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‪We make beautiful star maps showing the alignment of the stars in a place and time chosen by you. Birthday, engagement, first date. Design yours at:


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This melts our hearts 💕💕 Adorable family photo by @kissmedarlingxo


We here at @underluckystars love how the cute pets of our customers fit so well with our star maps! 💕🐈🐕 😍
Are you more a cat or a dog person?


Such an inspirational home office look from @mz.interior, with one of our gorgeous classic white star maps!
Boosting our Monday productivity for sure, what do you think?



Looking back at some of the recent star maps from our customers. Sweetening up our Sunday!! 😍💕💘💔


Look at this lamp! 😍 oh and what's there behind? Gorgeous photo from @leannelimwalker


Guest books are our favorite use of our star maps. Take something personal and unique and add more to it! We love it! ❤️ thank you @rkndrwn!



That's the perfect spot for a star map, reminding you when you got married! ❤️ photo by @wavesandlilacs


Charming photo from @jennifrost! 😍 check her blog at photojenn.co.uk


What a sublime photo! ❤️ Thank you @evenangelsfallblog for the shot and the review! Check out her Valentine's Gift Guide, a lot of great ideas there. 💝

#valentinesday #gift #yesitsthattimeoftheyear



What is this? A walking star map?? 😅 Thanks for the photo @camdicecca ❤️✨


Fantastic photo from @soniamencarelli ❤️Every single one of our star maps – including this one – captures a happy moment. We love all of them! Thank you Sonia! #happy #couple #love


Sometimes you look at a photo and you feel instant tranquility and peace. This is one of those. Thank you @rickkrisman ✨
#love #luckystars #peace



While we love stargazing, we all live in this tiny speck of dust called Earth, so we also ought to look around here sometimes. We are deeply concerned about climate change to which we have contributed as well. We decided to start 2018 clean and we offset our carbon footprint for the year 2017. Through our donation, Cool Earth - the NGO of our choice - will be able to protect enough rainforest to balance our CO2 emissions for the year, making Under Lucky Stars carbon neutral.


Happy new year Earthlings!

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Charming photo from @liz_kamarul 💕 Check her account – she has a great taste – and leave some good vibes!


Only 362 days until next Christmas! 🎄we can't wait to see these beauties under the trees and hear your stories again! ❤️ Photo from @paulisea



Super nice photo from @francoalvarezcrestana ❤️ thank you for sharing!


One of the hardest part of this job is choosing which photos to repost of the many lovely ones you are sending us ❤️ This one broke our cute-o-meter! Thank you @__.monika.__! #gift #xmas #cutenessoverload


Great things often come in pairs! And sometimes by accident! Super sweet photo from @lil.lucky.star (great name by the way!) ❤️🎄✨
Who’s surprised we got each other the exact same gift 😍
@underluckystars thank you for the beautiful prints!



We've been thinking what to post here when we wish you all dear followers merry Christmas 🎄. This sweet video from @ellestargaryen came at just the right time, it's perfect! It's been a tough month, we have been working very hard (and made some mistakes too) to get everyone the star maps they ordered. When we get videos like this, it really makes it all worthwhile and it makes us work harder. We wish we could see these touching moments of glory of all the maps we sent. Merry Christmas to you all, we love you! ❤️
@ellestargaryen: "Thank you @underluckystars for helping me achieve my goal of making my stepfather cry."


Reposting @weliveinthismoment
One of the greatest things you could have framed is something near and dear to your heart. A reminder of a special moment where the stars were aligned beautifully for you.


What a beauty! 😍 has the perfect curves and gets all the attention in the room! Oh, and its owner looks pretty too! 😉
Thanks for the photo @tolgahannn27! We hope that @elisamayx like the gift! 😊

#gift #love #beauty


Did you catch the meteor shower last night? @jacinth_hazarika did:
"On 13th December 2017, we went out in the hope of catching some meteors from the Geminid meteor shower 🌠🌟💫
Got really lucky, saw dozens and dozens of them amongst a million stars🌌
Braved the remoteness at midnight and almost turned into frozen popsicles❄️
Couldn't have asked for anything better⭐️
It's hard to find words to describe this other worldy show of last night's sky🌠
Shout out to my homie @prokash_da for the final retouches! 😎
@madhurasamudra this one's for a lifetime! 🌟
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What a nice shot! Thank you @mylifebylexi for sharing it with us! Every photo of our star maps feels like getting a love letter! • • •
From Alexia:
"My present to Jay on our wedding day - an A2 print of the stars above from @underluckystars us as we got married last Monday. We feel like the stars aligned the day we met, and so for this day I wanted to freeze the night sky forever. The most romantic flipping gift I’ve ever got him. Happy to say there were happy tears from Jay when I explained the picture to him at 2am at our hotel after the wedding - he first thought it was just a nice picture of the sky! And then the penny dropped and the flood gates opened."


"My thoughts are stars, I cannot fathom into constellation." – Great photo from @len.dee.92 with a 2 years anniversary gift! Guess what's under the wrapping paper! ❤️


Fantastic shot from @dirtbagdecor! ⚡️We are so proud and frankly a little humbled that our map is in the center of the attention in a beautiful arrangement like that! #memories #goodtaste #heartwarming


Beautiful shades from @jesspunzel:
"Our sky ✨ a map of the stars the day, time, and place we got married."
#love #sweet #gift #giftideas


"The perfect new addition to our home" –@chelseaeve_templeton ❤️


Photo from @julia_giusti: "my boyfriend loved his present for our one year anniversary!" We love this photo too! ❤️


Got this lovely photo from @emilydesjarlais 💙 she adds: "Thank you for giving me the ability to give my boyfriend one of the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts for our first anniversary! His favourite constellation was the Gemini formation! (as it looks like two people holding hands together) I am in love with this for every reason, thank you :)" Thank you Emily! ❤️


Lovely arrangement sent to us by @juliamokdad: "Thank you for this beautiful star map its perfect!!" 🖤🖤🖤