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WINNIE and WILMA's mama, spayed, vaccinated, and returned back outside where she is fed nightly by her caretaker. Don't just pluck (or trap) kittens, try to get the mom fixed while you're out there.

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I saw these guys while doing my rounds and got to play with Sweet Potato for awhile. These guys are well taken care of at their industrial shop so I barely see them out near the sidewalk anymore. It's always a treat for me though.

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The first of my four tortie rescues went to a forever home this past week. CANDY, who may actually be from a different litter than the other three, was the smallest. She was also a feisty feral kitten. And much like my popular rescue RILEY, she turned from a hisser and swatter into a playful and funny kitten. I have three more torties available for adoption, all very playful and they purr nonstop. Please message me if experienced and interested in adopting.

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Still in pursuit of the 3rd kitten, these two have gotten cleaned up and are doing great. I have many rescue kittens over the past month: The Boatyard Kittens (2), The Astoria Park Kittens (5), Winnie and Wilma, and although I didn't personally rescue them, the Amtrak Kittens (3). These are just some of the kittens who will be fixed, vetted, and available for adoption in October. I will spend the rest of this month going through apps for these guys while my foster network feeds and plays with them.

If you are interested in adopting, and have experience as well as a solid vet reference, please message me.

If you would like to support my foster network, please check out my Amazon Wish List. Kitten food, litter, pads, formula, cleaning supplies, etc are all appreciated.

Link also listed in profile:

Thank you guys for your support!

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Out in the trenches for two hours today, with a two minute sighting of one of the two remaining kittens who need to be rescued. There are a handful of adults here (like this one), probably not more than a year old. Will keep feeding them until the kittens are rescued and then start TNR for the adults.

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I met this cat tonight at the feast. Thankfully she looks and feels clean.



Two out of four rescued out from under a fence between a boatyard and the far reaches of the Main Industrial Site. Working my magic on the industrial side of the fence I was able to net these two separately. Two more identical kittens remain, along with mama, and several other young adults. They will be this fall's rescue/TNR projects. I'm out there early tomorrow morning to try to get the last two kittens.

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This is SHOWTIME, the guy I trapped on live video this week. He was TNR'd and hopefully will live an easier life now on the street.

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My guy's been missing since the end of August. I was worried sick about him. This was our reunion last night.

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These guys have been boarded by the amazing staff at Astoria Veterinary Group for the past 10 days. After one passing away and seeing two others crashing fast, I had to get them there. There is no doubt in my mind that the staff there is the only reason the two sick ones are still alive. They seem to be on the mend now. All 4 were vaccinated yesterday and given a ringworm culture.
They are still underweight especially the two sicker ones, and I don't have confidence in taking them home yet. The vet is giving me a great rate boarding and caring for them but it is up over $1000 now. Many of you asked about them or asked how Harlee's bill was doing. Well, great news: Harlee's bill has been paid in full! Those who had planned to donate to her or to the tabbies can call directly to make a donation:

Astoria Veterinary Group
"The Tabby Litter"

The more money that is raised will keep them boarded longer, which helps me and them both. Hopefully they gain more weight and the ringworm culture comes back negative. Thank you for following their story.

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This is a second litter at the Amtrak facility, and these guys cannot be more than 3 days old. Mama had 5 or 6 total, they were birthed in a dumpster, but she moved some and left these two outside. One of the workers took the two left outside and a I arranged an emergency bottle feeder. Their bodies were cold, and are continually being heated now while getting formula every few hours.

Besides getting these two adopted eventually, I will be looking to get the other 3 or 4 in a few weeks; hopefully they stay with mama and get big and strong from her milk. This is now a second feral mother who I need to trap and have spayed. Unfortunately with my day job and a very tumultuous recovery space situation, I am having a tough time having the space or availability to trap the moms. I will try to get the first litter's mom soon, but will have to wait for the little ones' mom until I get them all.

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This sweet little baby crashed late last night. She passed away in the cab while being taken to AMC. I am so upset this happened; she was such a little sweetheart. I feel bad for STELLA too, as she lost her bonded sister. They were preadopted to go to a forever home together next month.



