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Every day she squats down next to the dogs, leans in and opens her mouth wide to give them kisses (aka have them give her slobbery open-mouth Dog-to-baby tongue kisses)🙈😂❤️ During our last visit to the @sgtpeppersfriends shelter she did the same with all the puppies! People ask me if it doesn’t freak me out or say that it’s unsanitary... But I want her to be a little messy! I want her to be barefoot and play in the dirt and not be afraid to walk in the rain and give the doggies kisses because she loves them and lie face down in the grass and let the earth hold and caress her the way it’s meant to. If I had the time and patience I’d transform our home into a little farm (but with two goats and three dogs we are pretty busy as is at the moment). Life is messy and that’s a good thing. When she eats I take her clothes off and let her go nuts with whatever is in front of her - she eats with her whole body. And then we take a bath and walk around naked. It’s the best. Naked babies, dogs, family. Just the best. Whenever my mind takes me elsewhere I come back here. The little things and the everythings❤️ #gratitude


Behold: a visual representation of my spiritual journey🤓❤️✨🌙☺️😅 (watch until the end) .
. .
Music: Mul Mantra by Snatam Kaur .

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Birthday party bliss!!!! Had the best day with this little princess celebrating her first birthday with friends and family today. She is so sweet and gentle and calm it just melts my heart... She’s the kindest, happiest little girl❤️ And after a whole day of music and cake and laughter and a house full of people she ate all her oatmeal, put on her PJ’s, hugged her new teddy bear and put herself to bed without a word. I LOVE HER SO MUCH😭 and she looks like a fairytale princess in this dress! So proud to be her mom. And so tired now after a very exciting birthday week. I’ve never had this much vegan cake in my life (today we had a coconut caramel cake, vanilla cake and an upside down pineapple cake - the sugarrrrrrrrrr)😋🤓 Wishing you all a beautiful evening and love, love, love ❤️ #family #love #birthday #bdayparty #lealuna #joy (beautiful photos by @dayennearuba !)



Walking the line between showing up with love, speaking up for what I believe in, fighting for what’s right, being a voice of reason, letting go of perfection, caring for my wellbeing, being a source of inspiration, changing the world, remaining authentic and also giving absolute zero fucks about what other people think of me. IT’S A LOT TO BALANCE! I do my best. Take a lot of risks. Stir a lot of pots. Piss a lot of people off. And speak up as much as I can without risking a lawsuit (been there done that). I fucking hate injustice and insincerity. Can’t stand it. Gets me all fired up. But then I remember, my job isn’t to breathe fire. It’s just to breathe. So deep breaths all around while I contemplate the #metooyoga movement and corporate greed within the yoga world today. If you have a story to share email me. 600 women have shared so far. You are all so brave. x #justice


Just very casually wondering if its socially acceptable to put your baby in tie dye every day🤔🤓😇 .
I’m so forking glad I have you guys. Seriously. You listening and commenting and giving reviews on the podcast makes my week every week. It feels so good to just be weird and normal all at the same time knowing there are people out there that feel the same as I do. I LOVE YOU!!!!! And I can’t wait to share with you the new stuff I’m working on. To heal and help and love and share and give and be and breathe and move and LIVE. All of us together. Loving all. x #yogagirl #community #gratitude


In today’s podcast episode I tell the most insane story of all time, fully give up trying to be perfect, admit that I have a crush on a 90-year old man and talk about major fuck-ups, shitty days, unconditional love and how at the end of it all gratitude will change all of our lives. It’s a good one! Tune in now! Link in bio or search Yoga Girl wherever you get your podcasts😬☺️❤️ .
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do you ever feel
like just walking away? .
Day started off crap and has sort of gotten crappier since. Sometimes I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall with the same issue again and again and nothing ever changes no matter what angle I take. So what do you do when no matter how hard you try things just don’t work? Well. You stop trying. You hug your baby and you stop. In 50 years... Will anything else really matter?


One year ago today. Newborn baby, sleepy dad☺️ .

