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Happy #WorldWhaleDay. Killer whales are much more appropriately referred to as orcas and are not whales at all. In fact, they are the largest member of the dolphin family. Did you know that there has never been a recorded case of an orca killing a person in the wild and yet they are one of the most feared animals on this planet. We must change our perceptions of these beautiful, highly intelligent, gentle and vulnerable species. For those of you who expressed your desire to see the orcas of Norway protected from oil exploration, I thank you everyday. I am so excited that @sea_legacy is going back this November to continue on with this important campaign. With @goranehlme and @cristinamittermeier #gratitude #nature #naturelovers #adventureswithpurpose #conservation #underwater #instagood #picoftheday


You can’t get much more love and attention than this. Parents hover over their ever growing chick. Parents will go to sea for days or even weeks at a time to feed on ice fish and krill. They store this food and then walk the long ten miles back to the colony to feed their single chick. This piece is currently hanging as a large fine art print in the @paunicklengallery #happyfeet #emperorpenguins #MPA #20by2020


Happy Valentines. And that goes for interspecies relationships also. From all of us at @sea_legacy thank you for joining us on this journey #valentines #love



There is no place I would rather be in this world. I have shared this before but we are getting ready to do some serious diving with Steller sea lions off the coast of BC with @sea_legacy. These are the moments we live for but conservation impact is our ultimate goal. Join the tide with @sea_legacy and follow along.
Video by: Sean Ruggeri @snapamap


He was massive. Later, I assessed the size of this tracks. I could stand with both feet in my size 10 winter boots inside one of his paw prints. In Inuktitut, Tumiit means paw prints and I love how I have always followed in the tracks of these nomadic carnivores. #bear #polarbear #giant #beauty #nomad #Tumiit #explore


Standing on the shores of South Georgia, Antarctica was intense, beautiful, emotional and humbling. I felt incredibly fortunate to visually feast on such a paradise. #expedition #turningthetide with @sea_legacy #penguin #naturelovers #nature



If you get the chance to visit @paulnicklengallery, in #Soho, #NYC make sure to take a moment with this image, "Home Ice Advantage", which shows two Chinstrap penguins taking a break before continuing their swim offshore to begin their lives at sea. This piece shows a dynamic relationship that is under constant and increasing threat from climate change. Ice is critically important for penguins: it is their perch, their safe haven from predators, their launch pad. But ice—especially sea ice formed by frozen ocean water—is also essential for krill, the staple of the penguin diet and the entire Antarctic ecosystem. Warming temperatures and rapidly melting ice have seen some penguin populations drop by more than half in the past 30 years. We cannot let images like this become relics of the past.

This piece is available in limited edition from the @paulnicklengallery in the sizes 20" x 30" and 40" x 60". Check out their page for more updates on fine art by myself and other fantastic conservationist artists! #TurningTheTide


I post pictures of fat bears, average bears, well fed bears and when I photograph them, I post pictures of starving bears also. So, here is a fun moment of a healthy mom sharing her seal kill with her young cub. #natueintheraw #bear #hunting #nature #naturelovers #adventure


You know you have had too much milk when you can’t keep your tongue inside your mouth. #seal #milk #overfed #turningthetide with @sea_legacy



Do you ever wonder what lies beneath that "thin blue line" of the oceans surface? With @sea_legacy we realize that not everyone will get to explore the worlds oceans so it is our mission to bring the oceans to everyone through the power of visual communication. Here, @aprilbencze gets close and personal with a large Mola mola sunfish off the coast of #BritishColumbia. The waters off of #BC are some of the richest in the world and yet they have next to no protection. @justinptrudeau must realize the fragility of these underwater worlds when approving potentially catastrophic projects like the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Together we must stand up and speak for these species, cultures and their complex homes. With @cristinamitteremeier #oceans #sea #beneaththethinblueline #naturelovers #photooftheday #picoftheday #beauty


While on a @sea_legacy expedition last summer, we were fortunate enough to witness these belugas swim, some with their calves, into a shallow water estuary. It is important that when arctic sea ice melts we do not see this as an opportunity for new industrial opportunities but rather, see it for what it is; as a loss of habitat for the species that rely on the ice to exist there. We are #turningthetide at @sea_legacy. Come join us!


