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Guess who's back?? She comes with a stipulation now - must have a doggie companion in future forever home. Even if treated like a princess. Hashtag separation anxiety 🀣 for info! β€πŸŒ› @nwdogproject. MOO'S AWESOME COLLAR IS FROM @beadiebabiez!! And red nose from pushing boulders... πŸ™ˆ


Thanks to @barkbox all my packages end up this way. And it makes a mess. And I have to try to distribute toys and treats evenly. And P won't share opening duties with Kilo (he's faster). Still #worthit. #barkboxday #rescuefamily


#tbt to foster dad Kilo, baby Dooders (Pearl), and former fosters Onion and Steeeeven. They are over a year old already! #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject


Our sweet foster Luna spent over 2 months here with us. She arrived weighing in at only 2 lbs with a severely deformed leg. She hung out a while with the family, shared our bed, played, socialized, and became comfortable while we consulted with veterinarians. We then proceeded through surgical removal of the limb and recovery together, the first week after being especially hard for both of us. I fell in love with her, watched her grow and persevere, eventually becoming stronger on 3 legs than she was with 4. Now that she's gone on trial adoption with another family my heart hurts tremendously. I miss her so much. But I also know by letting her go (to an incredible family by the way) that this opens up a spot in our home for another Luna that needs us, or Ollie, or Vinny. I did my part for her, filled the role I needed to in her life, and you all did too by donating towards her medical expenses and for supporting me with your kind words always. Thank you so very much. This is the hardest part, but now we can let her go to enjoy life as a happy, healthy, 3 legged inspiration to all of us. I will be sure to keep you up to date on the pending adoption and of course share photos of her new life. This video is just a bit of our journey together. I hope you enjoy it and perhaps it will remind you of the good (Luna, the rescues that saved her, Dr. Hardy who donated her time, her new family, and everyone who helped) that still exists in the world. Lots of love to you all β€πŸŒ›Thank you @nwdogproject and @loveleorescue for saving our girl!!!! Ox #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster


πŸ•‰οΈ From all fours, bring your hands slightly forward of your shoulders. Lean down and lift your hips back and up to push yourself into an upside-down V pose. Relax and hold this "downward dog" while I fill you in with a pupdate: *Luna is on a foster to adopt trial right now with local family friends. I miss her terribly (😭) but if this works out I will still get to see her often and even have her over for play dates with her Dood. Plus the home is amazing and a dream life for a three legged Chi. Fingers crossed. *I have a little cold so we've been quiet for a few days, hopefully we will be bringing weirdness back into your feed regularly soon. *We are doing calendars again this year and should have them ready for pre-sale by next week! I will keep you all posted. *The mange pup we were due to get ended up being treated by the shelter and made a remarkable recovery. It did not make sense to put a healthy pup on transport so he will be adopted out in his area. Hopefully we will have a new pup to help soon. *Other than that everyone is doing great! Pearl doesn't seem to be too sad about Luna. After she was done with yoga she went outside to chase deer then proceeded to lick Moo's jowls for a half hour - so just the norm...
#adoptrescuefoster #rescuefamily


"Planted" some berries for them yesterday πŸ“ I always get lots of questions and I wish I could answer them all! Well this morning I am having motivational issues regarding my housework so I figured I would not do it yet and answer some instead πŸ˜‚ Here we go... (oh and please remember this is just what we do - I am not an expert!) *They eat Nutro limited ingredient Lamb and Taste of the Wild Lamb on rotation every few months. I always stick to Lamb as their protein because everyone likes it and chicken gives them gas 😷
*They are *mostly* well behaved ha. The number one way I keep them this way is exercise EVERY DAY. I try to wear them out so much that they have no energy to misbehave - true story
*Sometimes I wear them out just on walks or swimming but mostly it is with fetch. Moo and P run together then I take Roo and Ki out. This is because Roofus and Penny are both ball competitive and I try to never let them compete for anything!
* Yes we have had some altercations - they are not perfect. Once Roo and Ki but only because during play Roo got stuck in Ki's collar and was being choked. Now we have break away collars for that reason. P and Roo have gotten into it over the ball that's why they play separate. Moo and Kilo have had 2 - once because Ki was stuck in the door and Moo was still pushing on him and another over a baby (pup) Moo was playing with but Ki thought he was hurting. Even P and Moo have told each other off before. It happens. You just have to be smart and not set them up for failure. Keep things calm, not competitive, and recognize each dogs triggers. Mostly they all really love each other and get along very well. I just don't want people to think there is something "wrong" with their dogs if they are being *rhymes with bassholes* (sorry that's never going away πŸ˜‚)
*I clean all day. I don't get to travel without much planning. I'm never away from home for more than a few hours. Every day is dedicated to them. If fostering/having a "pack" is something you would like to do in the future please just understand that a LOT of work and dedication goes into it. It's not about me and what I want but about their well-being. Love you all! ❀ #rescuefamily