I was dead set on birthing at home in our birth pool but after 18 hours of the most intensely challenging labor I gave in and we went to the hospital. On the outside nothing really changed; I didn’t have any medical intervention, no epidural, and I still got the natural birth I wanted. But for me going to the hospital was the ultimate surrender. It was everything I didn’t want and had spent weeks fighting. At 2 weeks overdue I’d told every doctor to go to hell when they urged me to get induced and in my mind I was set to have a “natural home birth” - but what it actually represented was my need to control. I read 13 books on unmedicated home birth. I had literally planned to chant the baby out of my womb - preferably in a squat, all alone, in the moonlight surrounded by crystals and palo santo. Well. Nothing happened the way I planned... It happened the way it was supposed to. I gave in. Gave up. Lea Luna gave me her greatest lesson already then, before she was even born: let go. Let go. Ask for help. Surrender. Stop thinking you have to do it all alone.
After fighting the hospital I had to beg to be taken in because no one could believe it was what I really wanted. I couldn’t explain it - I just needed help. What for so long for me represented authority and unnatural practices became a complete representation of God. I was on my knees, in absolute surrender, giving my entire being to the unknown. The moment we got in the car I relaxed so much I almost fell asleep (which after a whole day and night of agony with no progress was a miracle in itself). In the 10-minute car ride to the hospital I dilated 2 centimeters more and an hour later I was 9cm open. Just like that. I spent three hours in seated meditation just breathing in my hospital bed, allowing for the last part of the opening to unfold. Asking for help did something to me; it shifted something big that had to happen for her to be born. .
Birthing her was birthing me.
This year has been the best, most beautiful, most spiritually challenging and most healing year of my life. And this little girl and I are just getting started❤️ #motherhood



Happy 1st birthday little moon!!!!!!!🌙☀️💛✨🌼 Thank you for giving me the best year of my entire life! I love you to the moon and back and so far beyond words will never be enough😭😍😩❤️ #lealuna1year #lealuna #1yearold #1year #firstbirthday #bday #baby #littlemoon #love #love #love #love #love


somos un río. .

I miss you every day. 4 years... It’s all still a dream. I sing our chants and wear our shoes and a lot of the time I still feel you here. And when I don’t I paint my nails with your nail polish and put on your pajama pants and roll out your yoga mat and it helps. Today was an okay day. We smiled and played and I didn’t cry until everything became quiet. Lea Luna has been up all night crying and I don’t know why. To keep me busy, maybe. To stay with what’s here, now. I rock her to sleep and wonder if she knows what day it is and it makes me so sad knowing there’s a favorite aunt she’ll never get to play with. I envision you both together; a whirlwind of chaos and shrieking laughter. Or maybe you talk already. I imagine you do. She kept walking up to your altar today, again and again, touching the stones and reaching for your picture. A year ago today I was 7 days overdue wondering why birth and death had to be so intertwined. I was convinced she would be born on your death day but I’m so glad she wasn’t. She needed her own day, one that doesn’t make me stay up crying in the middle of the night. She waited for the full moon and arrived 3 days later and for as long as I live I’ll have this week of life and death and birthdays and memories all intertwined as one.
Holding her in my arms
and you
in my heart.
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PUPPY LOVE! We had an astonishing 66 volunteers at the new @sgtpeppersfriends shelter today to help get the property ready for construction. They cleaned up the entire yard (almost 3,000 square meters / 33,000 square feet) and filled three whole containers with garden scraps. I’ll put a before and after in my story - it’s totally wild. And now we can start building and get ready to save many, many more animals in need. I’m in awe of all of this selfless work! Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for your time and energy❤️ @arubadoet this was truly amazing! And thank you @dayennearuba for working day and night and the entire SPF team and all volunteers and Louella and the Ritz team for bringing us so much support. Truly amazing. And Lea Luna got to meet a litter of puppies for the first time...!!! All in all a pretty magical morning😌 @sgtpeppersfriends #animalrescue #animalshelter #adoptdontshop #savealife #sgtpeppersfriends #animals #seva #love #service #changetheworld #puppy #puppies #dog #dogs #cat #cats #infinitelove


It’s been an incredibly intense day. From the moment I woke up it’s been hectic. I’ve been hectic. Stress. Work. Too much. .

Around sunset we get food at a Surinamese place right next to the studio and the baby is CRAZY. So wild. I can’t sit down for one second. She runs around and tries to get into the kitchen and wants to go behind the bar and touch everything she’s not allowed to touch and shrieks when I tell her no. We get the food to go and Dennis takes her home and I’m sticking around for a meditation class at the studio with @cosmicchristine who’s visiting. I have 30 minutes before class starts and warm food in my hands and the sun is setting and the temperature is perfect outside and I’m longing for, no, I’m craving peace. I’m craving it so bad I’m almost crying. I just want to sit down in a corner of the garden all my myself and eat my food in silence and breathe. But I don’t have a lot of time, you see, because class is starting and I have things to do before then. So I grab my stuff and put it on a plate and rush to get everything together and get a glass of water and in my mind I’m thinking peace peace peace give me peace I’m on my way peace and going out the door I stumble. And I drop the glass and in slow motion it hits the floor and smashes all across the corridor outside our shala. Where people walk barefoot every day. So instead of eating in the garden I spend 20 minutes picking up glass with my fingers because I can’t find the broom because even though this is my yoga studio I don’t know where anything is. I have only a second to eat so I gulp it up quickly and I’m so frustrated and sad about losing the moment but then I hear Ram Dass in the back of my head from a talk I listened to yesterday; “So here we all are”. And it stops me in my tracks. Yes. Here I am. Right here. Stressing to find calm. Rushing my way toward peace. Forgetting that peace is HERE, NOW. Not over there, in some make-believe moment where I’ll have everything figured out and orchestrated in a perfect way. Peace is HERE. In me. What’s in the way IS the way. .

