Gary and supporting cast

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. CA, US This page talks politics. Canon/SGS

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When you leave Margo in charge and she drinks instead of watching the kids #margorita


The shit is about to hit the fan and Gus is here for it. #flashbackfriday #gustopher #imoldenoughtorememberwhenwehadafunctioninggovernment



Excuse me, do you have change for a hundred? #hanksfornothing #throwbackthursday #iwantapushuppop


Raise your hand if you like to shove your face into the ground and clog your nose up with mud. #iknowido ✋🏼


Whose face do you think is on that ball? #margoed



It's Hank who does things like shoves himself into crevices when I try to bring him in. When I finally do catch him, I have to carry him with one arm and kind of point him away from me because he will attack my hand while I open the door. Because he's an ass. #hankyouverymuch #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia, Rexodus edition: Who is the biggest pain in the ass when it comes to bringing these guys in from the backyard?


I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike #invisiblebike @kramzilla you like this song better?



It's raining men, hallelujah #gustopher


A perfect day to be majestic AF. #gare🐻


Jesse is not a "sleeping son of a bitch" despite the time change. #helikesmakingfunnynamesthatarenotfunnyok



The #Strugglebus is now departing for Hank's party, Alice will be your designated driver. #malice


Happy 3rd birthday, Hank! We're so glad to have gotten you off of the mean streets of Vacaville, our house would not be the same without you. If you could stop putting your asshole on my stuff, that would be great. #hankyouverymuch #sprinklesareforwinners


Fun fact about Gary: he will only eat if it's from a freshly opened can. Because he's a punk. #fridayfunfactswithgary #noleftoversdammit



#flashbackfriday to Hank's first birthday party. He turns 3 tomorrow. I hope you got him something breakable.


This little Hershey's kiss goes out to all the fantastic women I've met or have yet to meet here on IG. Thank you for all your hilarious comments and friendship, and for hanging with Team Gary. #juniormiss #InternationalWomensDay


Margo making angry bread. She's been with us 4.5 years and I've never seen this before. #margoals #soviolent



When your mom is droning on and on about how many people don't know what a Webster is and think you're actually tossing Emmanuel Lewis at Hank. (Which would be adorable, via @kitgrrrl_ )#coolstorymom #stillnottelling #howdoyoupeoplecleancobwebs #thisisnothank


It's Gary, of course. When I say "unsupervised" I mean I walk into the house for a minute or two to get a drink, change my lens, whatever. I know Gary won't mess up. He gets outside time without the rest of them (as does Margo). The best thing about it is when I go back out he meows at me like he missed me. It's hard to rank the rest of them, worst to best in trustworthiness, but I'll say Gus and Jesse are the worst, Jesse because he won't stop hopping over the gate, and Gus because he has no concept of danger (although he's the same inside the house). Hank still climbs the tree but now jumps out of it as soon as I pick up the Webster because he doesn't want me to touch him with it. Margo is susceptible to outside influence (birds) and Alice just runs away from me when I try to bring her in. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia, Flee this place like it's the White House edition: ( this one is a softball) Who do I trust completely to stay outside alone unsupervised?


Gus always washes his hands before dinner and he always checks who's at the door before opening it. #playingbytherules #waitforit


Anybody recognize these two cats? Cause I don't. #wtf #Jank


The Oscar for most huggable performance in a lap goes to...#getonthegusbus #idliketothankmymom


"If we can come up with something that's very strong, very heavy with mental illness, very heavy, and everything." - DJT #hankyouverymuch #inspirationalquoteswithHank


Girl's night in. Margo finally has someone to glare at the camera for her. #nightof1000bitchfaces


I bought a hand vacuum for the cat room because I'm sick of litter everywhere, and a crowd gathered. #TeamGary #biggestcrowdevertowitnessaDustbuster


I almost never get Margo playing with Alice on video, so I hope you enjoy even if this is short. #runbitchesrun #malice


Liddle Alice Baldwin, dieing to get outside. #youcantmakethisshitup