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You know I gotta root for my Florida boys tonight too! Make sure to pick up some @MiamiGrill catering trays to watch today’s game 🐊 #GoGators #ad #EverythingGoes


Great team win tonight with my @miamiheat bros. Couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to lead, impact, and inspire. We preach enjoying one another’s success. It’s not a option. It’s a lifestyle when u sign up. We ain’t for everybody!! #og #stayreadysoyoudonthavetogetready #heatlifer #culture


And this is what happens when @djkhaled comes on. Lol. We all rep the Hometeam!! Like father, like sons!! Except for these dance moves..😂😭🤷🏾‍♂️ #dadecounty #og #bloodline💉 #lovemyboys



Been eating @MiamiGrill my whole life and these days my go-to is the mahi-mahi salad with some fries on the side. What’s your go-to item at Miami Grill? #sponsored #EverythingGoes #305



Sending prayers out to the homie @richforever...🙏🏾🙏🏾


Number FIVE #UDAllStarTop5 was seeing the happiness in Elijah when he met @scottiepippen, @jharden13 and @karltowns!


You’ve never steered me wrong! You’ve always been there to listen without judgement. You’ve opened doors for me and my family that I’ve never dreamed of. U wasn’t even my 1st love. Lol. Growing up in miami we breed NFL stars. I found u by default. Lol. A football injury brought me to u. Or u to me. Lol. Either way to this day I’m still inspired by u. I still wake up with that drive. I still wake up with that hunger. I still wake up looking to compete. Should I be satisfied after 15yrs and 3 rings? Should I find another way to challenge myself? Maybe that’s what the average mind would think. But if I thought like the average mind where would I be? Could I have bought my momma a house? Could I have been a business owner and provided jobs in my community? You’ve taught me how to strive to be above average. How to think outside the box. How to work and grind when they sleep. How to stay hungry but humble. I ain’t done with u yet! We still got work to do. On the court and off. Just know that I appreciate the hell outta ya..☑️💯#og



Number FOUR #UDAllStarTop5 was of course with my guys @dwyanewade and @pushat305 at the @lining.official WOW6 Moments Release. Blessed to be a part of something this great.


Number THREE #UDAllStarTop5 was being a judge at the NBA G League Slam Dunk Contest. These boys got hops! @nbagleague


Number TWO #UDAllStarTop5 was chilling in the #KiaAllStarLoft with my son. Check out @kalaniballfree’s sick spin trick. Salute, brother!



All Star Weekend was dope & I had the joy of sharing it with my mini-me. My top moments are coming to you this week! Number ONE #UDAllStarTop5 was Elijah’s birthday on Saturday at the Slam Dunk & 3 Point Contest!


Kids like Seth are the reasons why I do what I do. Thank you, little man. It’s an honor to be your person-book for #BlackHistoryMonth


My friends over at @checkcashingusa want to help the families affected by the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas yesterday. Those without access to a computer can make a donation in person at any one of their stores. This is the time for us to come together and do what we can for our community in need.



S/O to @ringer for this amazing article. I’ve never tried to be something or someone I’m not. I’ve never wavered from how I was raised and the things that have been instilled in me. Love, loyalty, hard work. Just a kid from miami living his dream and doing it his way. As my man @waiters3 would say, Bet on yourself and double down!!!☑️💯 #og


Great team win tonight and great hearing my brother name called as he entered the game. It’s official heat nation. My boy back in the 305!!! Oh and there’s no dilemma on who’s county it is. @dwyanewade u take everything from south beach over. That other side of the bridge belongs to me my boy....☑️💯😂 #og #heatlifer #culture


I set up my Tomorrow Sleep System with the kids. Gotta teach them at a young age how to stay well rested with the right type of comfort. My #tomorrowresolution is to sleep eight hours a night and get more rest so I can enjoy all that life has to bring. Thanks @tomorrow! #tomorrowpartner #tomorrowsleep



Ok @dwyanewade. If this what we doing then let’s do it my boy!!! Welcome back !!!☑️💯 #og #heatlifer #heatnation


And this is why I love my dogs!! Like @akon say, if ever cross that line I guarantee there’ll be nothing to save ya!! @floridak9association u better stop playing with my boys. U got them ready!!!Juice+King☑️💯


Congratulations @the_1_dragon for being selected as a 2018 All Star. U deserve it my brother!!! #og #culture #heatnationstandup


Lord knows these laughs came at the right time. Always love for my brothers @kingjames and @dwyanewade!!!✊🏾☑️


Damn!!! Smh!!! My prayers go out to the Butler family. I spent many nights my rookie year running with the Philly dog!! My first encounter with anyone from Philly and immediately knew he was just like me. We held each other down in one another’s city. U and your wife will be missed Rasual “Bop” Butler!!!


In the presence of a couple 305 made men while in Dallas. @unclelukereal1 @djfreestylesteve always love from a young man that’s idolized what y’all have done to put our city on the map. Oh @unclelukereal1 that Miami Heat Vice jersey coming your way ASAP legend. It will be a honor!!! #dadecounty


I don’t have the words to say right now Hank but I have the memories. Each memory I have of you includes you creating another great memory for someone else. U mentoring someone else. U sacrificing for someone else. U being a role model for someone else. U showing a young black man how to lead a family. You completely dedicated your life to others. That’s why you are so special. Agent?? Hell no!! How about father. Coming from someone who’s dad is and has been around I never hesitated to call you for difficult decision making and advice and you never steered me wrong. I hurt and I smile at the same time. I hurt cause I won’t get that text after every game but I smile cause I know you still won’t miss a game. I love u man!! Nobody better then you Henry Hank Thomas!!!


Pulling up on my @fancy homeboys while in the Big Apple. Great minds think alike on a lot of levels...🔑💡☑️💯


Red Lobster has a special place in my heart! I’ve been coming to this exact location since I was a kid, and I still love dining here every chance I get. Happy 50th Anniversary @RedLobster! #AD


The ultimate sacrifice was made for us to live the life we live. Thank you!!! #MLKDay


Shoutout @thebeatmiami for having me on the air today! #salute #og 💯


Just a few reasons why @miamiheat future is so bright... Oh and JJ they don’t want no smoke!!! Believe dat!!!☑️💯 #og