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• Some beautiful paths cannot be discovered without getting lost • 🌤️ #Barcelona #Barcelonabeach #Beautiful #suckerforsunsets #sheidatravels


• Have a beautiful day • 🙏🏼 Now lets go kick some ass! 💪🏼#sheidaquotes


• Barcelona Sunsets • 💙Wish I had more time to explore this place. Barcelona, i will be back for more! #Barcelona #sheidatravels #suckerforsunsets


• Thank You God, for Everything • 🙏🏼💚#Dress @jollychic_official 📷 @thugnanny_ #Barcelona #sheidatravels


• When you look into my eyes, what do you see? • 💗 #SelfieOverdue
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• Thinking bout You • 🌺 Full Outfit from @jollychic_official 📷 @thugnanny_


• M A G I C A L • 🏰🌳Every corner was from a romantic fairy tale. Such a beautiful venue - #villacatalina #Barcelona #sheidatravels


• W A N D E R L U S T • 🌍 We were not born to stay in one place #sheidaquotes


• Hermosa Barcelona • 💙🌳Going to miss waking up to this View! #Barcelona #sheidatravels


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• Morning Views • 💙☀️🌳 Such breathtaking scenery! #Barcelona #Breakfastspot #sheidatravels


• D E T A I L S • 💙How cute is this bag? #poolparty #details #accessories #barcelona


• Pool Party Perfection • ☀️👙💦So much fun at the pool party! Buy my whole outfit on the @jollychic_official app or website and use my code: SHEIDA for 10% off! #JollyChic_Trip 📷 @_ahmedkadry


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• Hola from Barcelona • 💙at the @jollychic_official mansion. This is where I’m going to spend the next 4 days,
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• This lil guy • 🐘 Okay so he wasn't very little but sooo cute! I love elephants, they're such beautiful animals. And it was amazing to see them in their natural habitat! ☺️#srilanka #sheidatravels


• Do it with Love • ❤️ #sheidaquotes


• The River Safari • 🛶🦅🦉🦇🦋 Another absolutely incredible experience in Sri Lanka. 62 different breeds of birds live here!!!! 😱(as well as alligators and monkeys) a must visit! I cannot wait till you watch my vlog! 🙊(YouTube: Sheida Fashionista) thank you @shangrilahambantota and @flydubai for one of the most amazing experience of my life! 💙 #sheidatravels


• Golden Hour • 🌅 Just as I thought it couldn't possibly get more magical, standing on the disappearing land as the river and sea join at sunset, it starts to rain. The most picturesque scenery ever. (Trying to remain photogenic as I get soaked lol) oh Sri Lanka, you took my breathe away! ❤️#Top @vogacloset #Shorts @thekript (oh and, incase you're wondering, that highlight right there, is a mix of @fentybeauty HustlaBaby and the rain! 😅✨💦


• E S T U A R Y • 🌊Where the River meets the Sea.. such a magical place. #Srilanka #Top @vogacloset #Shorts @thekript #sheidatravels


• H E A V E N L Y • 🌬️I stood there for a moment, and stared into the distance. A beam of light shone through a hole in the clouds, touching the earth and made the sea sparkle. Wow. I took a deep breath. Birds soared the sky; how I wish I could see what they see right now. I felt the sand beneath my feet, cool, soft, and fresh. I closed my eyes and breathed in again. Is this heaven? No. It's earth. It's our beautiful earth. Sometimes we take it for granted. Sometimes we don't see the strength of our earth. For how many years it's been around, for all the traumas it has been through and it still stands strong today, shining so gracefully. I thank you God, for all your creations that I take for granted. I thank you for the sunrise, the sunset, and all in between. I thank you, for reminding me that you have planted me here for a reason. If the earth can survive the volcanoes, the pollution, the wars and the diseases.. and still provide us with a home, provide us with hope and keep growing and rebuilding, and flourishing today, we too, can conquer anything. Thank you @shangrilahambantota and @flydubai for giving me the chance to experience heaven on earth! 🙏🏼❤️ #Top @vogacloset #Shorts @thekript #sheidatravels


• These Views • 🌊 Everything about Sri Lanka was just incredible! The sea, the nature, the wildlife, the food, the people, the culture, I couldn't get enough! Definitely a must visit! And now you can fly direct from Dubai with @flydubai 📷 @j_binjamhoor #sheidatravels


• Rise as Fire • 🔥Tag the one that needs to hear this now! #sheidaquotes #rise #keepmoving #firesign


• There is only so much you can do, the rest is up to God.. • 📷 @j_binjamhoor


• H A R M O N Y • 🕊️#Dress @jollychic_official #Top @showpo #Shorts from a boutique in Phuket, Thailand #Sandals @chanelofficial #sheidatravels


• Nature awakens my soul, cleanses my mind and purifies my heart • 🌴☁️💙 I'm always happiest when I'm surrounded by nature, and Sri Lanka is one of those places that make me feel so content that I smile from deep within. 🙏🏼 #Dress @jollychic_official #sheidatravels