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Me *comes downstairs and sees this cotton shit storm: Hey HEY, who tore up the MF’n stuffed animal?
HOBBS: *with a big ass piece of cotton hanging from his mouth: I don’t know whatchu talkin’ bout mane.


On set. This dude. BALLERS.
Gotta say I’ve come to really dig working with this brotha - our Ballers writer/producer/director, @RobWeiss.
Cool POV, sets the smart edge and my kinda “go f*ck yourself” humor.
He’s no doubt helped our show become HBO’s #1 rated half hour series for years now. Being #1 is a huge compliment I’m very proud of considering the high quality of programming the network delivers.
Ball out. 4 life.
#BALLERS #1 #TeamEffort #WeissTheMeanMugger


I’m fortunate that I’ve built my social platforms to be the key driving force behind helping us make some difference in people’s lives. And for our @nbctitangames we’re gonna do our best to raise the bar and shine the spotlight on some very hard working men and women - who, most importantly are good quality human beings - and these days that matters more than ever.
Keep the applications coming - JOIN ME , put in the hard work, because I want you to win and WIN BIG. Ps, before you “win big” you’re gonna get your ass kicked.. but you’ll come back stronger. 😉👊🏾
#TheTitanGames #SevenBucksProds #ASmithProds #UniversalTelevision #NBC



4 years ago today, we lost a good buddy and Bay Area legendary musician, Ponti Jessop aka Swampkat.
Here’s a vid of me, Ponti and the boys just jammin’ at our backyard BBQ with good energy and vibes.
He’s singing a very emotional song he wrote for his grandma when she passed away. He was gracious enough to teach it to me and a few years later I wound up singing this same song to my own grandma at her funeral.
I’ve never seen this video until today (thank you brotha @samoanstuntman) and it’s such a humbling reminder that we gotta love each other as powerfully as we can, because tomorrow is never guaranteed to any of us.
Rest in paradise and love uso and thank you for the memories.



KAIJU IS COMING!! In Japan they’re excited and bracing for our monster movie, #RAMPAGE.
KAIJU meaning “strange beast” is a very popular genre of Japanese film that features gigantic monsters tearing up cities and each other - GODZILLA, KING KONG, MOTHRA etc.
Cool to see audiences around the 🌎 getting hyped for our three gigantic mutated beasts.
And for some reason they’re very angry and hungry.
#TheSpecialOfTheDay #Humans #TheKaijuIsComing #RAMPAGE APRIL 20th


For our big @underarmour commercial, they asked me if the back of my new hoodie should read “Wrestling out of Memphis” since that’s where I started my grind at 24yrs old. I said, no it should read, “Wrestling out of Hawaii” since my grind actually started when we were evicted off the island with no where to live when I was 14yrs old.
I made a promise to myself that I’d do everything I could to make sure my family never got evicted again. And at 14 the only thing I knew I had control over was my effort, so I got my ass to the one place I could give that effort — the gym.
I know it may seem fucked up psychologically, but every day I still train in the gym and operate my business like I’m getting evicted and my back’s up against the wall.
Not ashamed of it, because it’s who I am. My DNA.
You guys are gonna like this new Under Armour campaign.
I’ve never won a Super Bowl or a Gold Medal. And I’m not a pro athlete.
But I am the hardest worker in the room.
#DNA #AlwaysWrestlingOutOfHawaii #WillFindsAWay



My “grateful” face as our lil’ underdog #JUMANJI is in the $1 billion box office conversation that is only reserved for superhero movies and big franchises.
It’s unlikely we’ll reach that 1B mark but the fact that we’ve come this far is enough for me to extend, yet again my heartfelt gratitude and THANK YOU to all of you ‘round the world.
Just wanted to deliver something big, fun and cool. Like me when I’m on my third shot of tequila.
#JUMANJI #GratefulSOB 🌎


I need TOTAL ISOLATION from any human contact before I shoot my hard core @underarmour commercial, as I gorge my muscles with blood while making that absurd inaudible sound we make while lifting...SIP..SIP.
@hhgarcia41 @daverienzi @danygarciaco @mercglow @ilariaurbinati @savannah_mendoza

#WillFindsAWay #HardestWorkerInTheRoom


Eagle (bald) has landed.
Shooting our big @underarmour campaign commercial today. THANK YOU to all the passionate people joining me to put in that hard work on this blessed Sunday.
We’ve been working on this campaign for months to deliver to the world.
It’s time. Let’s shoot.
#WillFindsAWay #HardestWorkerInTheRoom



