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#Royalty lookin' just like her daddy!


#xxxtentacion mugshots 👀


Spill the tea!



#PressPlay #WendyWilliams shaded #DestinysChild 😩 No one was safe 😩 via: @wendyshow


#LilDurk and his boo definitely keep it hot 👀


Okay #LilKim come through with this beat hunty! Via: @makeupari_



#BishStoleMyLook 💅🏾: Okay #Roommates! #NickiMinaj and #Beyonce were recently spotted rocking the same #YSL thigh-high jacket boots! #Nicki was photographed sitting pretty in the leather stunners with a green top, and Queen Bey rocked hers with an all-denim look. Roomies, who stayed these boots the best?!


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#TSRBaeWatch: Looks like things are getting real serious between #IdrisElba and his boo #SabrinaDhowre! He took sis to Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Charles yesterday 👀👀 📷: Chris Jackson @gettyimages



#SaintWest and #NorthWest at #Saint's birthday party!


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Yasss sis! Keep pushing no matter the circumstances! She gained her first degree and child all in one day! #MSU via: @cdete_



Y'all feelin' #NickiMinaj's verse on the remix of #ASAPFerg's song #PlainJane? 👀


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#TSRPositiveImages: Shoutout to #Common, #DJEnvy, #Fabolous, and #Charlamagne for coming out to help the Newark Mayor #RasBaraka serve food to the city! 🙌🏽 Via: @blackslaws



#PressPlay Mood! #LebronJames daughter is too cute!


#RoommateDiaries: We’ve all been there, spill the tea and tell us what was the worst job interview you’ve had #Roommates! 👀👀


#MommyDuties: #AprylJones celebrates her birthday by sharing this adorable pic with her babies #Megaa and #Amei! #TSRBirdayz



TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ )

#TSRWhatIfs: These celebs are all extremely talented in their respective fields, but we can't help but think some of them may have missed their calling!! _____________________________________

Imagine having abs like #Ciara because she personally trained you--or discussing how Professor #Tip's final exam was doing the most!
Do y'all think these celebs could flourish in these fields?! [SWIPE] & let us know what other celebs may have missed their calling!! 📷: @GettyImages — Produced by @get.streamlined, Graphic design by @TylerSimien


#PressPlay: So this is what we doing at the office now? He didn’t have to do Shayla like that! 😩 via: @arust03 #WhyShaylaGirl #IHopeHeHelpedHerUp


#TSRKillaComments: The term "shoot your shot" officially has no limits 😩💀 #IAintMadAtYa #TakesNotesForRihannasNextLive 👀


#TSRPositiveImages: Congrats to this grandma-granddaughter duo who graduated from college together! They’re almost four decades apart and it proves that age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to accomplishing your goals! And to top it off, Granny walked across the stage at the top of her class! Okay #BlackGirlMagic! 🙌🏽 Via: @abcnews


TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ )

#TSRICanRelate: Alright Roommates, you know how it is when you see something on the internet, or wherever else y'all be 👀and you just have to share it or send it to someone because you can totally relate?
Welp, of course Twitter has some of the realest of the realest people on social media, so here are a few of the most relatable tweets of the week!!


Look at this growth 😍😍Just when you thought it was impossible to grow your edges back. @Edge.Entity always comes through, even with diagnoses of alopecia. You should check them out!


#PressPlay: #TiffanyHaddish's memoir #TheLastBlackUnicorn was released last week but there seems to be some discrepancies over what’s true and what was fabricated in the book. Tiffany recently went live and admitted some things may have gotten tweaked during the editing process. This came after multiple sources reported some of the shocking details shared in the book, including an alleged abusive relationship with her ex-husband who she divorced and married twice.
"He grabbed me by the collar, he was like, 'It's time to go to the room now,' in front of everybody," she wrote. "Just snatched me by my shirt, and pulled me to the elevator and threw me in it…once we got to our hotel room, he was so quick. He snatched me by the neck and slammed me into the wall." __________________________________________

She said things got so bad between them that at one point it led to an arrest and miscarriage. Now, Tiffany’s ex-husband is speaking out against the allegations, saying he loves Tiff until his last breath and he never put his hands on her. #Roomies, take a look and tell us your thoughts.


TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne
#Roommates, it looks like #XXXTentacion went straight to jail this morning after being charged with 7 separate felonies for his 2016 domestic violence case!
According to @TMZ_TV, the new counts he’s facing include different degrees of witness tampering and witness harrassment. Prosecutors in the case believe he threatened his ex-girlfriend that he allegedly beat and is currently facing battery charges against a pregnant woman along with false imprisonment.
So what prompted all of this? XXXTentacion reportedly provided a document earlier this month that was signed by the alleged victim stating—read more at


When you see ya ex preaching about things he was never on with you 😩😩#KarlieRedd hit #YoungJoc with the #mmhmygod 😩


#TSRGloUps: [SWIPE] From a young girl to a young woman! Look at this #Roommates glo-up !! 💅🏾via: @pocahundons


#PressPlay: #WillSmith been wildin’ ever since he made an Instagram account 😂😩SWIPE for the IG tutorial #JustinTimberlake gave him 👀


#TanykaRenee @jockintanyka out in Trelawny, Jamaica. Where are our roomies from? Comment with your flag