkidsgreat
#summercampinhomelessshelter #irony #dontletmoneymakeyoustupid #dontletmoneymakeyouthinkyouareimportant Let's get these carts sorted Chestnut Hill and show Newton how great we are! 🇺🇸


Sitting in an orange chair at the airport waiting for my 3 hour delayed (so far) flight. Just watching my dog sleep. Don't be so jealous of my glamorous life, haters. #airporthell #notunited #pitbullsofinstagram #theHarleyChannel


Hungry or sad? Pupper belonging to the beautiful and ultra talented @hapagirl77. I'm severely cutting carbs so for me, #hungry = #sad. I feel you Tigu. Right there with you buddy. #nutritionbyjake #gettingbackontrack #paleolife #canecorso #fitfam #backslide #carbaholic @jakelourohealth is my biggest hope. But @julieflem is gonna get me the best #snatch #lovemytrainers


I want this Darth Vader #kettlebell so badly. So what's the problem? It's 70# and I currently Russian swing 24kg. What do I need to do @jakelourohealth? #StarWarsNerd #maytheforcebewithyou #especiallyonyoursquats #sopoody @stef44joy #fitfam @healthworksfit #onnit #poodtofuntconversion


Sound on. The seals of Cape Cod sound like ghosts wailing on the surf. The shore line is all mussels so they eat well here. I've made a brilliant discovery of how to compress a soothing silk towel onto your eyes when facing bright sun. #yourewelcomenewengland
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Lucy the #Cockapoo is intelligent, but Harley the #Pitbull is intelligenter. 🎓😂 #cockapoosupersmart #pitbullhasgoodpersonality

Photo📷 credits: @julieflem @leashdogcare


First step into the #AtlanticOcean for these former #CaliforniaGirls. I guess we really are New Englanders now.

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The Zapruder film of double unders. My girls and I watched this frame by frame to see if I made my two consecutive double unders for the first time after two YEARS of trying. @morrison_blair said no 🙅‍♂️. It really felt like it went under twice on the second double under try. Don't get discouraged @stef44joy. Many trainers have tried and failed to get me there including Blair, @jakelourohealth @julieflem @shellie_edington (recommended different ropes) and @cspealler (whose videos I watched). Maybe over #thanksgiving.

#failure #keeptrying #nevergiveup #consecutivedubsby70 @crossfitanywhere #blairmorrisonisjacked #StefaniGisjackeder


Amazing 5 days of training with @stef44joy! I bet you think this is a video of Stefani teaching me a clean and jerk at 75 lbs 🏋️. Nope! She's teaching me how to drop a barbell. We're both 10's 👸 She's 5'10" and I'm 4'10" 🤣

#stilllearning #midgetElbowsDontGoUp #fitfam #fitafter50 #olympiclifting #crossfit


My kryptonite. I failed the #crossfitopen2017 masters on the snatch ladder at 55#. I've been working this week with @stef44joy @crossfitanywhere on #olympiclifting technique. This snatch at 55# is a lot less ugly than those many failed attempts in April that injured my shoulder for many months. I'm also oly lifting every Wednesday with @julieflem. I love Oly because it involves complex movements that challenge my mind and coordination differently than anything else. I wish I started earlier than my 50's. #workinprogress #lotstolearn #practicemakeslessugly #stefaniissojacked


Deadlift PR at 200.5 lbs. I thought I was too small and old to ever join the 200 club. When I first started working with @jakelourohealth almost 3 years ago, I had never deadlifted anything heavier than the 32# body bar. He's been programming progressively heavier high volume deads and it worked! Never deadlifted anything heavier than 170# before. Thanks so much @stef44joy for not telling me how much was on that bar when I got my PR! I got to ring the @crossfitanywhere PR Bell! I'm so ECSTATIC!!! #fitfam #strongnotskinny #fitover50 @crossfitanywhere @crossfit @healthworksfit check out the outfit! #soplatey #stillcantdropweights



With righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth: with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.

So proud of you #bostonstrong. You showed the world how it's done. Show up in overwhelming numbers in peaceful protest with the message that #loveTrumpshate.

@jakelourohealth @sweat_out_get_out @julieflem @leogcormier - the jacked posse that showed up. So proud of you kids! You're awesome role models for my kids, all kids. #teamCZR
PHOTO 📷 Credit @leashdogcare


Totally crushing the Worm @crossfitanywhere 🤣😝 The @CrossFit teams make it look so easy! Thanks @morrison_blair for creating the special #teamMasuokaWod - @nicole.masuoka, @jennam.0806 and I really appreciated it!

#fitfam #thatwormthough #abs @stef44joy


. Works on my computer to stop malfunctioning programs that are preventing it from working properly. If only real life were so easy. ☮️✌️🇺🇸🌎#loveTrumpshate #allLivesmatter


Happy 14th birthday Genevieve @jennam.0806! 🎂 No one sees how strong you've been...had to be, these past 14 years. But your mother sees it all even if she doesn't always acknowledge it. @nicole.masuoka and I really struck it rich the day you joined our family. Love you so much!💕😘 @crowden_music #musical #fitgirl #stronggirls #fitfam


Lately I've had this feeling like someone is following me... Watching my every move... #scarymovie #paranoia


Three Pitbulls and their bones. Can you spot the fake? #pitbullsofinstagram #cockapoosofinstagram #pitbullsandbones #HarleyandRogan #Lucy


Happy Birthday @nicole.masuoka. Your first day of Kindergarten when you were 5 and now suddenly you're 15. I don't know how that all happened so fast! Love you so much!