I’ve been known to make some amazing drinks🍹but this Saturday night pre-workout drink might be a new star on my roster.
Water, two scoops mandarin flavored Carnigen, two scoops GlycoJect, one cup of Colombian coffee and an Espresso thrown on top of that for the kick.. and a lil’ secret sauce.
Tomorrow I shoot our new @underarmour commercial so I’m coming in hot and on point.
And the “secret sauce” is floating in the middle of this drink - which is coagulated Dragon’s blood.
Last training session before the big shoot.
Here we go.
#HardestWorkersInTheRoom #NoDragonWasHarmedTonight


A good day to do bad things.
My gym’s contemporary version of a Medieval torture device, for training my fav body part - legs.
You step in my #IronParadise, this gain train ain’t free.. you will pay. Dearly.
#ProjectRock #UnderArmour #SpringDrop #ChaseGreatness


A good start.
Lots of buzz and excitement about our new NBC competition series @nbctitangames.
Wanted to create a life changing opportunity for you to shine and win big.
But you’re gonna have to put in the work and physically & mentally COMPETE beyond what your think your limits are.
I’m personally selecting everyone who will compete as well as helping design and engineer every competition.
Don’t wait til the deadline, go to my bio now and take that first step to a life changing shot and becoming a TITAN.
Join me ~ DJ 👊🏾



Our @sevenbucksprod is coming to @NBC prime time with THE TITAN GAMES.
Great meeting with NBC and A. Smith Prods (creators of American Ninja Warrior). Off to a good start as applications from the American public to compete in our series has been more than the network has seen in years.
Now the fun part.. we all roll up our sleeves and put in the work.
The @nbctitangames where winning is just the beginning.
Join me. Go to my bio and apply.
#TheTitanGames #SevenBucksProds #ASmithProds #UniversalTelevision #Comcast #NBC #BringIt


We’re in the 4th and most important quarter of the game. Very pleased with our #RAMPAGE global marketing and publicity meeting.
The success of #JUMANJI is applying excellent pressure to the WARNER BROS marketing team to deliver. I’ve grown very close to many of these brilliant execs and they are hungry to win.
I’m a very kind man, but a very competitive and angry player.
And that’s all I want from our partners. Embrace the competition and be brilliant in the execution, because at the end of the day we’re gonna win some and sometimes get our asses kicked, but the competitive hunger is always the anchor to achieving greatness.
#HungryRoom #TeamEffort #WarnerBros #SevenBucksProds
APRIL 20th.


Reached a point in my career where my most important currency, is my time.
If I’m giving you my time, then you get me at 100%, fully committed and a passionate SOB who’s going all in.
So be protective of your time. It’s the one thing we can control where it goes and who gets it.
Thank you to the multiple teams of people who worked so hard to make our Super Bowl launch of #SKYSCRAPER a success.

Grateful and ALL IN.
Ps. I only know how to say this in my elegant way.. life’s too short and time is too precious, so do your best to never work with assholes.



Cool to see everyone gettin’ hyped for #RAMPAGE. Here’s the NEW look. THREE GIGANTIC BEASTS and one little bald, brown tattooed guy running around trying not to get his ass kicked and get eaten.
Watch the full @RampageTheMovie trailer in my bio. Enjoy..
#OfCourseTheWolfFlies #ThatsABigArm #LetsDoThisBuddy #RAMPAGE APRIL 20th.


Smoldering intensely...
Incredible to have #JUMANJI shatter FURIOUS 7 (and all Fast & Furious films) as my all time biggest domestic box office result — and we’re still going strong.
THANK YOU FANS worldwide. Luv u back.
Work hard, surround myself with good hard working people and hope I get a lil’ lucky every now and then.
Grateful to the core for this career milestone.
Thanks again for loving the movie and let’s get back to work.
#BiggestOfAllTime #JUMANJI


Grateful to have this (tequila infused) celebratory dinner.
Last week was an extraordinary week of @sevenbucksprod
JUMANJI becoming Sony’s 3rd highest grossing movie of all time. Announcing THE TITAN GAMES with NBC. Global trailer launch of SKYSCRAPER and the big sale of RED NOTICE to Universal & Legendary.
No success ever happens alone. We’re all a product of our environment and the hard working people we keep around us.
From the right, @bslater9 (WME partner and my lead agent), @flynnpictureco (my lead producing partner/founder of Flynn Pics), @ms.wendyjane (VP of Flynn Pics), @rawsonthurber (writer/director SKYSCRAPER & RED NOTICE and all around good handsome egg) and some big, brown, bald, tattooed circus act who just keeps photobombing his way into otherwise great pictures. But at least he pays the tab so he’s good for something. #gratefulSOB



Me: My pecs ain’t “community pecs”. I got work to do dude, get up.
Hobbs: Yup, don’t give a shit.


Come downstairs to hit the gym and find this rainbow surprise all over the floor.
Me: Who did this shit?

