Welcome to our farm of misfits 6 rescued dogs + fosters Hope we can make you smile 😊

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Hey mom hi. Don't go anywhere k? Right over here if you need me πŸ‘‹ #chocolateshadow #rescuefamily


Are you following Luna in her new home yet?! She left last week on Friday. We miss her like CRAZY but her new family and doggy sister are really amazing. Their account is @adventures_of_luna_and_coco ! Updates from the farm soon. Everyone is doing great we are just incredibly busy. Got some new fences up though πŸ‘ Thank you all for you calendar orders! ❀️ #rescuefamily


Thank you all truly so much. YOU made this happen! @Regranned from @nwdogproject - πŸ’•πŸ’•SHE’S HERE!!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•
Our precious girl has officially arrived at NWDP and ohhhh-my-goodness is she SWEET! 😍 She holds no grudges against humans and greets everyone she meets with a wagging tail and kisses. ☺️
She has clearly had at least a handful of litters, her poor skin is a mess, (likely a combo of mange, possibly allergies and just an overall lack of nutrition), she had parasites that she’s been treated for now, her blood work came back showing that she is anemic, and she also has two blood born diseases from ticks which we are currently treating. Even given all the neglect she has endured in her lifetime, our babe is in good spirits and you can tell how happy she is to be getting love. She’s got a strong appetite (she’s still got some lbs to put on, but we were pleasantly surprised to see she was not quite as underweight as we had initially expected) and we know that with some good old TLC over the next few weeks she’s going to be feeling and looking so much better! We are always so blown away by how resilient these amazing creatures are. ❀️
We cannot thank you all enough for your incredible support and generosity. Because of all of YOU wonderful people, this girl is safe and will know nothing but the #goodlife from here on out. Thank you so much for being part of our rescue team and making hers, and so many others, rescue possible. πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ
Now, we are dying to hear all of your name suggestions, so please comment away!! πŸ‘‡πŸΌ - #regrann



Swipe ⬅️ A little about our new terrors/puppy fosters πŸ˜† - Both came to us via @loveleorescue and @nwdogproject. Molly is the white and tan girl, 5-6 weeks old, pulled from a neglect situation. Brutus is 7-8 weeks old and found as a stray. We are working with them on being handled and getting used to human interaction. They've met and hung out with all the other dogs and are making progress already! I will let you all know when they are available for adoption. Lucky is doing pretty good. It's really cold here so we've had fires going all day everyday. The house feels like the Sahara but as long as he's comfortable right?! Luna goes home to her new family today (😭) then I will be locked in the house shipping out calendars all weekend. They should all be delivered with plenty of time for Christmas. Thank you all for your support always, especially with the Bull Terrier girl we were able to save yesterday. She will be at the rescue recovering but I will be sure to share her progress with everyone. Happy Friday! #swipeswipeswipe #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster


Yea!!! Can't wait to meet her! You all are so amazing oxox @Regranned from @nwdogproject - πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•OUR GIRL IS SAFEπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
You guys, we are completely blown away by the INCREDIBLE amount of support that has come flooding in for this girl, you all are truly angels. πŸ‘Ό πŸ™ŒπŸ½
She safe and at our vet clinic in CA and will be traveling up to the rescue this Saturday. We are having blood work done and she will receive any and all care needed. Babe has got a long road to recovery, but we’ll be with her every step of the way. We cannot thank you all enough for your generosity and for all the love you’ve sent her way. She’s got an amazing team from all of the world on her side. We sure do love you guys.❀️❀️❀️
Due to the volume of support that has come in we are also working on saving a special senior from the shelter, stay tuned... #thankyou - #regrann


**** UPDATE: SHE IS SAFE AND AT THE VET!!! *****This is a girl version of Moo and I know we can save her. I can't wait to see her healthy and happy and give her lots of kisses (she will be at the rescue @nwdogproject here in Eugene). I realize it's a tough time of year but if you are able to help it would be so appreciated πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ Donation info below @Regranned from @nwdogproject - 🚨SOS🚨
We received an urgent call for this desperate girl. She’s been living tied up in horrific conditions as you can see. She has mange, is severely underweight, malnourished and appears to have had at least one litter. Despite the horror she’s endured, the people that have met her say she is the sweetest and most loving dog. We want to get her into the vet and our rescue immediately, but she will need everything. So we are asking for the support of our community to help make it happen. The first few years of this innocent dogs life have clearly been tragic, help us give her a new start and make 2018 the beginning of a new life for her. Even just $5 will make a world of difference in this girls life. ❀️ ⭐️DONATION INFO⭐️ Venmo: nwdpOR
PayPal: (link in bio)
Tax Deductible EIN #47-192-9063
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It has been a busy few days at the farm! Lucky is improving, moving around a bit more. Everyone has met the new fosters (9 dogs here now) and loves/tolerates them 🀣. The gray boy is Brutus and the little Kilo color girl is Molly. I'll share more of their stories soon. Luna goes home with her new family Friday. *I'll be ok I'll be ok I'll be ok 🀞*@rebeccacorry came to visit today with Todd and Sally (who btw was totally a majestic beast in her element here, so fun!) and I've been sending off calendars every spare second I have. You all should definitely have them by Christmas! A quick thank you to our amazing supporters - today I was able to replenish our foster room paper towels with ones from our last wishlist back with Rosie's pups! You all are incredible and I appreciate your support in every way every day. Stay tuned for lots of puppy videos ❀️❀️ #adoptrescuefoster #rescuefamily @nwdogproject


