Life on the mountain, the wave and all the good places in between.


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Days like this last forever. @mikeyfebruary and @connoroleary take it all in.


Leave the lip, touch the sky. @mikeyfebruary gets loose in France.


Drumroll, please. The #YGSnowContest results are in. @miles_falcon, @jadynchomlack, @qooper and wildcard @jack_macdougall are all headed to Whistler with @austensweetin. They’ll spend a day in the park and a day in the backcountry, and one of them will win $10K — we’ll bring you live updates.



Gotta have pop. @kanoaigarashi explains what he loves about his Quiksilver Boardshorts — get into a pair.


Backflips in the backcountry. Steeze to spare in the park. @thib_magnin was sending it all week at the #YGSki final. Yesterday, in the heart of BC, @sammycarlson1 picked him as the champ and handed him a check for $10K. Full edit coming soon on @newschoolers!


Black, white and Basque. @kepaacero and @natxogonzalez1 don’t need any color to prove that there’s nothing as fun as a frontside tube. Clips: @skatergoris // @edu_bartolome



Follow the leader...or the biggest frother. @austensweetin, trailed by @bryanwfox and @robinvangyn.


No better way to end the day. No better way to start the night. @mikeywright1, France.


Steep and deep. @kaelwalsh, right in the spot at Pipeline.



You know that feeling of being on the top of a mountain with all your friends at sunrise after you hiked up and spent the night and are getting ready to ride down? Highly recommended.


We interrupt your scroll to bring you one of the best mind-surfing moments of your life. Go ahead — hook into that thing.


Warmth. Comfort. And the right amount of flair. @travisrice in his signature jacket.



Any trip. Anywhere. We collaborated with @pacsafeofficial to create your new favorite backpack. It’s ultra durable, has anti-theft technology and is designed to safely store your computer and wetsuit at the same time.


Here they are: your 2017 #YGSkiContest finalists. @sam_lobinsky, @konnorralph and @thib_magnin made it through voting and @simon.hillis was handpicked by @sammycarlson1 as a wildcard. All of them just arrived in @whistlerblackcomb for the final and one of them is leaving with $10k — you’ll see it all go down in our stories.


Our Highline boardshorts are made of an ultra-flexible, quick-drying and rash-free fabric. But more than the, they’re made of moments like this. @kanoaigarashi locks in.



Nothing quite like arriving on the other side of the world in a state of complete delirium from 43 sweaty hours of travel and rolling straight into the best waves you’ve ever seen. It’s probably time to start planning a surf trip.


Creativity in coffin form. This is how @zebpowelll won $1K for the most creative entry in the #YGSnowContest.


Style from sea to the city. @mikeyfebruary, grooving through the day in Quiksilver boardies.



Two tricks are better than one. Here’s @cayden_wood10, winner of the most creative entry in this year’s #YGSkiContest.


No engines. No screens. No noise. Just you and your thoughts — but, hell, a set would be nice at some point.


Lay into mountains. Lay into moments. “With all the bad things that go down in the world, it's good to have activities that enable you to be in the moment and not think about anything else.” - @bryanwfox


There’s no place like home. Especially not for @lfioravanti. Jump in on a recent strike and score in his homeland of Sardegna, right here and right now. 🎥 @thilosili


You’d go, right? Eh, maybe just watch instead. The @wsl Big Wave Nazare Challenge is ON today and our team riders @jamie_mitcho, @peter_mel and @natxogonzalez1 are ready to go big. Here’s to hoping everybody stays safe!


Today, as the community comes together to celebrate Pierre Agnes, we at Boardriders would like to take a moment to honor him. As a leader, he was inspirational. As a friend, he was selfless. As a visionary, he was relentless. As a surfer, he was gifted. And as an individual, he was indescribable. Pierre dedicated his life to making the world a better place to be a boardrider. That’s his legacy. And for that, we thank him.


Imagine yourself here… If you’re one of the #YGSnowContest finalists, you won’t have to use your imagination — it’ll all be real. We’re taking four kids to Whistler with @austensweetin and you have the final say in who it’ll be. Hit our Instagram page in six hours to send a few kids on a dream trip by voting.


Dream, meet reality. After hundreds of entries from all over the world, @sammycarlson1 has selected his top 8 #YGSkiContest semi-finalists. Check back here tomorrow to see who made the cut and to vote for the finalists. Public voting will send 3 kids on a dream trip to Whistler to ski with Sammy and have the chance to win $10K. Oh, and hopefully score some conditions like this while they’re at it.


This is what freedom feels like. @matcrepel, paradise found in our ultra-flexible Arrow Wood Jacket.


“I surfed Pipe anytime it was breaking no matter what and all I did was pulled into closeouts for years. But putting in all that time paid off. Now I can sit where I want and get good ones.” @koarothman on climbing the ranks at the world’s most notorious wave. #GenerationsOfQuik


Passion. That’s what defines us. That’s what pushes us forward. That’s what built the lifestyle around the mountain and the wave. As our leader, Pierre Agnes has an unrivalled amount of passion for Quiksilver and everything we stand for. He’s made an immeasurable impact on our brand, our culture and our community. Now, we take a moment to send our thoughts, prayers, love and good energy to Pierre and his family.


The best line is the one that nobody else sees — here’s a dash through the trees with @austensweetin.