Hobbs: Did what brotha? 🌈


I’ve been a lucky SOB over the years who’s worked extremely hard to build a global platform and spotlight - I wanted to create a competition series where I could take my spotlight and shine it on every day people who have the heart and will to step into this arena for the CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME.
I want you to join me.
Click the link in bio now and sign up.
Winning is just the beginning.
#TITANGAMES #SevenBucksProductions #ASmithProductions #UniversalTelevision #NBC


Grateful to to finish our business week on such a strong note.
In the world of Hollywood deal making - this “Ferocious” bidding war was as big and intense as it gets.
Deal is unprecedented.
Congratulations UNIVERSAL & LEGENDARY for the win. And a huge THANK YOU to all our studio partners who participated in the auction and pushed all their chips in on our big idea.
Respect to my good friend and writer/director @rawsonthurber (CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, SKYSCRAPER) for once again coming to the table with an original concept idea - that caused big waves in the world of entertainment.
Now the fun part begins for all of us.. we roll up our sleeves, dig in and put in the work.
Soon the world will see red. I’ll keep you guys posted.
@rawsonthurber @flynnpictureco @sevenbucksprod @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco @universalpictures @legendary


The game comes home!
Just an incredible #JUMANJI run that you and your families are still enjoying in theaters. Now you can watch at home on Digital on 3/6 and BluRay on 3/20.
Gag reels, featurettes, bonuses behind the scenes footage of me scaring the shit outta Kevin with fake spiders (he’s truly terrified jungle insects) and the time I dropped a dead bat 🦇 on him from the ceiling.
That’s a very true and cruel story.
Thank you for loving JUMANJI. Truly a pleasure making it for you. Click the link in my bio to pre-order the fun insanity.
#JUMANJI #DigitalAndBluRay #March6th


Mahalo New York Times!
Best Super Bowl Movie Trailers: #SKYSCRAPER.
Amongst all the big franchise trailers that aired during the game (Avengers, Mission Impossible etc) very cool to see our movie cut thru and make a nice impact.
Lots of comparisons to Die Hard, Towering Inferno and The Fugitive. Awesome and flattering - thank you. And THE JUMP OF ALL JUMPS causing quite the stir in the science community around the world on if my character could actually make it or not.
I’ll just say now, the jump doesn’t end like you’re thinking it does.. Don’t look down.



Brother I’m in.
Raising a glass to... the pitch.
The last time writer/director @rawsonthurber (dapper gentleman to my left) pitched me an idea for a movie.. I listened intently (we had just made Central Intelligence together). At the end of that pitch, I was so impressed by his original concept idea, I simply said, BROTHER I’M IN.
Two years later we launch the world premiere trailer for that original concept idea.. #SKYSCRAPER.
Now we sit and Rawson has pitched yet another original concept idea for a movie that’s again, very impressive. Big, global, fun, sexy, cool and thrilling... and my character will make you think twice about ever judging a book by its cover - even after you’ve read every page.
My producing partners @flynnpictureco & @hhgarcia41 loved Rawson’s pitch too as you can tell by their big ass Kool Aid smiles.
And yes, I may be on my 5th tequila, but I can still say with 99.7% sharp intellect and clarity, BROTHER, I’M IN.
Can. Not. Wait. To get this movie made for you guys - you’re gonna love it.
Another round to go please.. 🥃

#Cheers #ThePitch #OriginalConcept ♦️


Titans aren’t born.. they’re made.
You can feel the buzz in the air for our @nbctitangames.

I wanted to create a platform to shine the spotlight on everyday people willing to do extraordinary things thru their athleticism, relentless will and indomitable human spirit.
Our @sevenbucksprod partnered with @NBC and the creators of AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR to bring you a competition series unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
Don’t just watch me, I need you to JOIN ME. *Link in my bio to TRY OUT.
#TitanGames #SevenBucks #ASmith #NBC #UniversalTelevision


Just two gym bros makin’ it weird. @justintimberlake
Very proud of my guy for his brilliant and masterful halftime performance for the #SuperBowl. KILLED IT.
Now excuse us while we go pump up our pecs. What?



World premiere of #SKYSCRAPER. An original concept film about an FBI Hostage Rescue Negotiator severely wounded in the field. Framed in Hong Kong for murder and a wanted fugitive on the run - while his family is kidnapped and trapped in the world's tallest building set ablaze. Honored to play this role. *Link in my bio for FULL TRAILER.
#VertigoWarning #SKYSCRAPER JULY 2018


Wow! THANK U for the amazing response to our #SuperBowl teaser for #SKYSCRAPER. Tune in tonight on @FallonTonight where I’ll debut the full trailer LIVE. To quote my good buddy and real life inspiration for my character @TeamGlas, “Amputees kick ass!”


Ready for #SKYSCRAPER during the game? And it’s still extremely cold up here. #SuperBowl