I sit down and look up and this sky happens. Everything is quiet. I close my eyes. I’m here. .



R E F L E C T I O N S . . . .

Happy podcast day, universe! Today’s episode is a ginormous lesson in staying calm in the eye of the storm. I walk you through my own internal processing while finding myself in social media drama and return to this very simple, but oh-so-important learning: what people reflect back my way is not the truth of who I am. Having 1,000 people tell you you’re amazing doesn’t make it so, and neither does having 1,000 people tell you that you’re awful. Being at peace with who we are is a constant practice and sometimes the universe throws a little drama our way to make you prove it! Thank goodness for opportunities to continue learning, learning, learning❤️ I talk about what being of service truly means for me and how it’s evolved throughout my life, the meaning of #PurposefulAds and #GoodKarmaMarketing and also give more insight into the children’s mission we are launching this year. Tune in now to listen! Link to podcast in bio (or search Yoga Girl wherever you normally get your podcasts). LOVING YOU! Thank you for enlightening me and for helping me stay anchored in my purpose. You’re all forking awesome. x .
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It’s ON!😍😍😍 #yogaeverydamnday (she started randomly doing this on her own and I Pavloved the crap out of her saying “down dog” every time she did it sooo now she does it on cue! Turns out training a dog and raising a baby is pretty much the same thing..?)🙃😂 #downdog #yogibaby #yoga #yogababy #yogagirl #love


Cupped. 🔥➡️💦➡️🌙➡️💕 moon all over🌕
______________________________________________ .
Woke up this morning with a complete sense of calm and purpose. Drama is drama is drama. We are all just walking each other home. Everyone comes from a loving place and... I hear all of you. What I ask of you now is some trust. And patience! Believe in the good things coming💚


LEADS TO THE SAME PLACE🕉️ (Page 2 From Bindu To Ojas, @babaramdass Be Here Now)
. .
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Here’s a question... What have you done to make a change in the world lately? No judgement - just leaving that up there - if you’re judging people for HOW they do good, maybe take a moment to look at yourself first? I try my very best. I’m a human being. I am not perfect. And here is my conclusion for the night: if I can save one child’s life through something I did on the INTERNET...? I think every single person on here will agree that it will be worth it a thousand times over.
Off to bed. Be kind. x

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AD! .

Yoga brings calm to my soul – but a sweaty practice also brings odor to my yoga clothes. I used to use vinegar to get the stench out – but re-engineered @TideLaundry has shown me a better way to do Half Lotus, without the lingering workout smell. I can now focus on taking deep breaths and staying present💪🏼❤️ Give it a try for yourself and see how #TideBeatsHacks !😌 #Yoga #Ad


When you go to work but you’re worried about your baby all the time and wondering what she is doing and if she’s happy and if she misses you... And then @jessicarydh sends you this😭❤️😂❤️😍 (Luna’s Låda means Luna’s Box) 🌙📦 🎨 MY HEART!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍 .
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Afternoon stroll and came across these guys! @philip_merryweather one day we’re going to pay an entrance fee I promise! (actually we just came by to borrow a cup of sugar)😜 We’ve been here with Luna before but this was the first time she fully connected with all the animals. Watching her eyes light up and reach out to pet them just melted my heart into mush (and it’s already pretty mushy these days)😭 She copies the sounds all the animals make - monkeys, cows, goats, horses, birds... Ok most of them sound alike (its either “heh heh” or “moh moh” or “ih ih”) but still😂 According to her astrological chart she has a huge connection to animals and plants and might just be a little artist in the making... I believe it❤️😌 Recording a podcast today but I don’t know what about. Camels? Water/Fire? This weeks epiphanies? Shoot me some topic suggestions! Whatever I end up talking about I’ll find a way to cry into the mic, that I’m sure of...🤷🏼‍♀️🙈😬😇💕 Loving you. x #life


