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Eventho I’m busy or free, and where ever I am, Muslim Pro app always be my favorite companion that remind me about accurate prayer time. To all my Muslim friend, check out and download this app now at
The app that reminds you to get closer to Almighty. #MuslimPro


Congratulations to the L’oréal Malaysia team for the Image of France award at the 60 years Malaysia-France Gala Night! This award means that the L’oréal Malaysia team has done an incredible job in promoting the French brand here in Malaysia! Kudos to the team! ✨
Wearing oversized Rosalie Coat with block-printed African daisies, paired with the Holt Pants, all from #toryburchMY ! Completed the look with the new @naelofarhijab 2018 collection!
@colinsim #styledbycolin



So proud to be a part of the winning Loreal Malaysia team! This team defines dedication and hardwork! They are devoted to the brand and have worked tirelessly together to achieve what they have now. Some even have worked for more than 20 years with the brand! Just super, super proud of them! 💖 #lorealmalaysia #lancomeMY


Learn about all things financial at Karnival Kewangan Kedah. I will be with @mybankrakyat for a session from 530 pm until 6 pm, so who’s coming later? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Jumpa sebentar lagi ya ✨ #karnivalkewangan #BankRakyat #KadMuslimah


I am so in love with this watch from the @titanmalaysia #titanxnaelofar collection! Who has grabbed the collection? If you haven’t, don’t wait and grab now! Available on or walk-in to @naelofarhijab TTDI boutique! ✨



Number 1 💯!!!


#lancomeMY , you’re taking this unboxing thing to another level! Thank you for the lovely package which contains the new Miracle Secret perfume! Smells delicious, love at first spritz! ❤️


Orang Utara! Esok, Lofa akan berada di Karnival Kewangan Kedah dari jam 530pm - 6pm, bertempat di TH Hotel & Convention Centre! Drop by and let’s get personal, maybe I’ll drop some financial tips, who knows! Mai pakat datang ramai-ramai! #karnivalkewangan #BankRakyat #KadMuslimah



Just proud and happy that Malaysia is taking this important step and just announced Tahun Memperkasakan Wanita 2018! It is so great to finally have a channel or platform for all Malaysian women to get together and pool our resources to achieve something bigger and better! Being in the show biz and having my own business have given me the chance to interact with the public indirectly and by giving me this opportunity, I hope I can motivate and inspire more women to do more! #tmw18 #wanitagemilang #tahunmemperkasawanita2018


So incredibly honored to be a part of this 2018 Women Empowerment Year with YAM Tengku @zatashah and @vivyyusof ! Excited to be contributing ideas and all I can to this agenda that is really close to my heart! Women, let’s do this! 💪🏻❤️ #tmw18 #wanitagemilang #tahunmemperkasawanita2018


The new #moonlightbyNH from the bedazzling Forgotten Dreams collection that features beautiful crystals to make you the sparkliest of them all! The collection will launch next Tuesday so be sure to turn on your @naelofarhijab post notification! ✨



Nothing is more dangerous than a woman who is focused and unimpressed.
I got to sparkle ✨ and dazzle ✨ all night on @meletop in this beautiful red crystal-embroided matte-jersey bodysuit and pants from @michaelkors, pairing it with the new #moonlightbyNH from the Forgotten Dreams collection, launching next Tuesday!
@colinsim #styledbycolin


When you and I agree on the same thing; that shoes look good on you! 👠


Something new and sparkly coming to you guys soon so follow @naelofarluxeofficial for more deets! ✨



A few things about me in a few seconds! Quick trivia on my way to @meletop ! And thank you to everyone who made the time to be at the studio last night! ❤️


Choose kindness and laugh often 🥨🍭🍟


So, this is on a UK news portal. Is this how we want other non-Muslim countries to see us? Muslim Malaysians in this light? Is this how we want to potray Islam and Malaysia towards other people? We want people to know that Islam is a religion that is beautiful, that is tolerating and respectful and when things like this happen, perceptions are changed and Islam gets a bad rep. And ladies, when things like this happen to you, to your loved ones, you have to stand up, don’t let people like this belittle you and treat you inhumanely. And guys, please, don’t do this to other women. Guys should be protecting women, not using violence in any ways, especially not like this. I hope this is a lesson for all of us to learn from, we have to be better than this. No religion in the world teaches their followers to use violence, definitely not in Islam. There is a better, beautiful way to preach and going around hitting people is DEFINITELY NOT THE WAY.



To love oneself is the beginning of lifelong romance! ❤️
Accessorizing with the new Lifelong collection from @swarovski , for that lifelong sparkle! Combining pastel colors with top from @miumiu , pants from @prada and shoes from @sjpcollection , all from @logofashionl.g ! Completed the look with the new @naelofarhijab 2018 collection.


Sometimes what you’re looking for comes when you’re not looking. 💖
Wearing muted, earthy tones for soft, feminine look with this pantsuit from @viviennewestwood , bow-tie blouse from @dolcegabbana and the pointed booties from @viktorandrolf ! All sourced from @logofashionl.g !Completed the look with the new @naelofarhijab 2018 collection!


It’s just the start of 2018 and the amazing journey has started, Alhamdulillah! Thank you to Grandeur & Elegante International Business Award for recognizing my brand, @naelofarhijab and I, as a successful entrepreneur! This recognition means so much to me and it definitely will be another platform to use in growing and expanding my brand. This is definitely not a sign for my brand and I to slow down, but a motivation for me to go even further!


Sometimes all you need is just a little splash of color!

Wearing this vibrant, pleated dress paired with a black, pleated cardigan to balance the look from Pleats Please collection by #isseymiyake , accessorizing the look with @swarovski ! Completed the look with the new @naelofarhijab that is coming soon! ✨
@colinsim #styledbycolin #club21malaysia


Life is not always black and white and on #MeleTOP , life is so colorful! 🌈


The new collection from @naelofarhijab #victoriousbyNH is coming out tomorrow, exclusively on Astro Go Shop! This 4-in-1 collection features @naelofarhijab first sports hijab! Coming tomorrow at 10 am, only on Astro Go Shop channel 118!


Experienced the @AirAsia flight to Terengganu this morning, in conjuction with the celebration of the ‘Beautiful Terengganu, Malaysia’ livery in partnership with Terengganu State Government and Terengganu Tourism!


Kickstart your 2018 with our great program! Nurturing women leaders, this program plans to unleash and unlock your hidden potential! Find more information here ✨


Be good to people for no reason #mindfulnessmoment


Feeling very colorful tonight! Thank you @syedewa for that pop of color on the lips to complement this soft make-up look! ❤️

Captured with my @oppomalaysia F5 6GB


Chewing on @chewnglow.hq is always a must for me before #MeleTOP, for that healthy glow! Grab a chance for a healthier and glowing skin with @chewnglow.hq ! See you guys at 9pm later!


My first EGM as AirAsia Berhad’s Non-Executive Independent Director. A significant day where stakeholders agreed to the formation of AirAsia Group Berhad, which will assume listing control of the budget airline. AirAsia management and Allstars have been looking forward to this day & I’m proud to be a part of it.