So we have this little tiny heater fan that I turn on for the dogs after they go outside in the morning. Pearl is obsessed with it and will block all of the air for herself. After watching this happen for at least 5 minutes already I finally grabbed my phone. She is NOT giving up her Dooder perch no matter how many tail slaps to the head she gets πŸ˜‚ #justmovealready #itsnotcoldinhere #ITSALLMINE #rescuefamily


Pit bull, chihuahua, pit bull, chihuahua, pit bull, old man #warmandcozy #Mooisondad #loveknowsnobreedorcolor #cuddlepuddleπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ–€ #rescuefamily


Sending peace, comfort, and our love out to everyone today. The cruelty and hate in this world these days is disheartening and incredibly sad. All I can think to do is to continue to love with all I have, and hope together we can make a difference. I am so sorry for all directly and indirectly involved in this tragedy in Las Vegas. Thinking of you πŸ’” #onelove


Between it now being fall and having 7 dogs who are all almost as equally obsessed with strawberries our poor little patch can't keep up. I guess it's about time for mom to start "planting" more... πŸ“. They race to get to them these days, Luna included! πŸ˜„ #greenhouseneeded #sendusallyourstrawberries #prettyplease #rescuefamily


Misfit family Friday (swipe swipe swipe πŸ‘‰) #DoodandRoowiththeshade πŸ˜‘ #rescuefamily


*Warning ⚠ Noisy* Thank goodness for all these "guard" dogs I have... (Luna). Who will alert us to all the evil squirrel dangers after you're 'dopted?? #watchout #dismygoodleg #hiiyaaah #yourkungfuisnogoodhere #KiloisstillondeerchasingprobationπŸŒ›#rescuefamily


This girl ❀️ She seriously is faster on 3 legs than she was before! Her spirit is incredible - I love her so much. Adoption time is coming up soon and some are just harder than others. I do wish I could keep her but I am so overwhelmed with work some days as it is with 6. We have a new mange pup coming this weekend too (can't wait!) and I want to be able to continue to help as many as I can as long as I am able. This means recognizing my limits and sticking to them, as difficult as that is sometimes. When she is officially available I will be sure to let you all know. Thank you for all the continued love and support!! We love you! πŸ’• #rescuefamily @nwdogproject


Ice cream boss 🍦#allthefoodsactually #getinmybelly #nowyouseeit #itsgone #rescuefamily


Remember our former foster boys Jed and Harlen (now Jude)? Their sweet momma STILL has not found her forever home. This hurts my heart so much as I have a special love and respect for the mommies. She is absolutely beautiful and currently in the Los Angeles area. πŸ–€ @Regranned from @loveleorescue - Another week has gone by and still Nicky waits. She's been waiting for so long... She raised her 10 puppies and has spent the last seven months in a board and train program - basically doggy daycare with supervised play sessions. She loves it there but it's not a permanent home. The person that was supposed to help us with her bailed and now LLR IS stuck with both the financial responsibility (a $4000+ bill and counting) as well as the burden of finding her a forever home.
Nicky is a great dog. She loves people and is so eager to please. Her only downside is that she can be selective with some other dogs. But - she does great in supervised play groups. She's only 1.5 years old and has her whole life ahead of her.
Are you an active person with bully breed experience? Do and have a thing for awesome smiles? Can you be Nicky's human?
#adoptme -