The open mouths of humpbacks surface in the waters of the Salish Sea. Next week, the tiny but dedicated team at @sea_legacy is meeting to make plans on where and what we will work on in 2018 and 2019. Our own backyard—the Salish Sea—will certainly be a part of our planning. This incredibly biodiverse body of water is home to 3000 species. We need to make sure it stays protected as the human population explodes to over 8,000,000 on its shores. #turningthetide



Artwork by Robert Bateman // Once a month, I am featuring artists that inspire me. Robert Bateman’s paintings like “High Kingdom” have long moved me to create more ethereal and poetic photographs. The wispy, blowing snow and the intense focus of the snow leopard make for an engaging contrast. I strive to shoot like Robert paints, to be a fly on the wall, like a ghost who has been given the gift of a glimpse into animals’ secretive and fragile lives.
Bateman says “They like to sit high in the mountains with a commanding view watching for food—which is decreasing—and watching for enemies which, sadly, are increasing. The species really need the help of those who care." Thank you to Robert Bateman for not only showing us the beauty of the natural world, but for spreading the word to protect it. You are an inspiration, Robert. Thank you. Who are some of your favorite artists?

With #gratitude for The @Batemancentre


A little older, a little wiser and even more playful.


When I was a child growing up in the Arctic, I never would have guessed my life would turn out like it has. This is me, my brother and a friend ice fishing near Kimmirut way back in the day. The same wonder for nature we developed then is what drives me to protect it now. Today, I hit 4,000,000 followers, and every one of you has helped me get here. Your appreciation for my wildlife and nature photography has supported my career, but also important conservation work along the way. Storytelling has allowed @sea_legacy and my body of work to become a catalyst for change, but only through people like you, who help make expeditions happen and spread the word. Thank you for standing behind me and @sea_legacy. Photograph by my beautiful mother, Louise Roy.



When the water is glassy like this, it’s a gift to see an orca break the surface gently, exhale and dive back below. The dorsal fins can grow up to six feet long (1.8 metres) in the larger males. They are just such beautiful, intelligent animals.


A mother polar bear nurses her cub in the Canadian Arctic. I love the expression on the mother’s face. #turningthetide with @sea_legacy.


Polar cod, pteropods and a pod of male narwhal all make up crucial parts of the Arctic food chain. #gratitude #nature #narwhals #naturelovers #cold #unicorn #instagood #lightrays



I love sharks. I love everything about them. I love what they stand for and I love the habitats that they keep in balance. Thank you @juansharks and @oceanramsey for introducing me to this beautiful and large tiger shark female by the name of Niki. For two hours she graced us with her presence. I love how she was attracted to my strobes and kept gently bumping into me. If only everyone could have a chance to swim with sharks and only then would they put their fears at ease. With @sea_legacy we align with other conservation organizations and put the biggest issues threatening our oceans in front of the international court of public opinion. We can’t create change without everyone of you and for that I am both excited and grateful. #muchworkahead #shark #gratitude #oceanconservation #bethechange


Fine art can fuel conservation. "Path of the Grizzly" is available in limited edition from @paulnicklengallery, and shows one of my favorite animals, the grizzly bear, walking through heavy snowfall in Canada's Yukon Territory. As winter begins to close in on the area, this bear is looking to feast on the last salmon of the season before crawling into its den for the winter hibernation. This piece is presented with a white mat and black frame, and is currently on display at the gallery. Part of the proceeds from this unique fine art space go to @sea_legacy, #turningthetide for our oceans and animals.


A young female lion cub is a handful. Just as she should be as she tries to make sense of the world. I am sure it wasn’t fun for the lioness but she patiently let her cub sink her razor sharp baby teeth into her tail. With @epixnix @lnixpix and @cristinamittermeier #cub #lion #cat #family #parenthood


When the B.C. government asked for the public’s opinion on the grizzly bear trophy hunt this past autumn, our team at @sea_legacy knew we had to let people know to raise their voice. In a strategic social media campaign, we garnered 133 million media impressions and 8.4 million post engagements on the topic. In the end, the @bcndp realized British Columbians don’t want grizzly bears hunted and they stopped the hunt permanently. That’s the power of images and storytelling. That’s what @sea_legacy does. And we thank every member of The Tide for believing in us, and for being part of the solution. Thank you for #turningthetide for B.C.’s beautiful grizzly bears. Thank you @pacificwild who have been on the frontlines of this for a long, long time.


