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Please donate to help those animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Go to give.greatergood.org/campaign/hurricane-harvey-animal-rescue/c142955


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Hey everyone- As all of you have probably seen by now, Hurricane Harvey has left many Texans, both human and animal, in the midst of incredible hardship and heartbreak.
I wanted to let you know that the Jackson Galaxy Foundation is partnering with GreaterGood to transport animals out of the hardest hit areas.
88 dogs and 20 cats have already been flown to shelters who can take them, with four more air transports scheduled in the coming hours and days that will carry 200+ more cats and dogs to safety until they can be reunited with their families.
Over here at #teamcatmojo HQ we are doing what we can by pledging 25% of all sales at store.jacksongalaxy.com from Aug. 28 through Sep. 4 towards our efforts.
Also, please consider making a direct contribution to the campaign by clicking on the link in my bio.
Wishing #LightLoveandMojo to all of the Harvey survivors.


A sad day for cat daddies everywhere this week, losing our friend Lundy, beloved cat wrangler, advocate, offsite adoption program manager and all-around life-saver at @austinpetsalive - you will be missed. A huge word of gratitude to @hospiceaustin Christopher House for not only allowing Lundy to be surrounded by his beloved cats in his final days among us, but to welcome and encourage them. What a blessing from hospice angels. Safe Travels, brother.


Having a blast at @shadow_cats_texas ahead of our big event tonight! #teamcatmojo #tnr #feralpower #lovewins


Amazing time visiting with Lee and Dianne at @austinbatrefuge! 🦇 Give them a follow and tune into my live stories to find out more about these amazing animals and the myths that surround them #batdaddy #bats


Hands down my favorite part of any public appearance, getting visits from the junior division of #teamcatmojo! @superzooshow was a blast as was my time with @tomlynpets and @fizzioncleansit


A little scary, but hey... @bushwickcats is getting the job done, showing #brooklyn feral cats some #tnr love! Hope it went great for you! RepostBy @sagecatlady: "Bushwick's own cat whisperer and rescuer Jaxon Gallassies was in the house!" (via #InstaRepost @AppsKottage)


Having fun in #atlanticcity #newjersey At the @bestfriendsanimalsociety Conference. When asked if I wouldn't mind a weird request, signing a shoe didn't even register on my weird-o-meter. Is that weird? #teamcatmojo


Dinner at @greenbarkitchen under a gorgeous mural #girlnoticed - #vegan #ftlauderdale style! #teamcatmojo


This was from a few weeks ago when I was visiting #Burlington #Vermont and my Uber-talented barista - whom I believe was named David- came up with this mojolicious humdinger of a quad soy latte (otherwise known as "the fast blink"). David, if I screwed up your name, set me straight!! #teamcatmojo


OK let's play a game of "Where the heck is Jackson?" I can't imagine anyone guessing just from this but I've been wrong before! #teamcatmojo


Love me some Indian food. It's just the esophageal inferno I could do without, clearly. And BTW, the child they made this for was way tougher than me. #dontjudge


Lily contemplates..something. And I'm jealous. #itsacatslife #teamcatmojo


#seattle, how do I love thee? Madly! Thank you for a great reception and the love for homeless animals you have. See you again soon! #teamcatmojo


Great to meet up with #catdaddy @macklemore at the @purrfect_pals fundraiser, and to be a small part of making life better for Seattle-area cats! #teamcatmojo


Just about to start speaking for the amazing @purrfect_pals in #seattle - this is the kind of stuff that floats my boat. Making a difference through innovation and passion! #lovewins #teamcatmojo #adoptdontshop


One of my passengers on this week's special episode of #mycatfromhell - I'm watching it right now and will check in LIVE at 9:00 PST to say hi and discuss with you over on my Facebook page. Join me!!


@kittenxlady and me are clearly ahead of the fashion curve. Everyone will be wearing this next year. Operation Homeward Bound tonight at 8 AND catch me on FAcebook LIVE 730EST/430 PST (link in my bio)!! @animalplanet #mycatfromhell #teamcatmojo


Cmon over to reddit at Noon and seriously. Ask. Me. Anything. I mean don't ask me why your cat turns into a Martian/werewolf/hyena every night at 3am. But yeah, otherwise...link in bio! #teamcatmojo #mycatfromhell


What compels @kittenxlady and I to get in a van with 50 kittens for 17 hours? Find out this Caturday at 8:00 on @animalplanet ! #mycatfromhell #teamcatmojo #dosomething


Not a day goes by where I don't thank the universe for my Velouria. 24 years and still my baby. #lovewins #teamcatmojo


One strike and I was out. Well, it was more like 15, but my handy ring took a few of them. See how this particular #caturday unfolded tonight at 9:00 on a new #mycatfromhell! #animalplanet #teamcatmojo


"What is this 'Caturday' you speak of? I am intrigued.."
The #mycatfromhell marathon continues until the season premiere at 9:00! On @animalplanet of course, silly human. Let's do this! #caturday #teamcatmojo


@bfas_la Kittens picking sides backstage at @foxla #gooddayla - Bill Clinton says #adoptdontshop !


On Facebook Live doing a Q&A about the new #MyCatFromHell season -- premiering this Sat.Apr. 29 at 9pm Pacific/Eastern on @animalplanet


Coming up in a few minutes me and some insanely cute kittens from @bfas_la on @tmz_tv LIVE!! #teamcatmojo


Great time on #gooddayla on @foxla with adoptable kittens from @bfas_la - every day is #caturday around here! #teamcatmojo


Mother and daughter- Gabby and Lily - join me for a nap. Or, more specifically, a selfie and then a nap. Wish there was a catchy hashtag for that! In the meantime #teamcatmojo


I am SO pumped for this..if you or anyone you know is an animal welfare professional, someone who is a perpetual out-of-the-box thinker (not necessarily a litter box!) and might want a LOT of $$ to fund their lifesaving dreams? Then tell that person (or tell yourself) to act VERY QUICKLY. Go to www.petcofoundation.org/ideas for info! #teamanimojo #teamcatmojo @jacksongalaxyfoundation @petcofoundation


Having a great time at the @furkidsatlanta 15th birthday party. Galaxy themed. Get it? #atlanta #teamcatmojo #lovewins


And the prize for the most mangled name on a Starbucks cup goes to... #hohoho