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VLOG #4 - this one time, at open camp!
@trainingthinktank hosted a weekend full of education and fitness, in prep for the @crossfitgames open. If you missed out, don’t fret! Dive in to the link in my bio to listen to some of the coaches talks and watch some workout highlights. Get yourself in the zone and ready to CRUSH THE OPEN!


The Open is here! Quick tip #1 - Do things this week to make your body feel good and build your confidence.
A little mini taper right now is okay, even though it may feel like you have to get in last minute prep. Be hungry to unleash the intensity that you can harness from now until 18.1.
Tag someone you think needs to hear this today!


PSA - get fired up, the Open starts next week!
PPSA - wear a shirt if you’re going to clean heavy immediately after a metcon, so the bar doesn’t slip...





Bittersweet @crossfitgames for me last year, but a heck of a year it was! Take a look inside how it all wrapped up and how Max, @tmayer18 and I are moving onward and upward, with the final piece of @ctpcam’s mini docu series on last season. Link in the @trainingthinktank bio. Enjoy.


Looking for a program to follow through the Open and beyond? Seeking guidance and accountability? @happybuthungrytraining. Link in bio.



In a world that can sometimes seem full of hate and nastiness, CHOOSE to spread LOVE! Make it a better place.


BACK to the grind!
Today I had to remind myself that, “I didn’t come here to be comfortable, I came here to work HARD.”


Happiness is the only thing to double when shared.
Early Valentine’s post because I love this girl SO much! Lucky to have her adventuring through life with me. Have a good one, all you love birds out there ❤️



Here to bring you JOY!
Ran into my old pal @samdancing (& @sevanmatossian) out at @crossfit HQ last week. Watch the full YouTube video of our escapades and hopefully we can bring ya just a little bit of joy or excitement or inspiration!
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Third vlog is LIVE! Link in bio.
Go check out and take part in our journey across the country, as we paid a visit to @crossfit hq earlier this week!
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That’s a wrap! Awesome weekend connecting with some new fit friends and getting prepped for the @crossfitgames Open at @trainingthinktank! Y’all ready?? #Repost @trainingthinktank with @get_repost
8 Power Clean (95/65)
8 S2O
8 T2B
*if you finish 5 rounds, AMRAP in remaining time
8 Thrusters
4 BMU 📷 @ctpcam



Rocked, rested, recovered. Repeat.


#Repost @trainingthinktank with @get_repost
Kicking off the camp with 14.1 🔥
PR! Guess my new score ⬇️


Feeling very grateful for the opportunity to travel out to the hub of @crossfit and spend some good quality time with some good quality people.



Hanging at @crossfit HQ today and doing the podcast shortly. What questions do you guys want me to ask @sevanmatossian and vice versa? 📷 @heber_cannon


Doesn’t get much better than THIS!


Game time! Who ya got? 🦅 or 🇺🇸



I’m SO excited to share my workout playlist on @applemusic with you guys! EVERY single one of these songs is GUARANTEED to get me PUMPED up when I’m in the gym! Click the link in my bio, hit shuffle, and get after it! Comment one song you think it’s missing ⬇️ 🔊 🎶


. 🏋🏼‍♂️ ☀️🗒️ .
#Repost @trainingthinktank ・・・
When @crossfit HQ invites you to sunny California but you've been hibernating all winter and are pasty enough that you'll train in the cold just to soak up a few last minute rays so they don't mistake you for a sheet of paper. #effortisachoice @nohlsen


SICK, it’s Friday! Just posted a SICK new vlog on my YouTube about training after being SICK! Check it out or I’ll SICK @maximusohlsen on ya! 📷@ctpcam 🖋️@joannleigh


#VlogLife brah! New new dropping tonight. Link ^


🎶 “I’m Luke Skywalkin’ on these haters. (splish)
Celebrate every day like a birthday!” 🎶
‪📷 @richardveytsman‬
‪🎙️ @miguel - Sky Walker (feat. @travisscott)‬


I am SO excited for this!
Years ago, while watching @dan_bailey9 and @richfroning take on 12.2, I was overwhelmed with the desire to one day be a part of announcing one of these workouts to the world myself! A few years and lots of time in the gym later and that day is going to be March 1st at @raw_training with @pvellner! Anything is possible. Work hard and chase your dreams!


You guessed it, you was right! -
First person that can make it up and over, walking backwards at least once, I’ll send a FREE bag of my favorite supplement, @xwerks Motion! Tag the person you know can do it.


Happy Monday, fam! Back to the grind. -
📷 @ctpcam


Do you want to CRUSH THE OPEN this year? I want you to as well! Last year was arguably my best open performance because although I took second in the world, rather than winning it like the year before, I did each workout only once! Find out exactly what I did to pull that off and do your open prep with me by following my program. Link in bio.
Tag a friend that wants to #CrushTheOpen this year! -


The 2018 @crossfitgames open is bound to be intense, kinda like this commercial...
Join me, @bsmit13, @scottpanchik and @emilybridgers in recovering like a pro, with @themarcpro!


I promise, I got better! Go find out for yourself ⚡️