Cactus fruit! @dennisfromsalad all-time favorite thing. He loves picking tiny pink fruits off of cacti. Actually, he loves everything tiny. Miniature everything (so he can make the Zoolander joke “is this a thing for ANTS?”). And he loves everything pink. When we go out to eat they always hand me the pink umbrella drink and give him the pint of beer (but it goes the other way around). So when I got to eat this little fruit today... That’s how I know it’s true love😌💕 #tinypinkthings #cactusfruit #marriage #truelove #desert #alsodessert #family #walk #love


Rock & Roll Gypsy🌸⚡️ .
Feeling fierce AF today and ready to make some serious dreams happen💪🏼 In other news... Lea Luna has weaned and I am no longer breastfeeding. Fought it for a long time (who am I kidding - I’ve been trying to force it on her since she took her first steps and completely lost interest). In the spirit of making space for calm and going with the flow I have now surrendered to it and am hereby letting go. Her first birthday is coming up on Tuesday and she is done. Super healthy, super happy and doesn’t want to nurse. That’s just where we are! So I’m letting it go. And in letting go... Guess what I realized? I GET MY BOOBS BACK! Say whutttttt! Celebrating these ta-ta’s today🍒 and you should do the same! Yours, not mine😜 Whether you’ve breastfed or not, if they’re large or small, perky or less perky (hehe) - they’re yours! Love them hard and when possible, set them free😘😌 #selflove #freedom #rocknroll #gypsy #boho #free #beyourself #loveyourself #life #enjoy #freespirit #be


Raspberry lemonade and these sparkling gems✨ (I take all my rings off to write). I can’t get my wedding ring back on after pregnancy!! Anyone else with the same issue? I took it off in my last trimester because my fingers swelled a little bit but now I can’t get it back on. Should I force it and see what happens? Forcing anything doesn’t usually go well for me judging from my past😝 but the ring is my grandmothers from the 70s and when we added stones to it before our wedding the jeweler said we can’t do more to it because the original ring is so thin and fragile (if you want to see it, scroll to my engagement post from June 2013 lol)😂 so. Force it on? I’m thinking my knuckles are just big(ger? Does that happen?) but what if I put it on and it’s way too tight and then I can’t get it off? Mehhhhhh. .
Ok, enough procrastinating. I always procrastinate writing my book by writing about other things... Or by adding tiny specks of light to photos like this one above😬😂 #okbyeeee #writingnow #iswear


Sunrise practice. My back still aches but it’s better. Gentle movements, deep breaths and slow mornings with my loves help❤️ It’s funny that now that it makes sense, I can trace this back pain back to so much. Journaling on it now. Made a vision board over the weekend to help me manifest the soft, calm life I yearn for so much. It’s hard when everything around me and within me pulls in another direction. I have book deadlines and an overflowing inbox and employees that need support and to-do lists that are endless. So instead of rushing out the door, I make an effort to sit down for breakfast just a little bit longer. I take my time feeding the baby. I enjoy my morning cup of coffee. After breakfast, we play. Without rush. When I hug my husband, I linger. And then I’m out the door and I work. And work. And work. I’m super fast. Super efficient - I do it all at mega speed because that’s how I work best. And when I come home... I take a breath, kick my shoes off and try to be slow again. I make an effort to light candles at the end of the day. To put my phone away. To make our home sacred. I have to make an effort because calm doesn’t come easy to me. But I do my best to make space for it - to return. To slow down so much in the moments that matter that when I speed up in the in-between, I don’t lose touch with why I’m here, doing all of this.
So many lessons in finding this balance. It’s a practice; like yoga. Never finished.
What are you practicing today? .
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All aboard! Captain Luna is steering the ship!⛵️⚓️ Godfather @tangerine_aruba has moved into this beauty of a sailboat and had a house warming and bday party today❤️ Sometimes I dream of having a boat and sailing the world... But then I remember I get easily seasick, hate the smell of marine toilets and don’t do well in cramped spaces. And neither does this baby!👻🙈 Some dreams are meant to stay just dreams😂😉 .
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What if .
peace has been here .
all along? .
I’m starting to realize that it’s not so much about finding peace as it is about finding all the ways in which we separate from it. Meditation isn’t a new state of mind, a different realm, a transcendence. It’s just a returning. Its simple, really - its coming back to what’s already at the core of our being.
It’s returning to who we already are🌙 🧘‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #calm #peace #surrender #trust #be #meditation #meditate #ocean #breathe #practice #float


Them Luni kisses!!!!! I wish I could bottle them up...😘💋😚(puss in Swedish means kiss) #openmouthkisses #goodmorning


This child. Her face. CAPTION THIS!😬😬😬 .
(we are choosing between “the moment you realize that wasn’t a fart” and “when the waitress says ‘enjoy your meal’ and you answer ‘you too’”...... 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😅 .
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