First off Lucky is doing better today with an adjustment to his meds - thank you so much for all the kind, heartfelt words - y'all made me cry! Second you HAVE to see the next picture... Portland Oregon! Come by the Helium Comedy Club between 4 - 7 tonight and meet our new fosters, lots of adoptable dogs, and please drop off some much needed supplies for the animals of Oregon Humane Society. Swipe to see our 2nd new foster (Brutus! 😍😍😍) and keep swiping for a list of the items needed. Your support means the world to us and even more to the dogs. Can't wait to see you all there! ❀️ #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster


Happy Saturday - I want to share with you all what I hope will be a quick story. When I was born my mom was very young so my grandma stepped in to help raise me. She was a fiery redhead from Louisiana who was also a reverend in the Baptist church (that should tell you a bit about her! 🀣). She was the best person in the whole world but life was tough for her, start to finish. She lost 2 sons, and endured many hardships throughout the years. I could go on about her all day but here is what I want you to know. Every day that she woke up was the best day ever. Every day no matter how I looked or felt I was her beautiful angel, the sweetest girl in the world. It was always the prettiest sunrise she'd ever seen, or the best food she'd ever ate. Even during her last year while battling painful cancer she was grateful for every single day. It was an incredible life lesson for me. I lost her 12 years ago now but have been able to see that same appreciation for life in our big Luck. Every single day he wakes up rolling on his back, legs in the air, ready to eat some food and have some fun. He's never been grouchy, unsocial, or unhappy. He will be 15 in February and constantly teaches me what living life is all about. He gets so much joy from the little things, like his strawberry patch and playing ball, and reminds me to always be thankful. This morning he woke up and couldn't walk. Eventually my husband and I were able to get him up but it was rough. Time will tell if this is a temporary setback or if maybe things are just not working right anymore. He's in front of the warm fire now, on pain meds, getting love, still wagging his tail and happily accepting any and all treats. I felt the need to share because I really feel like you all are family and I know that some of you truly love him the same way we do. I'll be here by him all day, petting these big floppy ears, filled with gratitude in the way he and my grandma have taught me, and I will keep you guys posted. ❀️ #sorrythatwasnotshort #chocolateshadow #rescuefamily



Our new foster (the baby) comes home with us Sunday! She's had a rough start but has been living the good life since @loveleorescue saved her. Thank you so much to them! Can't wait to love on and share her with all of you all ❀️ #rescuefamily#adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject
@Regranned from @loveleorescue - G'night,
#uncleearlthepitbull has to puppy sit this little girl until she goes to our buddies @nwdogproject this weekend. Luckily he's good at his job. - #regrann


Hi everybody! Happy Thanksgiving from this crew and Moo who is pushing a rock behind me (seriously he only stays about 20 seconds then he moves on to better things πŸ˜‘). Today we have played in the mud, gotten baths, cooked a little, cleaned a little, cuddled Luna (who is recovering from her spay yesterday), lounged by the fire, and stayed in our comfy clothes most of the day. Busy/boring but we wouldn't change it for the world. I hope you all have enjoyed your day as well! πŸ’› #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster OH ALSO EVERYONE ALWAYS LOOKS GRUMPY IN THESE PICTURES BECAUSE LUCKY IS ALWAYS BARKING HIS HEAD OFF πŸ˜©πŸ™‰



You guys look what's here!!! Swipe to see more ➑️I worked really hard this year to try to include more photos and keep it interesting and I really really hope you like it! I definitely know what I'll be doing this Thanksgiving 🀣 Expect to have them soon and if you haven't yet ordered yours you can get them still at Thank you all soo very much for your continued support! Have a wonderful holiday ❀️ #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster


I know, I know - it IS pretty luxurious that I get my bed fluffed evvverrry night. But trust me when I say I would definitely share if I could #moofusdoofusatyourservice #yourbednext? #please #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings


Part 2 - See previous post for description. We love you! πŸ’œ #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject @heydognicevan



Part 1 - loading this in 2 parts because we all love Ollie so much I want you to be able to see the whole thing! Thank you to @thedodo for putting together this sweet video and to you all for your constant support! ❀️ @heydognicevan <-- Ollie's IG #adoptrescuefoster #rescuefamily @nwdogproject


