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Be humble in your confidence yet courageous in your character. 📷 @misaelmorales.foto
#bmx #flatlandbmx


Everyone always ask me why do I backflip after every contest run. Before my grandmother passed away she always asked me “did you do the backflip after you rode?” This win was for you Mawmaw. Love and miss you. #staytruetoyourself #beyourself #bmx #grandparents


Stoked to take home the win today at the @aztecajambmx contest in Mexico City. This morning I woke up doubting myself. Then remembering that if you be yourself that you will always have better chances at winning anything in life. Congrats to @dombmx_ & @jwilliamp for taking 2nd and 3rd. Huge thank you to @donovanborjabmx for putting on such an amazing event. Also huge shout out to all the riders here in Mexico City for always having positive vibes. You guys are the reason I travel here! #beyourself #bmx



Headed to Mexico City in the morning for the @aztecajambmx contest. Bringing all the essentials with me. @redbull @lifeproof @tiger_balm_us @raisingcanes @decobmx @profile_racing @fadeddayssunglasses @etniesbmx #bmx #contest #travel


Going into 2018 using @tiger_balm_us after almost every session. #tigerbalm #bmx 🎥 @mickey__g @indepthmedia
Trick cred- @matthiasdandois


Tag your favorite homies to ride with! Or tag some guys you wanna ride with! One of my favorite is @theaaronross ! #bmx 🎥 @francisdelapena



Team work makes the dream work. More uncut clips from my last edit with @theaaronross #bmx #fun 🎥 @francisdelapena


That awkward silence at the breakfast table every morning. 🎥 @francisdelapena


Who remembers this clip from the edit I made with @theaaronross ? Here’s some raw uncut outtakes. #bmx 🎥 @francisdelapena



So hyped to be continuing my partnership with @tiger_balm_us going into 2018. Using the #tigerbalm patches every time I have a long session. #bmx 🎥 @indepthmedia @mickey__g


As a 10 year old kid I woke up everyday with the dream of becoming a pro rider. My walls were covered with photos of all the riders I admired. I spent my entire childhood riding and chasing that dream. I can not tell you guys how grateful I am for this life and everything BMX has given me. 24 years later I am still in disbelief I made my dreams a reality. Thanks to riding bikes I understand that anything is possible with hard work, never giving up, and most importantly believing in what you want in life. Thank you all for following and being apart of my journey. #bmx #flatland #mylife



In Florida this week getting some valuable lessons & ideas from this @redbull summit. In between brainstorming I’m constantly on calls and getting shit done. Loving the latest @lifeproof SLAM Case. #ad


Getting some energy in between combos. Then hanging on for my life. @redbull #givesyouwings #bmx #fun



Thanks @dogceo for this very wild edit with some of my clips. Starring @scottobmx @bagels_payne @traptrayy 🎥 @yedablendzz #bmx #cartoon



Right on the buzzer at the #gasparillaflatjam ! My winning run for “best front and back wheel trick” So stoked on this one. @redbull @profile_racing @decobmx @raisingcanes @tiger_balm_us @lifeproof @etniesbmx @fadeddayssunglasses


Just took 1st place at the #Grasparilla Flatland contest in Tampa! Also took 1st in Best front and back wheel combo, First place for best Front wheel combo, and took home Best Trick! I’m stoked. @redbull @profile_racing @decobmx @tiger_balm_us @lifeproof @raisingcanes @etnies @fadeddayssunglasses #bmx #flatland


Stack em. 20 in the bag! Personal record after learning whiplashes over 22 years ago. @profile_racing @redbull @tiger_balm_us @raisingcanes @lifeproof @decobmx @fadeddayssunglasses @etniesbmx 🎥 @matt_coplon
#bmx #flatland #personalrecord


Some of my fun clips from last year. It’s been amazing pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Riding and in life. Cheers to 2018! Thanks for the support and positive feedback. @redbull @lifeproof @raisingcanes @tiger_balm_us @profile_racing @etniesbmx @fadeddayssunglasses @decobmx #bmx #flatland 🎥 @vanessavadams @yedablendzz


Today I lost a battle. 6 hours in, 600+ tries, can’t win them all. Thank you all for the support. Thanks @yedablendzz for sticking it out with me. #IllBeBack Tonight @tiger_balm_us will save me.


Back when I had my homie Bobby film for 3 hours to try and hit dem 20 whiplashes. #bmx #flat #thatwasgonnabe17


Eating @raisingcanes on the run is a weekly thing for me. No slaw extra toast every time is my jam. #raisingcanes #canes #onelove


I’m running 19mm #profileracing cranks that have a lifetime warranty. @profile_racing #bmx #flatlandbmx #flatland


Stoked on my new @lifeproof SLAM case! These things are legit. Be on the lookout for a 2018 LifeProof giveaway on my Instagram very soon! #lifeproof #ad #livelifeproof


Time to buy a skateboard. After 253 tries, a really hurt foot, and my homie @yedablendzz behind the 🎥. I’m stoked for this to be my first clip of 2018. @redbull @profile_racing @tiger_balm_us @raisingcanes @etniesbmx @lifeproof @decobmx @fadeddayssunglasses #bmx #skateboarding #flatland @brettconti.nyc @grimcity @daewon1song #damndaniel


Can’t even put into words how stoked I am on this clip. First kickflip I’ve done since the 90’s. Thank you all for the love! @redbull @tiger_balm_us @profile_racing @lifeproof @decobmx @raisingcanes @fadeddayssunglasses @etniesbmx 🎥 @yedablendzz #bmx #flatland #skateboarding #fun @worldstar @worldstar @worldstar @daewon1song @berrics