These were the three newborns which were in a box next to their feral mom when I posted their pic a few weeks ago. The first three kittens from the litter disappeared and then these guys did too. Well I was told they surfaced yesterday, obviously older and able to eat on their own. I got the workers to save them and get them to me. Now I have to go back to TNR the mom soon.

These guys are awesome and friendly and will be available for adoption soon.

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Happy Birthday To Me

Tonight's rescue is a PTCGxPKNYC collaborative effort. This guy wandered into someone's 4th floor walk-up and fell down one flight of stairs. Where he came from or who he is remains a mystery. @puppykittynycty was notified and then she contacted me since I was in a nearby neighborhood. I picked him up and off we went. So here I am at E. 110th St. dropping him off for immediate care at the ACC. We will find a rescue group to pull him before anything happens to him, but it is almost 1am and he is matted beyond belief.

They are naming him "COOKIE" for now.
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She was suffering from internal bleeding last night and her forever family came to be with her one last time. Two days ago she wasn't her normal self and went to the vet. She was severely anemic and needed a blood transfusion to stay alive. After more tests were run, it was determined that she had an inoperable mass on her liver.

She was the last of the Homeless Corona Cats to be rescued. I started rescuing them out of neighbors' yards next to the house they had once called their inside home. I began saving them one or two at a time in January, each one with either social or physical issues. On a scorching hot day July 2nd, I got HARLEE off the street. I then took her to the vet for vaccines and tests and had 9 teeth removed. She then went to rockstar foster mom Barb's house and she thrived there as a playful and happy cat. Her forever parents followed her story on social media, and their son fell in love with her white mustache. They adopted her and loved her for two and a half weeks. HARLEE was such a sweet soul.

It is my birthday tomorrow, and I never care about celebrating nor even telling people it is my birthday. However, HARLEE'S parents had her for a very short amount of time and her vet bill came to over $2200. Total donations to date are only $125. What I'm asking people to do, both personal as well as strangers, is to send something to their PayPal for HARLEE'S treatment.


Thank you guys.



In the midst of a bad week (Tabby Explosion kittens, Harlee, recovery space issues, etc), getting an update from one of my rescues makes me feel slightly better. Here is BILLY BOB, living in Connecticut with another cat I had trapped and fixed over in that truck lot in College Point. I trapped 29 cats and had them fixed, and these two were adopted out from there.

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HARLEE has an inoperable mass on her liver. Please help towards the adopter's bill for her which includes a blood transfusion that kept her alive through the night.

Phone-in donations:
Greater Staten Island Veterinary Services





Lethargic and not eating today, HARLEE'S adopter rushed her to the emergency vet where she is severely anemic and the vet is saying it could possibly be cancer. A blood transfusion is critical as the vet said she has two days to live without it. I am beyond devastated as I'm sure the new adopter is as well. I do not doubt a vet however I believe a battery of diagnostics needs to be done before thinking about cancer.

HARLEE has been adopted and treated like royalty in a short time but she is in a critical state.

If you can help and donate towards her care, please do so. The initial estimate being given is $2000-$2500. I would love for this initial bill to get knocked down in case a surgery adds even more to the overall bill.

Greater Staten Island Veterinary Services


I feel terrible that the new adopter is going through this as she has had her for only two weeks, and even worse for HARLEE as she has been through so much outside and up until now. Regardless that she has been adopted, she will always be my rescue.

Thank you all for your help.



This is WINNIE'S sister, who most likely witnessed Winnie trapped last week, only to watch her mama be trapped the next night. I had to break out the drop trap for her, setting it up many hours before her nightly visit for her to become familiar with it. Along came midnight and after sliding the sardines in olive oil underneath, she appeared out of the bushes. Three minutes later I had her, and her life has been changed forever.

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Yes, the oh so rare female ginger, I had her and dilute tortie sister WILMA spayed and vetted, and after a week's worth of socialization they will be ready for adoption.

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The 5 were split into two groups for fostering this week. Two are already preadopted, one has a few apps in, and these two are still available. It's a boy on the left and a batgirl on the right. If interested please send me a message. Thanks guys.

