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C-a-l-i-f-o-r-n-i-a (but you have to say it in the voice of the little kid from the movie The Wizard feat. Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis)


Ok. I get it. California is amazing.


Good morning LA ☕️!



Morning sweet girl 😊☕️


Lovely start to the morning ✨


Howling at coyotes



Out stomping around Montana on a project for @nordstrommen / #AGjeans. Been breaking in a pair of their raw denim jeans the past few and I'm sold, gonna wear these out .
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Always good to bring the camera along to document those things and places in life I enjoy. Shooting video for @NordstromMen and the #AGjeans Everett Fit ✨ Getting to spend the evening in a field with no where better to be always feels like home to me
Created in collab with my dear friend @belikethefox
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Been reading the ‘Subtle Art of Not Giving an F’ this week and it’s been sticking with me real good:
“What pain do you want in your life? What is the pain that you are willing to sustain? What are you willing to struggle for? Happiness requires struggle, it grows from problems. Joy has to be earned through managing our struggles.”
When I think about that I remember leaving security behind live simply out of my pickup truck so I could shoot a documentary. I think about the time I drove hours to go see her and I put my heart on the line. I think about waking early in the bitter cold to feel the morning light.
But it’s all true y’all. Pain in the stumbling block that has more potential than anything to bring you into new consciousness.



Continued from yesterday... it started with an evening exploring at the lake...
Head towards @lumadeline for the next chapter and keep the #storytag going.
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Shooting for @canonusa this week for their #shootforgreatness project. I create a visual story from scratch, with a bunch of other photographers, and they’re posting after me to continue the narrative. Tomorrow is the beginning of #storytag, shot with the Canon EOS M5
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Not mad about where life is taking me. It’s all on schedule y’all ✨



Most patient friend around....truly love staying at the dog friendly @LaQuintaHotels out on the road. And about to hit the town with my partner in crime and a shirt without wrinkles (for the first time ever?)


‘To be present is to know what you need to know in the moment. To be present to something is to allow the situation change you’ - Richard Rohr


A little affirmation from me today: Give yourself space to make a mess of it, own it tomorrow, and do it better the next go around. But be dang sure you get up for that sunrise everyday



Finding my change of pace


Grateful to call this a guy a friend. Worn so many holes in his music over the years. It’s good for a heart to sit around and talk ✨


And for something a little different...24 hours in Denver! A short video in collab with @LaQuintaHotels and @Thrillist for spots to check out if you ever have a layover. Fun project, enjoyed getting to pretend I was a TV show host for the day



Sometimes ya gotta be in between seasons. The leaves are gone, the snow ain’t here, but you just patiently wait.


Hold on loosely


Loves that in Colorado you can wake up with friends, have coffee and talk, then before the sunsets for the night be at 13,000ft to watch it all. Special land around here ✨


This view 😊


Crossed paths out on the road with my dear friends Max & Bonnie Kate of @beadventureus yesterday 🙃 I love sitting in their lovely airstream with no where better to be.
Their home reminds me that we need a beautiful space to recharge if we want to create and thrive, not just somewhere to exist in and sleep in. That’s exactly what’s so warm about being in their 30 foot home on wheels.
Their adventures are worthy and their love is impressive, worth a follow


Life’s a dance, not a fight ✨


Yesterday was a real adventure but the sweet thing is that it ended right here way up in the mountains @ 12,000ft ✨


Classic story of a dog on a rock and a guy with a camera to take a picture of it


Looking for some peace and I found it


A place of peace I’ve always found is sitting under a tree or out in an open field. A place to go and recenter. And that’s what I love most about being a photographer, I can live my life in that sort of place. I love assembling ideas, dreams really, of places and people and memories and feelings.
So this is my dream, a reality too, a feeling of a story I lived. Sitting in a field with my buddy @gregoryalanisakov, drinking wine, listening to songs, being here.
Everything belongs ✨


Daily reminder to love ‘em while you got ‘em, swallow your pride and share your heart, and learn to wait ✨


Winter is bound to teach a man patience
words: the language of letting go: daily meditations on codependency