I just saw my new commercial for @bissellclean during my favorite show (SVU) and I'm so excited ha πŸ˜‚! By raising funds through the sale of Bissell pet products, @bissellpets has given over $3 million to support spay/neuter, adoption, microchipping and foster care programs - just since 2011! The dogs featured are rescue dogs but of course not my crew - could you imagine?! Maybe next time 😊 Now back to the dogs 🐾 #queenofpee #dasme #itworkssogoodbtw #rescuefamily Follow Cathy Bissell too! She's doing great things @bissblackdogs #bissell #bissellpets


So Luna had a meet today and even though I was pretty upset as I headed there, it actually went amazing. First a little about them - Her new "mom" works from home and Luna loved her immediately. She will have a chihuahua sister, Coco, and they were super cute together already. They are seriously the nicest people and promised to make an Instagram for the pups. She will head home with them December 8th, after her spay and healing process. Second - this will be my hardest goodbye in a while. Yes I could keep her. Yes she would be fine here. TRUST ME I KNOW ALL THE REASONS WHY I SHOULD. But here's the deal. We have lived here at our property for over two and a half years now. Every time the dogs are outside I have to be as well as we haven't yet completed fencing the entire property. 12 acres of fence is very expensive. I am working so hard with the calendars and other items to raise enough funds to completely secure it all. Then I will be able to build outside areas for fosters and also breathe easier knowing the dogs are safe. I dream of this day! We will however still have many birds of prey outside. Pearl is great and stays very close but Luna is an adventurous, outgoing soul. Every time we are outside she is running around everywhere without a care in the world while I stand by having a panic attack. I end up bringing her in before she is ready just because I am so nervous (yes we have been swooped). This isn't fair to her and I can't imagine feeling this way every time she is outside for the next 15+ years, especially when I am so close to finally being able to relax a little. I like to think I was here when Luna needed me the most, and her forever home will be where she was meant to be. She gets to sleep in their bed, lay in front of their fireplace, and play all day with her friend all while being spoiled beyond belief. I am very sad, but will look at this as another success story and I truly hope you all will too. Lots of love - Candice ❀️ #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject P.S. New foster coming soon 🐾



Rainy day snuggle sesh. Somehow this is real life 😍🌧️️ #rescuefamily #adoptrescuefoster @nwdogproject


I am never going to get anything done today... #theymakesureofit #ridiculous #adoptrescuefoster #rescuefamily


Who all is going to the @standupforpitsfoundation show in Portland Dec 3rd?! I wish this love muffin was going to be there but instead you'll just get boring mom 🀣. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have donated items for the silent auction! All proceeds will go directly to @nwdogproject. If you still would like to donate please email Thank you all so much! Head over to for show tickets 🐾 #rescuefamily


Weirdest dogs(?) ever. Swipe to the end for the best blurry picture you'll ever see #todayanyways πŸ˜‚ #swipeswipeswipe #rescuefamily


So we'll be here all day if you need us k thx bye #sundays #rescuefamily


Speaking of calendars I am sooo excited for this year's! It will include themed months with tons more pictures. February for example will be dedicated to #moofusandpeelow love. Swipe for some example photos! Pearl, Lucky, Roofus, Kilo, and all of this year's fosters including Luna and Momma Rosie and pups will have featured months too. This is the best one yet and I can't wait to begin shipping to you (late November). Thank you all for your continued support! ❀️ Link to purchase is in our bio. All proceeds go directly to the dogs, like everything else already does πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’ #rescuefamily


Misfit stickers now available at! These will ship at the end of November with the calendars. 2 sheets of 6 - $4 with free US shipping. 6 pack large individual stickers - $5.00 with free US shipping. Thank you to @brightbat for the incredibly cute designs! #rescuefamily


Lucky is a 90 lb lab who will be FIFTEEN in February! We think the secret to his longevity is simply his love of food. He will literally eat anything. One time we dropped a ceramic dish and he ran to eat the pieces - we had to pull them out of his mouth πŸ˜’πŸ™ˆ. Pretty sure knowing that there is more food to be consumed tomorrow is what keeps him going. That and all our love and strawberries and the fact that we bought him a farm... πŸ“β€οΈ #anythingforbigluck #eatsallthethings #rescuefamily


Portland, Oregon - December 3rd! @Regranned from @nwdogproject - ⭐️DONATION DRIVE⭐️
The Stand Up For Pits event we are participating in on Dec. 3rd will have a donation drive benefiting the Oregon Humane Society. Please check out the list and donate what you to help the shelter animals out. Donation items can be dropped off at the Helium Comedy club the evening of the event between 4-7 PM, or if you’re in Eugene and are’t able to make the event, but would like to send some donations with our crew please email us at info@northwestdogproject and we can arrange collecting them.
And don’t forget to swing by the @standupforpitsfoundation website (link in bio) and grab your tickets for the Portland show!
#standupforpits #donationdrive - #regrann


Good morning from the left side of mom #twomorebehindme #someonesaidcookie #payup #rescuefamily