Roofus exposed - I'm a chihuahua lover. At least I didn't post the picture of you all wearing the matching ducky pj's Roo... πŸ¦† #illsavethatforyourweddingday πŸ˜‚ #crazydoglady #littlebugeyedogsneedlovetoo #satelliteearsclub #rescuefamily


5 years ago today, after months at the shelter and a few years of rough living, Kilo's time was up. Shelters do what they can but the sad fact is some can't keep up with the intake rate without euthanasia. *PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER!* I made an impromptu decision that day that would come to be one of the best of my life. I took him home with me without a moment to spare. After volunteering and working with him for months I knew he was something special and just had to give him a chance. Some family members thought I was crazy (still do) for bringing a "pit bull" into my home, but if they knew what he has done for me they would have never questioned it. He is my soul pup, my heart, my best friend. He is part of why I am where I am today, and he is how I found my purpose in life. He the best snuggler, foster daddy, comforter, and company I could ever ask for. I am so grateful for every moment we've had together and appreciate every day he is in my life. Happy adoptaversary Ki!! I love you with my whole heart, thank you for letting me be your mom ❀️❀️❀️ #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster


I promised the boys I wouldn't show anyone but I just can't help it - They each have their own chihuahuas πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ #extralikeguacamole #atleasttheycantcarrypurses #noopposablethumbs #thankgoodness #fingerstillhasapin #ithurts 😣 #rescuefamily


Luna updateπŸŒ›: In the past few days it seems we have really turned a corner and progressed past the painful healing stage. Crazy Luna is back and faster than ever! She is zooming around the house and property now and Pearl is in heaven having her playmate back. Stitches come out tomorrow. It's all good from here on out baby girl! ❀ #barkboxday #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject


PORTLAND, OREGON!! - How about a little friendly competition to benefit our area shelter animals?! On December 3rd @nwdogproject will be joining @rebeccacorry for the Stand Up For Pits show (link for tix in my bio). Before the show we will be having a donation drive open to the public. Last night Raleigh raised $7800 in supplies for their local shelter - incredible! I challenge you/us to show the world the heart and generosity of the PNW - let's come together and beat those numbers! Drop off will be at the Helium Comedy Club from 4 - 7 pm. As we get a bit closer we will include a list of desperately needed supplies and the local shelter who will be receiving the haul. Roofus and Kilo family - if you'd like to help you can send donations marked SUFP to our mailing address PO Box 1207, Marcola, OR 97454. I know lots of things in the world need our help and attention right now so we are incredibly grateful for any and all help we get. Thank you thank you thank you.❀️ Have a great week everyone! Headed home to the pups nowπŸ™ŒπŸΌ @Regrann from @rebeccacorry - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!! The Stand Up For Pits Foundation Donation Drive raised $7800.00 worth of shelter supplies last night at Stand Up For Pits!! SUFP Donation Drives have raised $32,200.00 so far this year nationwide and we are just getting started!! Last night's much needed shelter supplies went directly to @wakegovpets and shelter staff told us the shelter is full of pit bull "type" dogs, as most shelters are, and that these dogs will LOVE their new stuff.
A MASSIVE thank you to every person who took the time to bring supplies and to the amazing people who helped lay them all out and add it all up. What an incredible group effort that will better so many deserving lives stuck in the shelter.
We are honored we got the opportunity to stand up for our inherently good dogs with the beautiful humans of Raleigh and we will be back next year! Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing you all again. β€πŸ™ŒπŸ» PHILADELPHIA IS UP NEXT!!! #standupforpits #2017sufptour #angelforever #raleigh #SUFPDonationDrive #shelteranimals #donate #bethechange #teamwork #takeaction - #regrann


πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ Story of my life. Brought to you by the resident misfit creepers. And Rockwell 🎢 #ihavehoursofthese #becauseitsmylife #Luckysnotacreeperhesashadow #doodisaweirdo #obvi #rescuefamily


#tbt to the one time I tried to have an in home massage. The therapist opened the door, left the room for a minute, and came back to this 😩 #dontworrywegotdis #ourmom #mooandPmassagyservices #nowbookingappointments #willworkfortreats #youcanleavenowlady #rescuefamily


Everybody loves da big ol Luck πŸ€β€οΈ #rescuefamily


This year @nwdogproject has teamed up with @rebeccacorry to co-host Stand Up For Pits - Portland on December 3rd.

