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I spy with my little eye, Tuna’s crazy eyes and both Colins’ beady eyes. AND Tuna’s eye and nose freckles! 👀 #viewfromthetop


If I owned this, I would definitely hang it on my wall. Incredible #tunainterpretations stitching by @abbey.aichinger.art! #tunartuesdays


Someone apparently had snow for dinner. ❄️❄️❄️ Parka: gifted, Collar/Leash: @yark



#GLADLY! Now that’s a pin I can get fully on board with!! Who’s with me?! 😘🇮🇪💚


When your pin makes a subtle suggestion but you decide to take it to the next level. #what? #toomuch? #happystpaddysday 🍀


Well that’s an interesting angle



This is a friendly PSA from me to you ☺️ Please consider adopting or fostering. If you aren’t in a position to do either, please donate monetarily or tangibly to a shelter or rescue group in need. And if you have extra time on your hands, volunteer at a local shelter. I can’t stress the importance of one or all of these acts.
Thank you & please pass it on! 😘


Since St. Patricks Day is just around the corner, I thought I would introduce some more green into the feed on this fine #tunartuesdays, as well as multiple Tunas, because the more the better, right? This #tunainterpretations brought to you by the wildly talented @art_by_bobbie.


If your Monday isn’t going as well as this, feel free to live vicariously through his silly grin or at least just stare at it periodically to get you through the day/week. #cheerstojoyandlaughter 🤪



Sometimes I think that an aggressively zoomed in photo of Tuna’s mug is absolutely necessary right before the start of a new week. Enjoy my friends, and feel free to share with someone you think could use a little bit of a giggle. #cheerstojoyandlaughter 😘


Attempting to get rewarded for 💩ing. “Attempting” is the operative word here.


Well that makes one member of the family (and one member only,) who is feeling overly enthusiastic about all of this snow. It must be credited to his super warm snuggie by @dogdentons



That annoyed look you give your friend when he can’t find the remote and he asks you to get up to manually turn down the volume since you’re the closest one to the tv. 📺 #shrivelface


I just came across this incredibly uncanny #tunainterpretations graphite drawing by the remarkably talented, @reneefrench from a couple years ago. I adore her cute, little characters and I’m so humbled that she chose to interpret Tuna. 😘😘 Just look how adorable he looks here!! 😍😍😍#tunartuesdays #toodlebrain #shrivelneck


It’s that time of year again! #Oscars #bottomleft @theellenshow @zlatti #tb



When you discover that your dog is now a bat, it makes sense because he sleeps all day as it is. #therereallyisnodifference 🦇🦇🦇


This #shrivelnecked, #toodlebrain is ready to get on the plane in his NEW airplane bag! SO thankful for Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping and that kind man who returned all of Toons’ important travel papers! @thetravelingtuna


YOU GUYS!!!!!!! The pet passport was returned!!! Some man found the passport and other paperwork on the side of the road in Venice (not LAX) and drove it to my vet’s office. The bag and it’s other contents weren't returned but who cares! Just so grateful to have the passport! Now we can travel easy again! Whoever you are, sir, I am sooo grateful for your kindness and I promise to pay it forward in your honour. THANK YOU!!!



This is a long shot but so was having Colin returned to us after I hung up “a missing person” sign years ago, so here it goes. Yesterday, Tuna’s airplane carrier went missing somewhere in LA! Haha. It was either left in Venice by Abbott Kinny near Lemonade, or outside of AA Terminal 4 (thankfully for us, sans Tuna.) It’s black, medium in size, and looks like a gym bag on wheels 👆. The @sherpabrand carrier is easily replaceable, but his blue EU Pet Passport that was inside the top pocket is very important and valuable. If you have seen this bags whereabouts, or if you can help me locate it from the LAX airport if you work there, please email me at courtney@tunameltsmyheart.com! THANK U!


When your new roommate is an absolute savage! You decide which one. 😂😂😂 Swipe left for multiple displays of crabbiness. 🔈⬆️ #nopuppieswereharmedinthemakingofthisvideo Video compliments of Uncle @mattvaughan. Foster puppy compliments of @muttscouts. Ps: Is anyone else dying over his snarly lip curl? I am 🙋‍♀️😂😂😂


I’m out of town so Tuna is being babysat by his Uncle @mattvaughan who also happens to be fostering a puppy from @muttscouts simultaneously. This is a video Matt took after he came home to the pupppy going mental in his crate, and right before he let him out, he captured this video of Tuna being zero percent into the puppy’s aggressively loud shrills. I don’t blame him, and his indifference slays me. 😂🙉🔈 #cantbebothered #nopuppieswereharmedinthemakingofthisvideo


Tuna got his teeth cleaned over the weekend and this is him showing you how amazing they look, whilst napping and drooling 😂 I take him in annually to get a dental cleaning where he’s usually put under for it, but this time I wanted to try something non-invasive. I relied on trusty google, and @greendogdental came up with rave reviews (5 stars of 210 on Yelp!) Toons did excellent and his teeth look great! The cost is super affordable, the staff was beyond professional, and the environment they created to alleviate stress and anxiety for him was so intentional and thoughtful. They are AMAZING! HIGHLY recommended! Ps: Not an ad. Just excited and wanted to share. Go there if in LA. #teethcleaningfordogsissuperimportant!


We went to the beach today...in a one piece turtleneck fleece. It was that freezing. 😂 Dignified in @dogdentons #sweaterweather


Any weekend plans, Toons? Response: 👆


Looks like Tuna found his Valentine and homeboy in the back seems to disapprove of it. 😝😝😝


If anyone is looking for a Valentine, he’s single. Any takers? ❤️ #happyvalenTUNAtinesday


We stopped to appreciate some organic rock formations in the middle of the desert.


At Project Women’s Show in Vegas with @bbdakota. Stop by their Love Lounge if you’re here to get a photo with Tuna!! 😘


Road tripping with his cousin, his #shrivelneck, and his snacks (which is what is holding his attention for this photo)


I like to call the first four photos of this compilation “The Sweet Potato Fry Waltz” and the last photo is called “Dang it” because it he didn’t end up obtaining the said sweet potato fry in the end because he lost his balance. 😭 ps: the last photo is my personal favourite. We gave him one, don’t worry.