Let’s talk about numbers. This week, I’ll be sharing some more of the metrics we use in our conservation work. More than mere awareness, the resulting millions of eyes that see our images and read our words at @sea_legacy create the real changes we’ve seen, from the grizzly bear hunting ban in B.C., to protections in the Great Bear rainforest, and Lofoten, Norway. These are all as a result of numbers and photos and words. Non-profits, activists and journalists are the catalyst, but In the end, it’s people like you who demand politicians and governments and organizations to do the right thing. During the Norwegian national election, our numbers added up to more than 15 million impressions, 1.2 million post engagements, and 12,900 comments sent directly to the Norwegian prime ministerial candidates. It worked. For instance, Lofoten is protected, at least four years until the next election. We will be ready when that point comes, too, #TurningTheTide for our oceans. Thanks for following along.


#Home. Even if it is only for 48 hours, I will take it. #gratitude #rainbow #bc #iphone. Go to my last story to see the full rainbow.


Why do you think this adult bearded seal in Svalbard, Norway is red in color? Hint: This is not its natural fur color. I would love to hear your thoughts. Normally they are grey. I love the power of conservation, rallying a movement, creating real and lasting change, however, sometimes we need to take a short breather and just celebrate the beauty of nature. With @sea_legacy #seal #nature #love #beauty #arctic #instagood #pinnipedobsessed


This limited edition print from the @paulnicklengallery, "Submerged Grace", shows one of the species that will benefit immensely from @erna_solberg's decision to protect the waters around Lofoten. As we continue to apply pressure, moving towards protecting our oceans around the world for amazing animals like these, orcas will be able to thrive in a vibrant ecosystem alongside humpback whales, dolphins, seals, and countless other species who depend on these waters for food. This species, the world's largest dolphin, is one of the most demonized animals in our oceans and must be seen as a keystone species in the open waters of the north, an apex predator meant not for captivity but, rather, for freedom.

Contact @paulnicklengallery with any questions about this image, and once again, thank you for your immense support in this journey. Partial proceeds support the efforts of @sea_legacy. #TurningTheTide


This is my last-minute, zero-hour call for help to protect the wolves of B.C.’s Vancouver Island, my home and backyard. Through @sea_legacy and our loyal, passionate followers in The Tide, we have worked tirelessly to protect animals and environments around the globe. This one sits close to my heart and my home. These wolves endure barbaric trapping practices and short-sighted culls allowed by the @BCNDP government. Please help us by emailing B.C. premier @johnhorgan4bc and his minister Doug Donaldson at these addresses: / / Let them know how you feel about the way B.C. treats wolves. Then join @sea_legacy and The Tide and let’s keep the momentum going, no matter the outcome. THANK YOU!


It’s the final day to speak up for Vancouver Island’s wolves, who continue to endure barbaric trapping practices and short-sighted culls allowed by the @bcndp government. BC Premier @johnhorgan4bc now wants to extend the trapping season—still allowing leg hold traps—to 10 months of the year. You can send your comments directly to the Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development, Doug Donaldson: And also to Premier Horgan at and Thank you for helping.


The @BCNDP government is proposing to increase the wolf trapping season on Vancouver Island in a misguided attempt to preserve deer populations, lengthening the season to 10 months out of the year despite a lack of scientific evidence. The B.C. government is still not recognizing the coastal wolves of Vancouver Island as genetically distinct and globally rare, nor the highly social nature of these family groups or packs. Leg hold traps are inhumane, cruel and should be banned. If you want to help, join @sea_legacy and @pacificwild in letting the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch know you oppose the NDP government proposal to lengthen the wolf trapping season on Vancouver Island. Want to help? The deadline is January 19th. Email @johnhorgan4bc at Alternatively, the mailing address is: B.C. Fish and Wildlife Operations, 2080A Labieux Road, Nanaimo, V9T 6J9. Alternatively, you could call them at (250) 751-3100. Let’s speak up for those who cannot do it on their own.


I love sleeping out in the open in nature. I do it all of the time. When I do this, wildlife quite often gets curious. When I decided to rest on a beach on the Antarctic Peninsula, a curious juvenile elephant seal decided to inspect. My friend, @drpatrickavery was there to capture the moment. No, I am not sponsored by Canon. With @eyosexpeditions and @aluciaproductions #adventure #wildlife #beautiful #gratitude