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MISTY WENT HOME!!!! Another happy ending for one of the Homeless Corona Cats, as MISTY headed to her forever home this evening. I randomly came to visit her and CLYDE at the @catroomnyc inside Spoiled Bratz pet store in Hell's Kitchen. She was literally in a carrier about to go when I stopped in. It was so nice to see her one last time. She has been through so much, I hope she has a great life from here on out.

A HUGE THANK YOU to @anjelliclecats for taking her, CLYDE, and SMALLS and helping to get them adopted. It is CLYDE'S turn next! I hope he is adopted soon.

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After losing one and seeing two more going downhill fast, I took them to AVG on Labor Day and then back the next day for indefinite boarding. Two are noticeably bigger and healthier looking. These other two had the spiky fur, one eye closed, very ill look. Today I went to visit them and the two healthier ones look pretty good. These other two had super low temps earlier in the week but have crept up to 98 degrees thanks to the heating lamp and excellent vet care. They still have the limp feeling when I pick them up, and the staff and myself are still ultra concerned if they will make it. I am keeping all four boarded until Monday, and may take the two healthier ones home then. I don't have an idea when these other two will make it home, if at all. I am really pulling for them.

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CANDY (top) and CAMI (bottom) are getting some good socialization time with rockstar foster mom @barbmyskowsky . CANDY is just about set for her forever home, so if you want a curious yet funny tortie who will also lay on your chest, please send me a message. CAMI will be available soon after hopefully. Thanks guys.

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This nugget will be available for adoption in a few weeks. If interested, please send me a message. Thanks guys.

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One of the famous Homeless Corona Cats, she is still seeking her forever home.

She is being fostered by the mom of @hugo_spaghetti and she gave me the funniest description of BLONDIE the other day: "She is just like a regular cat that wants to be 2 plus feet away from you :)" BLONDIE is a slow warmer but will also purr incessantly when you pet her. Some chirps and meows, and she shows you her sweet side as well.

If someone is looking to add a "Fifth Beatle" to their home, as well as adopting a housecat who lived a rough life as a homeless cat for an entire year, please consider BLONDIE. Her other former housemates are all slowly getting adopted, I hope she will be next. If you are interested in BLONDIE, please send me a message. Thanks guys.

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Last night I was able to trap Woody's sister, a beautiful dilute tortie. These two are older kittens but very handleable. I was told by feeders that they came close to humans for feedings, and WILMA even allowed her head to be pet. I have high hopes for these two as they are super docile. That, along with their great colors, should ensure a double adoption when the right forever home inquires about them. On a side note, their mama is a dark colored tortie and I trapped her and will be returned fixed and vaccinated.

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I haven't spoken much about these guys since they were with their mama SUPREMA. After having them for about a week I saw noticeable fur loss on their tails and then on a few paws which meant ringworm. I knew at that time that they would need to be with me for at least one more month even though they were all super sweet and playful. After some empty offers to adopt their semiferal mom, and knowing the kittens had ringworm, I TNR'd SUPREMA back to her home outside to live her life and so I could focus on treating the kittens. They stayed small with a big appetite, and I applied cream to their areas of fur loss.

This past week they began to eat less, and then one of them showed signs of URI with a watery eye. The next day it showed lethargy, and I syringe fed that one and went to work. The next morning I planned on taking him/her to the vet but it was too late, he/she had passed. The others were still not eating much and the morning after I took them all to Astoria Veterinary Group with the intention of treating and boarding. The problem was it was a holiday where they closed at 1:30pm. I got them fluids and meds and brought them home. Two are lethargic and cold. Two are bigger but have bloated bellies. I took them right back this morning where they will be boarded until at least tomorrow.

These guys were so friendly and hungry, and now only show glimpses of fun and a decent appetite. The down slide happened so fast, I just hope the staff at Astoria Vet Group can turn them around. This pic is from late last night after I administered meds and did some syringe feeding. I was so excited to see them dig in like old times' sake; however the two are still colder again today. I will keep everyone posted.