The @standupforpitsfoundation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to saving lives and ending the abuse and discrimination of Pit Bull β€œtype” dogs through live events, funds, education, and advocacy.Β The Foundation donates to and supports educational programs and front line rescue efforts. They advocate, educate and save lives and focus efforts to end dog fighting, abuse and discrimination.

Tickets for the Portland event are on sale now! (Link in bio). Our pups won't be there but I (mom) will be and lots of adoptable pups will be as well.

If you are able to attend I so look forward to meeting you! If you are unable to be there but would like to contribute we are looking for donors for our silent auction. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation of items to be bid on please email me at to set things up. We will also be having a donation drive of items for the local shelters - more info on that to come. Thank you always for all of your support - we couldn't do any of this without you! ❀ #standupforpits #endbsl #adoptrescuefoster #rescuefamily


I was totally unprepared this morning when I rolled over and woke up to this 😍. Penny has been so sweet caring for Luna through this recovery process. I've actually never seen her so sensitive to a foster before. Luna is doing great, although it is pretty hard to keep her quiet. She is already climbing stairs, running to the garden (see video), and trying to jump on the bed. She makes it all look easy but then is sore later so I have to *try to* limit her crazy activity. Ha - writing that I just realized she is hard headed like her foster mama. I fractured my finger a few weeks ago but did not stop doing all my regular work around here, even with a splint on. So I ended up with a really broken bone and now have a pin in my finger for 4 weeks. Guess I should be a better example πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ #weareallmisfits #idrivemyhusbandcrazy #sorrybabe #mustdoallthethings #rescuefamily


Guess what today is?! It's our favorite rock licking, bed spinning, hose eating, foster loving Doofus' 3rd birthday! So far today he's celebrated by chasing deer, pushing rocks with his nose, playing ball with bestie P, and is currently napping with his baby Luna. πŸŒ› Do us a favor and help celebrate today by being your true self, embracing your inner weirdo and letting yourself have some fun, no matter who's watching. Let your Moofus flag fly! πŸ„πŸ˜‚ We also want to send a happy birthday out to special misfit family friend Jessica @jlarsh92 - we hope you have the absolute best day! To everyone in the path of the hurricane we are thinking of you all and praying for your safety ❀️ Moo's collar from @beadiebabiez #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster #moofusdoofus


3 legs don't care πŸ’ͺπŸŒ› I posted this to our story but she is doing so incredible today I had to share here too. I have to keep separating her and Pearl because they keep running around and playing like crazies! #notyetlittleone #spunkymonkey #rescuefamily


Mama Moo πŸ’•πŸ„πŸŒ›#hesthebest #alsoabitobsessed. *Don't worry Luna's swelling and incision will look better every day!* #rescuefamily


Little Luna is feeling so much better, not even missing out on any garden adventures! We had a long night but she is already walking around with Pearl like she owns the place. Moo has been super sensitive, kissing and following her around the house, Penny is curious, Pearl is concerned but mostly just wants her to play, Lucky's just wondering what time the next snack o'clock is, Kilo is very cautious and careful, and Roofus thinks she's even more alien than usual. So basically everyone is being their normal selves 🀣 Hopefully we can get outside to play a bit tomorrow and burn off some pent up energy. Hope you all are doing well and thank you again for all the good thoughts and kind words ❀️ #misfitfamily #weloveyou #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject


We are home now. Surgery went perfect but she is understandably not feeling too good right now. Pearl and I will be here by her side all night though. Hopefully she will be feeling much better in the morning! Thank you for all the good thoughts and love ❀️ #rescuefamily