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‘Akhob,’ an art installation by @jamesturell, may look Instagram-worthy—but no photography is allowed. The idea is to have an in-person, out-of-body visual adventure. Tap the link in bio to read more about ‘Akhob’ at @garage_magazine.


@viceland/@vicelandbus is on the ground for #powertothepolls in Las Vegas.


"As Indian women, we've seen far too often that women aren't valued, women aren't put into positions of power, and women aren't treated as equals. And we're marching today to change that." Video by @viceland at @womensmarch 2018.



“I walk for all women who can’t be here.” @vicenews asked New York marchers why they attended @womensmarch 2018. See their answers at Photo by @katcaulderwood.


Explains a lot. Photo by @cal_beu.


✊ Photo by @viceland.



"Twenty-one years ago, a man on a skateboard fell down a 17-foot drop at a schoolyard in San Diego and changed the world forever." Visit to read the story of @jamiethomas’s “leap of faith,” skateboarding’s first avant-garde moment. Photo by @jgrantbrittain.


When over four million people from around the world gathered the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration last year for the inaugural @womensmarch, they made history. This year, the Women’s March organizers aim to harness that collective energy and mobilize the masses again. This time, with a new focus. Visit to read a rundown of everything you need to know about the 2018 marches.


We present to you perhaps the most cursed meal possible: PIEd Pods, AKA Tide Pod-themed mini calzones, courtesy of @vinniesbrooklyn. They’ve got the alluring colors that the youths crave, but are 100% edible as opposed to 100% poison. Tap the link in bio to learn how they tasted. Bone apple tea, or whatever, goodbye. Photo by @munchies.



People keep seeing the Mothman in Chicago. Visit find out what the hell is going on. Art by @liakantrowitz.


President Trump and the polls: a tragic love story, via @vicenews.


Romania’s Mihaela Noroc backpacked across the globe for four years to create her new photo book “My perception of beauty changed,” she said. “If you Google ‘beautiful woman’ you get such a narrow image.” See more of Noroc’s pictures at



VICE’s @brookesauvage and @pinatapartysupply met with members of the Nisenan, a Native American tribe that the federal government tried to erase in the 1960s. Nisenan history is marked by pain and oppression caused by European settlers and promises broken by the United States government. But they are also a people who personify perseverance, and against all odds, the Nisenan still exist. Visit to learn more. Photos by @pinatapartysupply.


On the season finale of HAMILTON'S PHARMACOPEIA, @hamiltonmorris embarks on a quest to discover how local shamans use the San Pedro cactus for powerful medicinal purposes. Tonight at 10 on @viceland.


A new photo book from Jonathan Rentschler (@eurojon) beautifully chronicles the last days of Philadelphia’s legendary skate spot LOVE park. See more of his photos and read our interview with Rentschler at



✅ Invite me to stuff in the weekends. Read @jellyvamps full comic, 'Contract of Palship,' at


With America still deep in its deadliest-ever drug epidemic, you might expect the most powerful people in the country to try to stop it. Instead, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has opened up a new front on the War on Weed. Visit to read why this is an insane move. Art by @liakantrowitz.


Welcome to 2018: a “shithole” new world. Video by @vicenews.



Life of a modern flight attendant is far from the glitz and glamor of the airlines’ golden age, though it does contain occasional freebies and dirty coffee (seriously, don’t drink airplane coffee). We asked “Betty,” who works at a major airline, the ten questions you always wanted to ask a flight attendant. Visit to see her answers. Photo from the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive.


After Donald Trump cancelled his upcoming trip to London, a wax figurine of the President showed up at the London embassy instead. Visit for the full story. Photo via AP.


Watch sex and relationship expert Karley Sciortino (@karleyslutever) answer all your kinkiest questions on her @VICELAND show, SLUTEVER. Watch the full premiere before the season drops on January 24 at


VICE’s Elyssa Goodman talked with photographer Zora Sicher on the importance of having a dialogue with your subjects. Read the full interview and see more photos at Photo by @zorasicher.


Pro tip: if you idolize a celebrity, do not tweet at them. We repeat, do NOT tweet at them. Tap the link in bio to learn how one of our writers learned this the hard way. Art by @liakantrowitz.


These metal-as-hell gators are surviving winter by freezing alive. Read the full story at Photo via @oibswamppark.


Japanese inventor Kikuo Ibe is behind the iconic G-Shock timepiece. He talked with @vice about coping with past failures and seizing future opportunities. Photos by @alexthebez and @_kaythebez


OK, but seriously, President Oprah would be a really, really bad idea. Full article on Art by @liakantrowitz.


On this day in 1947, David Bowie was born. Happy birthday to the late, great legend. Photo by @therealmickrock, via @i_d.


Nothing but respect for our president.


Oh, hi @tommywiseau.


@sethmeyers tackled harassment and assault in Hollywood in his @goldenglobes opening monologue.