Day 59: Letting go and shedding weight

The day before the end of my @healthworksfit 60 day better body challenge. I've been engaged in an intense battle and have learned that in order to win, I have to let go. Some things are necessary such as work travel documented by a hotel door selfie on the left . Some things cause harm like the compulsion to save peonies lying on the ground when what I really need is sleep.

I am letting go of things that crush my sanity by tapping into my vulnerability that takes on too much and demands perfection.

I'm shedding the weight of responsibility for things that aren't really necessary, to focus on kids, mental health, physical health and a healthy career life.
I will take a break from Instagram because I spend hours scrolling so I don't miss posts from people I care about including people I have never met (yeah that's you @the_walking_joey). It's become a compulsion at a time when I need to sleep.

#mentalhealthawareness #fitover50 #fitfam #lovemytrainers @jakelourohealth @julieflem


Day 48: Futility and hope

St. Peter's Basilica on the Pentecost. No one allowed in without a badge. Not sure what happened, but found myself in the middle of St. Peter's Square - no badge.
The Gelato and espresso were great, but I'll be happy to get home. I need my girls and my @jakelourohealth workouts.

#fitover50 #fitnessjourney #businesstravel #Roma #ilooktired #Iamtired


Day #46: So much science, so little knowledge

Not Paleo at all right now. I'm immersed in pasta. I'm gonna have to hit the gym and cut the calories big time on Monday.

Gave a talk on treatment of a rare genetic form of epilepsy today. I ended up being the one educated by families with their sick children in tow. We know so much about the brain and yet we know nothing.

#cureepilepsy #heartbreak #luckymom #hugyourhealthykids


Day 44: stress and disruptions

Something tells me my diet and regular exercise plans are about to go horribly wrong.

@jakelourohealth I need a bodyweight hotel room workout! #burpeelaptopjumps #hotelbedstepups #roomservicebookslams
#talkinghead #performanceanxiety #theresnoplacelikehome


Day 43: Athleticism

Still not making much progress on #fatlossjourney but despite carrying two stressful jobs and single mom to girls and dogs, I'm treading water pretty well.

Thanks to many coaches and mentors, @nicole.masuoka and the rest of our family have gone from academic and musical to also incorporating athleticism into our daily lives. So proud of my girl who is a great musician, excellent student (left: @crowden_music) and now a @winsorschool #rower too.

#transformationtuesday #tft Thanks coaches Lisa Stone, Bob Mannino, @jakelourohealth @julieflem #CoachRustam at @premiergymnasticsstoughton, @mattvegvary for helping us all find our #innerathlete


Day 36: Managing stress

This was the metabolic conditioning part of my workout this morning. Thank goodness there are no photos because I could hardly manage to balance on one leg while rising up to my toes and slamming a med ball to the ground.

I felt very stressed and unlucky this morning. Then I read about the #manchesterbombing. I have my girls and my dogs. I'm so lucky. I am blessed to even have a job that gives me stress. It means it matters to me.

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Day 32: another business trip

The challenge isn't going that well for me in one way - not losing weight. But in other ways the workouts by @jakelourohealth and his meal plan are keeping me from falling off the rails as I make this challenging transition to my new life. So that's a win for now. Hotel meal wherein I chose a little fruit over fries.

#hwbbc @healthworksfit #fitfam #obesetobeast #gettingbackontrack #worklifebalance #lovemytrainers #cureepilepsy


Day 27: Mother's Day

I'm so lucky to have the most amazing kids ever. Thank you @jennam.0806 and @nicole.masuoka for making me my eucalyptus and coconut oil body scrub after one of the most stressful days you have had all year. Love you! 😘😍💞 No update on food or fitness today - I'm going to enjoy my Mother's Day Brunch with no regrets.

#pitbullsofinstagram #cockapoosofinstagram #fitmom #fitgirls #happymothersday #solucky


Day 26: Star Wars at the Symphony and a Rowing Regatta - a quintessential New England pairing of fine arts and athletics.

Great and gloomy day - walking past Symphony Hall, hearing strains from Star Wars emanating onto Mass Ave., performed by one of the best orchestras in the world. Then watched @winsorschool dominate the DuPont Regatta with 4 boats placing first (including a repeat win of the DuPont Cup) with the remaining two boats placing second.

Today was a cheat day but a healthy one with a homemade blueberry scone and ham, Brie and apple sandwiches made by @briggs.hunsinger 's amazing mom.

#fitover50 #fitfam #obesetobeast @healthworksfit #hwbbc @julieflem @jakelourohealth


My own Lady and the Tramp scene - #pitbull style

Day 25: spent all day in bed yesterday with stomach cramps from the Paleo pancakes. @nicole.masuoka told me to stop eating weird stuff. @jakelourohealth said #JERF (just eat real food). I guess there's no #paleopancakemix tree 😁. Tough workout with Jake this morning but I finished it! So I'm claiming victory.

@healthworksfit #hwbbc #fitover50 #fitfam #goodadvice #backtocommonsense #pitbullsofinstagram #fitfam #paleodiet #ketogenicdiet #backtofitagain #rescuedogs


Day 24: my weight hasn't really changed this past week, but my athletic performance is so much better. Great workout with Jake this morning. Beat a prior 15 minute AMRAP by a full set plus 10 reps. I feel so much better on a #paleo diet than #strictketogenic. I'm still in #ketosis at times during the day.

Had a choice between an @questketo breakfast or a new Paleo pancake mix. It has almost no carbs and is made with casava, almond and coconut flours. I added some whey protein too to boost #postworkoutprotein. It tasted sour and a little weird. Not at all like a real pancake, but edible. I added some sugar free syrup which is a cheat on the @jakelourohealth nutrition program because it has aspartame. #imnotperfect.

I'll weigh in hopefully with body composition next week.

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